Kiss your Grandpa’s GOP goodbye. It doesn’t exist anymore. That’s now official. This weekend , at the North Carolina GOP convention, the delegates voted to spank conservative GOP Senator Thom Tillis. His unforgiveable sin? Working across the aisle with Democrats on the Senate’s Sanctity of Marriage Act, which just happened to sanctify gay marriage right along with straight marriage. What an apostate!

This is the way of the new Trump GOP. And you can thank Trump’s scumbag wingman Steve Two Shirts Bannon for the carnage. Following the humiliating defeat of Il Douche in the 2020 election, Bannon put out an emergency all call for all goose steppers, bedsheet banditos, and far right oddities like the Loud Toys and the Oath Kreepers to step forward into the breach. Bannon had a brain fart.

Bannon’s brainstorm was for far right oddities to  become politically active. He called the faithful to go out and start running for local offices. Things like the library board, the school board, or the local town or city councils. The object was to start infiltrating MAGAt’s into the political system to provide a farm team for the future. And if you couldn’t run, then take the initiative to flood every board meeting you could to make yourself heard.

And it worked, quite possibly beyond Bannon’s wildest dreams. This is why you see TV news footage of school board and library board meetings devolving into senseless screaming matches over banning books, or even better yet banning queers! And from what I’ve heard recently, the Miami-Dade County GOP is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Loud Toys, Enrique Tario CEO and Jailbird.

This is exactly what Bannon has long dreamed of doing. demolish the structure from within. Start with the school boards and library boards, give them some seasoning and experience, then move them up to city councils or county boards. Nest step is the state legislatures, and from there on to the major leagues, the US House.

And the sad news is, there’s nobody left to stop them. This is now the Trump party, and what normal, sane person wants to run the almost certain gauntlet of threats and intimidation from known criminal gangs just to run for a seat on a city or county board, or the state legislature? 1930’s pre Nazi Germany is being perfectly replicated by Bannon and the bovinely compliant GOP.

Look, I greatly admire principled, conservative Republicans like Michael Steele and Olivia Troye, as well as George Conway, who are fighting a guerilla mission to try to uproot the MAGAt’s, and rebuild the party from the inside. But it’s far too late for that Trump turned out to be the ultimate Borg from Star Trek, You will be assimilated. And the party went without a whimper. And now the only solution solution left is to keep kicking the GOP’s ass electorally until there isn’t a MAGA GOP left anymore.

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  1. Don’t know how this can be accomplished but progressives need to fight back, metaphorically cracking some fascist heads. Think like King and Gandhi. Put some sand in the gears of MAGAland’s machine. Women and people of color have enormous power. Time to use it.

  2. The GOP has been a fascist party of the rich white boys for decades. Does anyone think Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1&2, then this pile of goose stepping goo, really value social justice and democracy? MONEY and POWER are the ONLY things they value. There was a cartoon in Mad magazine years ago, that showed a human sized hotdog, with a perplexed facial expression, at a mailbox reading a postcard that said: YOU MAY ALREADY BE A WEINER! Note to anyone supporting trump/gop: You may already be a nazi!!! Glad to be of service.

    • ^^^^^THIS^^^^^^
      The inmates have been “running the asylum” for many years! From the Raygun years on the RWNJs have been encouraged to become bolder and bolder, until Traitor Tot let them out from under their slimy rocks!


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