The GOP Hasn’t Caught On Yet, But By The Time They Do, It’s Going To Hurt


I can already tell, this isn’t going to end well for the GOP. When you look at what’s going on with all of the little Trumpkins, both seditionists as well as GOP House members, they’re acting like a bunch of 3 year old’s who had their favorite toy taken away, and sent to the corner for a time out.

On the one hand, you have a seditionist who took selfies of himself with his feet on Speaker Pelosi’s desk, and bragging outside afterwards about all of the shit he stole from her office, and he’s screaming over the phone to a federal judge about how unfair it is that he’s still locked up, while everybody else has already gone home. And then you have another Trumplet who is bitching to a federal judge at a preliminary hearing about roaches in his holding cell. What does he think his 20 year accommodations are going to look like?

Here’s the problem my friends. The GOP, especially the brain dead Trump acolytes in the House are about to walk into a buzz saw, and they don’t see it coming. This is due to what I like to call The Triple Crown, complacency, stupidity, and arrogance. While they are all still busy reliving the glories of days past, and relitigating their failure, they are completely missing the fact that the current day is a completely different game.

Look at it from the view of the Trumplets, especially the ones in the GOP House. For the last four years, they have been like a rampant gang of juvenile delinquents, set loose in every candy store in the city while the cops are all tied up with a major bank robbery. They were led by a criminally corrupt President, overseeing a criminally corrupt cabinet, and for good measure, an Attorney General that was nothing less than a get-out-of-jail-free-card.

But because they are so selfish and self indulgent, they don’t quite seem to have come to grips with the fact that those glory days are over. In the coming days, whether the GOP likes it or not, Merrick Garland will be sworn in as the new Attorney General. And he has already promised to vigorously pursue all leads into all criminal activities in the Capitol takeover. When you subtract the brain dead Trump seditionists, pretty much the entire country is uber pissed and outraged about the atrocity at the Capitol.

The FBI just released over the last day or so that they had complete cell phone metadata from all cell phones in the Capitol on January 6th. That means Capitol police, DC police, House and Senate members, their staffs, and rioters. The important thing to remember here is that the cell phone metadata doesn’t actually tell an investigator anything, it simply pinpoints a particular device to a particular place at a particular time.

But they have the data. Now it’s up to the FBI to create a case strong enough for a judge to sign a search warrant for them to actually obtain the physical records for those phones at that time. That would allow them access to actual call records between phones at the indicated times, as well as text messages sent and received.

Multiple Democratic members of congress screamed bloody murder at the time about what appeared to be unauthorized tour groups being led by the nose through the Capitol on the day before the insurrection, either by sitting members of congress or their staffs. According to reporting, all I of that data and information has been turned over to the DC US Attorney for criminal referral.

This isn’t going anywhere. Garland has made it clear that his DOJ will pursue all criminal prosecutions stemming from the Capitol assault. And a Garland DOJ will provide the FBI, along with all other due investigative arms, all the support they need to make these cases. Garland also acknowledges the threat of white supremacist groups, not only in the insurrection, but as a current threat to domestic stability. I am not naming any names, but I can think of several sitting GOP House members who might be having some sleep deprived nights, wondering just how far their own personal asses are hanging over the fire here. Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. What a feverish delusion. No different than than the fan fictions of Russian collusion or pee tapes, this fantasy of a planned riot by elected congressmen has no basis in truth or evidence. No one is talking about the tours anymore because they knew it was a lie when they said it.

    It is sick how the manipulatable are influenced by these baseless articles. Meanwhile, the actual malfeasance of people like Cuomo was ignored last year, and people wanted him for president.

    Today you are wringing your hands about, “how could we have known?” The Trump supporters you think are so stupid knew.
    But people like you were so wrapped up in the Republican death cult stories you swallowed hook, line, and sinker to listen. How’s Florida looking now?

    Go back to writing fantasy stories.

    • I have had ONE consistent message for your kind since late last year: Start. Running. But you insist on standing still. Oh well…can’t say you weren’t warned. Say hello to the wrecking ball for me and give my regards to Ammitu.

    • And YOU can go back to whatever troll site you ventured from.

      And, buddy, whatever “malfeasance” you think Cuomo (and people like him) did, well, that was microscopic compared to the MAJOR malfeasance that Trump and his enablers committed–not just last year, but the past four years.

      The ONLY reason you possibly could think the Russian collusion or pee tapes is mere fiction is because that fucking enabler, Mitch McConnell, wouldn’t allow TESTIMONY in the Senate during Trump’s FIRST impeachment. He’d already announced the results before the House managers set foot in the Senate and you Trumptards just kept on believing all the lies and bullshit that came from his mouth.

      Maybe YOU need to go do some fantasy writing. If you think Trump supporters aren’t stupid, you DEFINITELY have a career in fantasy storytelling. As for “How’s Florida looking now,” well we haven’t seen the results yet. Just remember that de Santis was Trump’s biggest booster and COVID numbers kept going up when they were leveling off elsewhere–and it was ALL because of de Santis’s actions.

      • Yeah, not fiction. They pretend that the GOP-led Senate Intelligence report which documents collusion doesn’t exist.

        We actually have some idea how Florida is looking today. It is second in the country for highest number of new cases. Trump voters never have any idea what they are talking about because all they do is parrot their right-wing propaganda.

    • [points and laughs]
      The Capitol has its own wifi/cell network: of course law enforcement is going to be looking at all the phones that were there – and they know which ones are authorized. The insurrectionists were amateur enough to be sending videos and stills to their friends and family – how do you think they’re being identified so quickly? How do you think the insurrectionists found out that Pence and Pelosi had been taken out of the chambers so quickly?
      Keep fantasizing.

  2. A quote from one of my favorite writers Peter David sums up where I am right now: “I don’t want you to talk…I want you to scream. And then we’ll go from there.”

  3. Amazing how Dems drool when they fantasize about using the Feds to lock up the GOP and Trump supporters.

    “But when we took over the Capital building it was for a *noble* cause”. Whine whine, sniffle sniffle.

    Defunding the police is privatizing the police and instituting martial law. Cats out of the bag, as public supporters drop like flies.

  4. To “complacency, arrogance, and stupidity” I might add greed. Trump and his enablers are all about lining their own pockets, but balk when providing a minimum wage hike, broader medical coverage, or unemployment assistance to those they deem undeserving (everyone but themselves).


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