Early versions of the song have shown a considerable variation in the wording of line 4. The 1780 version has “four colly birds” — colly being a regional English expression for black like coal.

In the 19th century, “canary birds”, “colour’d birds”, “curley birds” and “corley birds” are found in its place. Frederic Austin’s 1909 version also altered the fourth day’s gift to four “calling” birds, and this variant has become the most popular, although “colly” is still found.

While sticking with their feathered friends, the Furkids chose a different bird for their fourth day. Hmmm, I wonder what it could be…

If you missed the first three days, you can catch up with them here:
First Day of Catmas
Second Day of Catmas
Third Day of Catmas

Now it’s onto the Fourth Day! The short version of the song for the fourth day only is no longer available so we’ll have to make do with the full version. So get comfy and press play on the jukebox. The song will start from the beginning so wait for the fourth day to start playing then scroll down to the lyrics and sing along. Stop the video at the end of the lyrics or continue to the end of the song if you wish.

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    • Furkids are naturals at soothing the spirit and tickling funny bones until the smiles break out. They’re delighted you’re enjoying it!

  1. {{{Michelle}}} Aha! *Four* French hens. The Furkids didn’t want to leave anyone out yesterday. They aren’t exactly silent so they also count as “calling” birds. Y’all did good. Healing Energy, skritches, & {{{HUGS}}} all around, as appropriate.

    • I hadn’t thought of that but you’re right, they do indeed count as calling birds! Hens are a chatty bunch!

      and scritches for 💝Charlie🎄Cloud🎄Freddie🎄Bobbie🎄Rennie💝

  2. Michelle, I’m going to be a little a bit sad (sniff) when the twelve days have come and gone. My nieces love to find the subtle changes from the previous days. I do too!

    That goofy fir tree chicken sure is good at hide and seek!

    • Some of the goofy chickens are hard to find in spite of all my attempts to make them stand out I lightened the tree and darkened the chicken and moved the chicken to another spot but everything I did made little difference. Thank goodness you and your nieces love finding the changes!

      I am also a little sad when it comes to an end which is why I immediately start working on next year’s to console myself. Please tell your nieces there will be a Catmas carol on Catmas Day followed by the Furkids’ Boxing Day special. Both of these are songs they can sing along to while enjoying the illustrations. Oh and there’ll be another song this Sunday in addition to the Twelve Days!

    • Dear Rosemary, you are so very welcome. We love to see you here and wish you season’s greetings and the best of health and good fortune always.



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