I think that anybody who reads this knows from their own life experience that it takes some guts to do something for the first time. For instance, it takes guts to climb up on that diving board for the first time, and take a shot at your first swan dive. And it only gets harder if your mother is standing at the side of the pool with the family camcorder.

And it only gets harder the older you get, especially when it means you’re under the scrutiny of strangers. I was 22 the first time I stepped onto the stage for an open mike comedy at a local bar, and I survived with most of my dignity intact. In fact I got enough applause and laughs that I came back two weeks later with new material, and a part time job was made.

Which brings us to today. The New York Times reported, and I wrote that Traitor Tot is highly likely to be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, for his role in the hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels in the fall of 2020. Alvin Bragg is about to climb onto that open mike stage.

And when you dove off of that board, other kids that knew you, and were your own age, suddenly found the courage to step up onto the board and take the plunge. Seeing somebody else do it can give other people courage to take the plunge.

And that leader is Alvin Bragg. New York Attorney General Letitia James is already hauling Traitor Tot into court, but those are on civil charges. But so what Plenty of AG’s have dragged Trump into court on civil charges, and he skates.

But Alvin Bragg is highly likely to be about to file criminal indictments against Trump, and that’s like going off the 10 meter board into an Olympic swimming pool. No prosecutor has ever filed indictments against a former President. And once those indictments come down, it opens the floodgates. Because Bragg was the first.

You already have Fulton County DA Fani Willis who has already presented a criminal case against Trump to a special grand jury. The problem is that they couldn’t vote indictments, so Willis has to go before the new regular grand jury that convened on March 5th to seek those indictments. I estimate that the time frame for Bragg to announce indictments is 12-18 days. Having been the national leader for so long, it wouldn’t surprise me if Willis expedited her grand jury to beat Bragg to the punch, and come out with the first indictments.

Which leaves us with Special Counsel Jack Smith, and the federal cases against Trump. He’s in a little different situation than Bragg and Willis since the DOJ has different criteria for prosecuting cases. But the critical thing is that the first indictment takes the pressure off of everybody.

It’s a well known and long established political rule. If you’re in the minority, say in the Senate, you never want to be the one vote that gives the other side a victory. All the political arm wrangling in the caucus is to find at least one more vote, in order to protect any one member from being singled out for retribution.

The same thing goes with the law. If Bragg does first, he’s hanging out there by himself. But if Willis, and then Smith pile on, he’s not alone anymore. He’s just the first of multiple criminal indictments against El Pendejo Presidente. And when Willis and Smith pile on, there’s nothing new there, just more agencies adding charges to an already indicted defendant. Everybody provides ground cover for each other.

That’s why I honestly believe that Trump’s incredible string of luck in avoiding accountability is about to come to an end. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Willis or Bragg that goes first. Whoever it is, it opens the floodgates that Trump from being an innocent victim, and makes him just another everyday street thug.

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