Speaking purely for myself, I have only been waiting for about, oh, I don’t know, about 350 days to hear Biden make a speech like yesterday’s. And I hope like hell he keeps it up regularly going forward.

Biden ran as a great unifier, the man to bring back together a country sick and tired of division and rancor under Trump. And it worked. But a simple phone call to Barack Obama could have saved Biden a year of backhand slaps. After all, you really can’t reconcile with your wife once she calls a divorce lawyer. And Mitch McConnell was itching for the fight.

There are a couple of reasons why Biden and the administration need to remain on the offensive. First of all, it drives Trump fucking insane! Trump released a totally unhinged response to Biden’s speech yesterday, which I seriously doubt eased the discomfort for GOP incumbents who had their noses rubbed in their 2020 loss, and their borderline treachery. Keep calling Trump a loser, and prove it, that’s one way to fight the big lie, and keep rubbing the GOP’s noses in their perfidy. And if Biden doesn’t want to do it, I’d bet that Vice President Kamala Harris would love to take a few chunks out of his ass.

The second reason is this. One of the oldest political axioms is that A week is a lifetime in politics. And that is true. Public opinion changers almost constantly and the perfect job for a political candidate is Licking a finger, holding it up in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing, then running to the front to show they’re leading the way. And boy have things changed.

In the 2018 midterms, the Democrats, especially Democratic House challengers, treated His Lowness like the kid in class with cooties. They knew that their constituents were sick of Trump’s bullshit. Instead they concentrated on local issues such as the economy, schools, infrastructure, and medical care. And it worked, the Democrats flipped 40 seats and retook the House, which made two impeachments possible.

But things have changed. Trump lost in 2020, and thanks to his banishment from social media, he has melted largely into the background. But people still hate him. And this time around, Democratic incumbents and challengers can campaign on Promises Kept! They passed Covid relief and the child tax credit. By spring, shovels will be breaking ground on local projects made possible by the infrastructure bill they passed. And I still believe that we’ll still get a Build Back Better Lite in February. They can campaign on what else they want to do, and lambaste the GOP for their obstruction, as well as trying to rig elections by stealing peoples voting rights. And done properly, they can throw a dose of Trump in there as well.

Here’s why. Earlier today, former GOP strategist and MSNBC contributor Matthew Dowd made a great point. All the Democrats are sweating Biden’s low approval numbers, and with good reason. But the current wisdom is that Trump will almost certainly run again in 2024, his ego demands it, and Dowd pointed out that current polling shows that Trump’s disapproval rating is more than double Biden’s!

Look, it is never too early to start running against an opponent. And this one will have trouble responding with his social media blackout. The GOP has shown their total allegiance to Glorious Bleater. They want him? Fine, let them fucking have him! In fact, tie him to them with a ships anchor chain! Keep reminding voters of Trump’s failures, his status as Biggest Loser, and his attempted coup. The 1/6 committee will be wonderful help in that regard. And then sit back and watch GOP incumbents try to figure out how to paddlefoot away from Traitor Tot without actually looking like they’re doing it.

This is how you fight The Big Lie and disinformation, with a fire hose of facts and true information, repeated at frequent intervals. As I wrote yesterday, every Democratic challenger in 2022 can ask every GOP incumbent on a daily basis, Where the HELL were you on 1/6/2022? You ran like a clutter of kittens when your insurrection showed, up, and you can’t take a minute to thank the cops that saved your dumb asses? And then tie them to Trump, and watch if they try to wriggle off of that hook.

This. Can. Work. Mitch McConnell spent his entire Minority/Majority Leader career playing the Bully from hell, and it worked. But when Chuck Schumer took over, he didn’t just stand up to McConnell, he publicly humiliated him by laughing at him on national television, and then slapping him down a few times. And now look at McConnell, his dire threats from the Senate rostrum come off more like desperate pleas.

Donald Trump is the same as McConnell, but on steroids. The ultimate bully. But Trump is an even bigger coward. When Trump looks like he’s losing, he tries to buy his way out of it. Not this time. And when he officially became a LOSER, is best response was to let a bunch of mental defectives storm the Capitol and fight his battle for him. With all of his legal troubles, he’s under more pressure than Old Faithful right now. It shouldn’t take too much more to make him blow. And when he does, it’s gonna be EPIC!


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  1. I think not confronting the orange shit stain traitor, is one of the factors contributing to Biden’s lower approval numbers. I know many “independent” voters who voted for Biden to hold the shit stained traitor accountable for his treachery, and up to now the only noise heard regarding that from the administration has been crickets.

    General Washington didn’t mince words when he tried to capture Benedict Arnold stating that he will hang the traitor himself and look where that landed Arnold on the American psyche. The shit stain is another Arnold and should be dealt with similarly and accordingly.

  2. Here’s a thought: two impeachments is fine, but? Mueller left a paint-by-number roadmaps of how many counts of say, Obstruction of Congress and other assorted crimes, just still hanging there? They could become indictments tomorrow, ffs. That’d keep the creature and his wackos busy awhile. Just a thought.

  3. My opinion exactly. The Democrats have been tiptoeing around like they don’t want to wake grandma. Forget that shit. Grandma is down at the casinos gambling your inheritance away. Get over it. The republicans got caught with their pants down in the middle of a coup. May of them are init up to their willies. When I seen Biden I was like dam. Finally. It’s like the boy who didn’t talk. When he finally said something they asked why now. Didn’t have anything to say. Let’s hope they got the message. Biden just took trump behind the barn. Now Biden needs to make sure he knows why.

  4. This was a great speech. Good timing, too. The dems worked on getting things done, Biden’s been diplomatic and Trump was forced to cancel his Jan. 6th speech by the GOP. Biden finally opened up and let Trump have it with both barrels. I can only hope that uncle Joe keeps riding the momentum until the mid terms. I think the authors right, we just might get to see Trump implode in public.

  5. I think we need some mass deprogramming to assist with this effort, if converting Trumpists to truth is ever going to happen. They need a message they can hear. In Biden’s otherwise excellent speech, he didn’t give them one. He just made them mad because he spat on their master. I think he needs to say the same things again and again from now on — and add that he understands that people flocked to Trump because he expressed their anger, but anger isn’t enough to make this the great country it has been and the even greater country it can be. I’m serious. Biden needs to consult with cult experts and call out all the techniques Trump used, including that awful hypnotic voice on Jan. 6 urging poor idiots to fight like hell.


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