Terrible timing, or perfect timing? It depends on your view.


The meek shall inherit the earth. But only after everybody else is dead.   Anonymous

Break out the band! Raise the flag! Send in the clowns! Gimme a beer! Our national sanity break is here. As of this moment, we’re on a six week hiatus from the dimwitted machinations of Washington D.C. They’re on their summer recess. You know what that means, don’t you? It means that for the next six weeks, they can spend their time boring their families, friends, and constituents silly instead of the rest of us. Oh yeah, and they have to spend their own money, instead of ours.

Normally, like any other summer vacation, the congressional summer recess is looked forward to by all. But this time is different. This time there is deep trepidation over the timing of the summer break for Democrats. Because the break started two days after Robert Mueller’s congressional testimony, and this whole to impeach, or not to impeach. That is the question thing is supposed to be coming to a head.

Political pundits, commentators, and the other flotsam and jetsam of the media who are incapable of driving a truck, fixing an air conditioner, or soling a shoe to make a living, are all bemoaning the fact that the recess is going to deprive the Democrats of any momentum that Mueller’s testimony may have given them to move the impeachment needle. And as usual, as a quasi pundit, who still has 12 functioning brain cells, since I’ve never been interviewed on national television, I strongly disagree.

Because, despite their desperate hopes and wishes, not every important national decision emanates from inside the beltway. Politicians still have to make at least a passing attempt to listen to their constituents if they hope to be reelected, and their summer break is chock full of things like town hall meetings with constituents, and accidental meetings with same in places like grocery stores and shopping malls. And therein lies the possible salvation of the Impeach Trump! movement.

Being an old fart, I can remember a decade ago. Hell, I’m damn near old enough to recall the creation of dirt. And ten years ago, once he stopped the global economy from recreating the final scene of Thelma and Louise, then President Barack Obama turned to what was to be the signature piece of legislation for his first term, the passage of The Affordable Care Act. As with the Trump impeachment, the Democrats initial explanation was as fuzzy as a badly tuned TV. But it was the top item on the legislative agenda when congress went on its summer recess.

Which turned into a nightmare for Democrats. Almost nightly for three straight months, television screens were full of images from one congressional town hall or other, filled with screaming “constituents,” ranting about “death panels for Granny!” and “socialized medicine!” Forget the fact that half of those screaming idjits were actually GOP plants, specifically sent into those town halls to disrupt the proceedings and get televised. The fact of the matter is that those protests at the events moved the national needle on the popularity of the bill!

And it could happen again, and it ties into my little quip at the top of the article. Because, while many, many people may vote, many fine people so to speak, it’s the activists who get things done. Why? Because they’re freakin’ active, that’s why! The squeaky wheel gets oiled, and if there’s one thing activists know how to do, it’s how to squeak louder than a cage full of mice with a cat prowling around outside.

If the Impeach Trump! activists are smart, and I think they are, then they’re going to show up en masse at every town hall meeting they can find, and they’re going to shanghai it. They are going to scream to impeach Trump so long and loud that the congressman gets fined for not getting a rock concert permit before holding the event. And those hysterical scenes are going to be on the evening news, both locally as well as nationally. And you know what happens when they do? Well, Carl and Cindy Clueless in Pencilneck, Idaho look at each other across the living room sofa and say, “Holy shit! I didn’t realize this was that serious! We better start paying attention!” And the beauty of it is that even FOX will show the footage, because they think it will show how insane the Democrats are, but it will get their viewers thinking. And when that happens, the interest in, and support for, impeachment hearings will start to grow in the national polls.

Or it won’t. But either way, decision day is here. First the Democrats said, “Wait for the Mueller report.” And then, when Tubby the Ewok turned the Mueller report into a Picasso painting, they said, “Let’s wait to hear from Mueller personally.” And now that they worry that Mueller didn’t provide enough bang for their buck, it’s “Let’s hear what Don McGahn has to say.” Enough already! If this continues the way it is, then people will start to think that the Democrats are engaging in sour grapes for screwing up a slam dunk election in 2016.

And even an impeachment attempt that fails in the Senate doesn’t have to be fatal to the Democrats. Trump becoming President doesn’t suspend the political rules, in politics a week literally is a lifetime. If the Democrats commence impeachment hearings when they return in September, the entire thing could be wrapped up by the holiday recess. This would leave almost an entire year before the election. How many times have you heard that a government shutdown, or a risked debt limit default was going to be the death knell for the GOP in a coming election, only to not have it cost them a single vote a year later? Memories in politics are as short as a goaltenders memory when he gives up a goal. It has to be, because there’s always the next shot. Especially with one Donald Juan Trump, the ultimate distraction machine. Trump will make the country forget a Senate acquittal in less than a month, just as sure as God made little green apples. And the impeachment hearings and trial will only highlight and cement Trump’s criminal and immoral shenanigans in voters minds heading into the election.

One way or the other, the impeachment die will be cast in the month that congress returns from their August recess. In 2018, the Democrats, with Indivisible‘s guidance, used the Tea Party’s playbook to flip 40 seats in the House and take it over. In 2019, they can use the Tea Party’s town hall tactics to try to drum up national support for impeaching The Cheeto Prophet, or at least try. Because this can’t go on indefinitely.

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    • I hadn’t heard that PJ, although I did hear that Nadler was going to have Judiciary committee lawyers in court while congress was in recess, pushing motions to unseal grand jury testimony, and get court orders to compel witness testimony fro people like McGahn, who were under contempt citations…But remember, Nadler lives in New York City, and that’s only about a 50 minute shuttle flight away…And Nadler always has the option of calling the committee back into session for a hearing, and wouldn’t THAT make for entertaining television in the midst of the summer doldrums???

      • I called Nadler’s office yesterday to give him an almost embarrassingly heartfelt “thank you” for keeping the Committee at work as they continue fighting to force the administration’s hand. The staffer I spoke to assured me Rep. Nadler has no intention of stopping the work of the Committee for the recess, so I think it’s safe to say he’s gonna be busy. As for timing, fortuitous or not, it’s what it is. Our work begins now. I totally agree we need to show up in force at every townhall and every meet-and-greet: we need to shadow our GOP senators wherever they go–grocery stores, cigar bars, OTB gambling dens, massage parlors–and confront them with our determination to hold them accountable. Wish to God that didn’t mean I have to be within a mile of Scalise, Kennedy or Cassidy, but c’est la Guerre. It’s time to take one for the team.

        • I’m glad that you did…Every time he hers that, it steels him to the fact that he isn’t WRONG in the way that he’s feeling the national pulse on this, especially among Democrats…

          • Hell, Murf, I was so damned grateful he was moving toward impeachment, I sent Nadler a contribution for his re-election campaign–and I live in Louisiana!

          • I’m sure that he appreciates that, especially since he has a stupid primary fight coming up…But what thrills ME no end was to hear the Judiciary members actually bantering “impeachment” around publicly, not only verbally, but in court documents as well…They just crossed the Rubicon, whether Pelosi likes it or not…Maybe Nadler getting a primary challenge convinced him to be more proactive…After all, he saw what happened to Joe Crowley…

  1. Railing against the spendthrifts in Congress and the media? Parts of this read like a Gateway Pundit piece…

    As to the timing, I would say it’s perfect in Pelosi’s view, she’s trying to strangle the baby in it’s crib.

    Course if half the damn party hadn’t been running pulling guard for her all spring Nadler might have acted sooner.

    • I wouldn’t be so sure…Remember, it was Pelosi herself that got heckled and almost booed off of the stage at an event in her home town over impeachment bout 6 weeks ago…The more she hears it herself, and the more members who start calling her with their own horror stories about the flak they’re getting back home, the weaker her resolve may become..

      • I tend to believe Pelosi and Nadler have been pulling in tandem on this from the beginning of the term. Pelosi’s cool with being a stalking horse that’ll take the heat for what I believe is her seeming reluctance–like she’s not used to people yelling at her, calling her names, breaking the dishes? Please!–while Nadler forges inexorably onward with hearings designed to cultivate and educate public opinion on impeachment. I understand we’re dying a little every day. I get it: this waiting sucks hard. I’m still willing, though, to be patient a little longer, at least until after the recess when I can see better where we’re headed as a party.

  2. Nancy is an “apparatchik” not a leader. She blew it. Nadler wanted her to pull the impeach trigger but she didn’t. He did cock the revolver, now she can pull it even by trying to get her finger out.

    • I;m not quite willing to damn her yet…Pelosi has to look at the situation with a much wider lens than Nadler does…He has this one issue, but Pelosi has to ensure the survival of her majority, and if she’s getting feedback and intel that an unsuccessful impeachment, which it WILL be, could cost her the ajority, then she needs to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that there is still at lease ONE check on His Lowness…

  3. “And the beauty of it is that even FOX will show the footage, because they think it will show how insane the Democrats are, but it will get their viewers thinking.”

    You actually put the phrase “their viewers thinking” in that sentence?

    The very notion that FOX viewers would EVER actually “think” something they weren’t TOLD to “think” is more laughable than any scheme Lucy Ricardo could ever concoct.

    The idea that FOX would air that footage WITHOUT some sort of “creative” editing to make the Democrats look even MORE insane is, well, equally laughable.


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