This is a breaking news story. Yahoo News is reporting that a 14-year-old girl was taken from Ted Cruz’ home to the hospital. The girl was suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds to her arms. Cruz has two daughters, one of them 14, so it is assumed that she is the injured person in question.

Cruz has two daughters, Catherine 11, and Caroline 14. Cruz’ 14-year-old daughter came out as bi-sexual on her TikTok page earlier this year, so it’s speculated that that may have something to do with this. Or, it may have been a 14-year-old girl visiting the Cruz home who is the injured party.

Cruz was in Washington at the time.

The story will be updated as it develops.


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    • Over the line, Sock. Holding a kid to the same contempt as an adult is just cruel. And last I checked, we were supposed to be better than that. So let’s act like it.

      • Not over the line if you are one of Amercia’s minorities that get murdered and beat up daily cuz of pieces of shit like Cruz, you know like a little trans kids getting beat up daily in the media and in life. If YOU lived daily in fear of right wing thugs you might get it, I just assume you are another privileged straight white democrat.

        • Did you even BOTHER reading the article above your post? If so, you would probably know this kid IS functionally one of those minorities you’re whining about. Bisexuals like our Ms. Cruz are right on par with trans folk in how little support they get from ANYONE, our side included. So talk to me again when you can actually prove you really give a damn about genuine victims.

  1. As a parent, it breaks my heart to see any child self-harm. I pray she gets the help she needs and that she isn’t subjected to any of her father’s ‘treatment’ ideas.
    The central issue is that this child is in terrible pain. Her father’s actions and attitudes no doubt contributed to her illness, and my heart goes out to her.
    As objectionable as Ted Cruz is, a child’s pain is never a reason for schadenfreude.

  2. Having admitted many teenage ‘cutters’ to the psychiatric hospital, I see this as a cry for help & attention. Injuring oneself releases endorphins providing temporary relief from psychic/emotional pain that is messy & complicated. It’s not necessarily suicidal. I can’t imagine the loneliness & pain of being a bisexual or any alternative sexuality living with cruz’s hypocrisy & narrow mindedness. Hopefully she will come to see she is valuable & worthy no matter what her pissant father does or says.

    • Given who said pissant father is, perhaps the surprise is that it took THIS long. Then again, if she just recently figured this out herself, it may not have been long at all. And THAT’S assuming this is indeed Cruz’s daughter.

      • No. I think it would have me ordering one of Mike’s crappy pillows to place over his ugly mug, and pressing firmly, I would break into a Jimmy cliff song…”I can see clearly now…”

  3. You can see this coming already. Ted Cruz has been attacking Hunter Biden’s drug-related issues relentlessly for years now for purely political reasons. But I have no doubt he will very quickly be releasing a statement demanding privacy for HIS family during all this. He really is that big a scumbag. You can almost bank on it.

  4. I guess it never occurs to people like Ted Cruz and other Politicians (mostly Republicans) that their actions of cruelty, ignorance and anything else you want to add, reflects on family members? Does it not occur to DJT that his youngest son Barron might have to endure teasing and bullying from school mates about what an a$$hole his father is? These damn politicians need to stop the hatred so their/our children can grow up in a normal world! I pray, if it is Cruz’s daughter, that she will be ok.

    • Ask any abused child that question and you’ll have your answer quick enough. What those people want will always be more important than any harm to relatives, I promise. “The myth of innate parental love is just that…a myth.” –Matt Wagner, Sandman Mystery Theater

  5. I’ve seen several articles on this subject, and this is the ony one – so far – which goes so far as to state thta the girl is Cruz’s daughter (though, heaven knows, there’ plenty of reason to suspect that.) Someon on his staff told the press “Fortunately the girl is all right.” Seriusly. No, she isn’t. She may be in good condition physically, but she is for sure not “all rght” emotionally. My heart goes out to her, if not to anyone else in this little saga.

  6. I’m not giving her father, no grace *I said what I said*. This is all about Caroline. It’s hard navigating life as a teenager, I was one once. But when you have people around you who scorn you because of who you love, it’s doubly hard. Caroline’s parents are affluent and she will be provided the best medical care *the same care her father would deny a incest/rape victim* I also wish her father would leave the Senate and focus on his child, fulltime. I can almost guarantee shyt was brewing for a long time *I remember that 2016 video* All the best Caroline, shyt ain’t easy, but hopefully you’ll pull through! 🙏🏾

  7. Yeah, let’s leave the kid out of this. Yes, cruz is a P.O.S. Yes, he’d deny healthcare to everyone unable to afford it. Yes, he could give a rat’s ass about other kids in this same predicament. This isn’t about him unless it is because of his and Heidi’s parenting skills or lack thereof. Another teenage suicide or suicide attempt is something we do not fucking need in this country. At least give the girl some space and leave her be.


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