Kevin McCarthy is not finding his leadership role to be the way he fantasized it. McCarthy, like Donald Trump, thought being in charge meant being venerated, lauded, lionized, worshipped, fawned upon. And indeed, many of those things are the just reward of good leaders, of great ones, to be sure.

But people like McCarthy and Trump who can’t lead it all? Uh uh. They found out the hard way and fast what the job they so coveted actually entails.

Nancy Pelosi was a great leader. She made it look easy, as pros in all walks of life do. Look at what Pelosi did just in her last term, with the same razor thin margin majority that McCarthy holds now. Was her caucus a zoo? No. Was she held hostage by lunatics in her own party? No. Was Jamie Raskin calling her out publicly like this? No. This is what a McCarthy leadership looks like. One minute of comedy gold, listen.

Bakersfield’s population is a little over 407,000 and it’s ranked as one of the ten most dangerous metro areas in the country. That is some achievement. Here’s the link to the poll Raskin is quoting.

And Raskin didn’t stop there. He gave it to James Comer as well.

And of course Raskin’s response won’t play on Fox News, or other right-wing media outlets, only Comer’s deceptive and divisive comments. The rest of reality gets edited out. This is how the culture war keeps raging and the donations keep coming in.

We live in interesting times. One of the two major political parties in this country is broken and manipulation of truth, like we have never seen before in our lifetimes, is their gambit to survive. Very sobering.

At least we’ve got the likes of Jamie Raskin putting forth factual arguments and fighting the good fight. In this era the eternal conflict of Good v. Evil manifests itself as Truth v. Lies.

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  1. I wish ALL Democrats in Congress were as eloquent, fiery, well-informed & bold & brave as Raskin. It’s like we Democrats have so little “representation” from our so-called Democratic representatives, that we have to depend on the very few to carry our message & make it heard. I could name them on one hand. I suppose many of them are afraid to be too visible & vocal because they are in swing states& could lose their seats. But thank heavens for soldiers & troupers like Jamie Raskin who carry the load for all of them. Bless Jamie Raskin. May his tribe increase

  2. I never knew who Comer was until recently, but I instantly disliked him when I heard him speak. I don’t know about his crimes before entering the House of Representatives, but I see he is more of the same shit we’ve seen out of the gop in the 21st century. They promote all sorts of bad ideas for doing things that do not help the people of this country, just the donors. They promote legislation that sounds good on the surface, until we see what it really does. They tell their constituents that dems are dong any number of terrible things that they aren’t doing and sometimes never heard of. In fact, they often blame dems for the very things they’re doing or have done. And in much of the country they remain golden. I truly don’t get it.


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