God I love Merrick Garland! I always kept the faith. And now, when crunch time comes around, Galand and the DOJ hit a grand slam home run.

The DOJ’s filing for a Trump Special Master was just released, and it’s a treasure trove. And it should also have Traitor Tot putting Nivea on his wrists to soften the skin for those lovely steel bracelets.

I haven’t heard an analysis of the full filing, but it didn’t take much to have enough to go on to be able to inform all of you lovely people.

The DOJ started off by meeting the Trump team’s assertions head on. And it was devastating. The DOJ reminded the judge that they had followed the letter of the subpoena request to the letter. Apparently in its search request filing, the DOJ advised that if any documents were recovered, they would not be released to the investigation team, but instead be turned over to a neutral DOJ/FBI scrub team to filter out any information that the investigative team shouldn’t see.

They went on to say that the scrub team had finished its job. It had removed a small number of documents that may be subject to attorney-client privilege for further independent review. An small number of documents, such as Trump’s personal passport were set aside to return to the former President. And then they advised the judge that, after following her instructions to the letter, the balance of the documents were turned over to the investigative team.

They went on to relate their concerns over possible obstruction of justice, since after their subpoena, and a letter from Trump’s lawyers stating unequivocally that all documents had been returned, the search of Mar-A-Lago uncovered multiple boxes of classified documents.

And then they went for the kill shot. The DOJ included an on site photograph taken on site at Mar-A-Lago. The image showed a spread of documents on a floor rug in Mar-A-Lago. My eyes are shit, but when she saw it, she yelled Holy Shi!, ran to the tv, and pointed around, saying, Secret! Secret! Top Secret! Top Secret SCI!, Top Secret, Secret,Top Secret SCI! Every one of those documents on the carpet showed the cover sheet for classified documents, making it clear that there was no way that Trump could have been unable to see and understand what he was looking at.

This is better than I had even hoped for. Garland has the habit of not remarking to the press, but speaking instead speaking through the department’s court filing. And tonight, he blew a blast from Gabriel’s horn. If I’m one of the Trump lawyers that signed that letter, I’m grabbing my passport and heading for Brazil. I’ll be back tomorrow once a little time has passed, and I’ve seen the rest.


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  1. “but speaking instead speaking”
    “an on site photograph taken on site”
    “An small number”
    WTH? Who wrote, edited this article?

    • Sometimes you have to read beyond the lack of edited material and go right for the meaning. I’ve stopped letting it get to me but I also wish there were proof-readers. There isn’t so we just have to suck it up or stop reading this stuff. I do the former.

        • Yep …. its exciting stuff…. THANKS Murph and BTW I believe Christina Dobb has already been called for Obstruction… say bye bye Legal career.

  2. Wow can you say TDS without actually saying it? They got nothing and neither do you. You really think Trump has gotten this far in life and this rich by being stupid? By your own admission, you’ve not had a full analysis nor all of the pertinent information but yet here you are spewing hatred and gleefully holding a hammer ready to drive the first nail. What you see don’t understand is DJT is smarter than all of you and proves it time after time. Meric Garland is a wanna be SCOTUS justice with a bone to pick with republicans for blocking his nomination. He’s a big nothing burger. The only reason he got the top job is by kissing Obamas brown ass. We all know Joe ain’t running the show. He’s too old and feeble to know where he is or what his name or job is. The whole thing stinks to high heaven of corruption and good ol boy politics. You would do well to report facts instead of jumping on the lamesteam hate trump orange man bad train and do some actual reporting. After all that is your job. No wonder people don’t trust the fake news like you. Must really be tough to go through life with such vitriol for the one person who did the most for all Americans. Go have a drink or two and relax and think about your life choices. Is this really what you want to be? Maybe you should have taken a different path in life. Perhaps you should have been a doctor or lawyer you know like your mom wanted you to be. You definitely suck at writing and reporting. Think about it, I’ll be waiting on your retort.

    • Thanks for the humor. Who helps you get dressed in the morning? Isn’t it time for the online cult meeting? What’s on the agenda today? Call up superman, have him fly around the earth really fast against the rotation, turn back time & give this nazi loving traitor the 2020 election? Man you cult members really have your collective heads up your collective asses. Isn’t it time to watch something other than fake news fox & listen to the morons on right wing radio? Nevermind. You should just drink your cyanide grape juice like the 900+ did for Reverend Jim. You’ll get to…er…see Jesus? The truth is too much for you.

    • Ahhhh yes!!! A bunch of Liberal progressives up in here begging on their knees for their black hearts to beat again. Nothing can stop the TRUTH from coming not even this piece of crap written by a drunken and miss-placed tent living pelosi paid off moron.

    • Excellent! Trump’s brain-dead, d-bag followers are obviously just as panicked and desperate as Trump is now. They all know what is coming, and they are just as powerless to prevent it as Trump himself. All the rage and frustration they are feeling just shines through in their pathetic online ranting. I am LOVING this. Keep up the whining, snowflakes! Every tear you cry, every angry rant you post, and every lie you try to push brings me great happiness! 😄😄

    • Dim. So dim.
      That’s called EVIDENCE, and it’s INCRIMINATING, because they swore in June they’d turned over all the classified stuff and there absolutely positively pinky-swear weren’t any more at Mar-al-Ego.
      And the photo proves they LIED. To the FBI and to NARA.

      • Lowered gas prices brought American companies back to America got a peace treaty signed in the middle east that presidents have been trying to do for 30 years. STIMULUS CHECKS!!!!!!! Joe Bidens has raised gas prices inflation flooded our boarders basically gave our country to China and Mexico. It’s bad when the majority of America doesn’t even speak english!!!!!!English!!!!!!!
        WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!

        • Thanks for the laughs. To think he did all that while playing golf a full one year out of four & did so at his courses where he could steal more money by overcharging the secret service. Grifter in chief!!! What a fucking talent! Send him ALL your money! Nazi loving traitor that you truthfully & provably are.

    • Trump was born with a,silver spoon up his pasty white fat ass. Daddy gave him.a,”small “loan” of a million, then bailed him.out several.Timex when he fed up casinos be refusing to listen to experts who told him they would fail because (1) he built on the wrong side of town and (2) there was not enough parking. (He did the same thing with Civic and Fauci, because he prefers listening to the voices in his head and his brown nosers). SIX BANKRUPTCIES.
      I lived in NYC 1979-1984. I was twice approached by modeling scouts from big name agencies. Models were expected to.”accomodate”VIPs.***I turned them down because I was married and don’t cheat. We,all.knew he’d screw any woman he wanted,even if she didn’t consent. We knew he used substandard materials,and illegals in building his deeply condos. We knew he stiffed contractors and dragged out lawsuits he knew he couldn’t win on the facts u too the small.businessman could no longer afford the legal costs.
      He couldn’t carry his hometown for solid reasons.
      But you, poor naive Trumpie, voted for him. Twice.
      I loathe and despise him because I know the truth.

      ***I did end up.on book covers because I posed free for friends,and I preferred to earn money in fields that let me keep.my clothing on, which has a,distinctly longer shelf life than losing memoir for cheesy men’s mags.

    • “What you see don’t understand is DJT is smarter than all of you”
      That made me laugh. I think youre projecting. He is definately smarter than the followers who he has convinced to buy his BS.

    • Donnie is a salesman and they don’t have to be smart. He sold you a great line of bullshit and you believed it. Now he is trying to sell the Country and you still believe him. Try facts MacAdodah

    • As we say…. If you can’t take the heat you shouldn’t cook…
      PS If you didn’t see it. This is re the EVIDENTIARY PHOTO… as is always done during a Search Warrant… (hubby did a bunch of them) WAPO Philip Bump did piece trying to explain it to fascist MAGAS like the above. SEE and share.
      By Philip Bump

      August 31, 2022 at 10:58 a.m. PT
Perhaps the most intriguing component of the court filing submitted Tuesday night by the Justice Department did not involve legal argumentation or an articulation of the department’s possible case against former president Donald Trump.
      Instead, it was a photograph showing documents arrayed on the floor of an unidentified room.
Clearly visible on more than a half-dozen of the papers: classification markings.

      The government’s months-long effort to recover documents that were kept at Trump’s Florida residence after he left the White House doesn’t depend on that material being classified.

  3. The moment I always knew was coming has arrived. Coincidentally, this is also the appropriate moment for any mea culpas vis-a-vis Garland “doing nothing”.

  4. Just ban MacAodha, will ya? He’s a deluded troll.

    As for Johhny Welch, he’s right. Though I love what Murfster has to say, I hate his lack of proofreadng, which I can SEE despite the fact that my eyes suffer glaucoma, recurrent uveitis, dryness from Sjogren’s, post cataracts, and macular degeneration. I know he can do better when he takes some effort because a few of his recent articles have been free of errors. You can do better, Murf. So do bettet!

  5. I just reckon AG Garland has grown an inch, or two, overnight. The weight, and necessity to remain silent, that he has been carrying around on his shoulders for the past year+, must have been awful.

    • The man has been a judge for years before becoming an S.C. nominee and then A.G. He knows how to keep things to himself. I suspect it is second nature to him by now.

  6. Well, I’m not a lawyer but I was kind of hoping that the DOJ would’ve added a little request of their own to counter Trump’s people (not gonna further debase the legal profession by referring to them as “attorneys” or “lawyers”).

    Make Trump’s people produce a COMPLETE LIST of SPECIFIC documents they think were removed without cause. Anything that’s not on that list (which would include anything “classified” or “top secret” or whatever since Trump had no business removing those documents in the first place) would immediately be out of bounds the second the “special master” read past the first sentence.

    If a search warrant has to define specific items being sought, then so should the Trump team’s request.



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