Donald Trump has always sucked as a human being. And, for at least the last couple of years, it has sucked to be him, what with all the legal fun he’s having, even if he has himself to blame for his troubles.

But now that he’s been booted from an entire state’s ballot, he’s received even worse news.

YouGov America has brought out a brand-new poll that shows 54 percent of Americans AND 24 percent of Republicans approve of the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to boot the former president off of its 2024 presidential primary ballot, Mediaite reports.

That’s a whole new order of suckitude.

The Justices on Colorado’s Supreme Court understand the 14th Amendment quite well, especially the clause that bars insurrectionists from holding office and they released their opinion that this makes Trump ineligible to become president again. The court concluded on Tuesday evening that the evidence it received “established that President Trump engaged in insurrection” when he tried to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

There are, of course, some Republicans blathering on about this being an attack on democracy, but there are a surprising number that are praising the decision. That’s what early polling showed that of the 3,492 of those surveyed showed. A whopping 24 percent of Republicans approved of his being hoisted off the ballot.

That wasn’t the only bad news for Trump. The poll also showed that a sizable 54 percent of Americans approve of the Court’s decision, while 38 percent strongly approve of it. A combined 35 percent either strongly disapprove or somewhat disapprove of the decision.

All I can say here is “Ooh, that’s gotta hurt.” If Trump has got wind of this, he’s probably fuming.

As you might expect, most Democrats (84 percent) support Trump’s removal from the ballot. But what’s also interesting here is a high percentage of independents (48 percent) also support this.

The survey precisely worded the question that was posed to participants.

“Do you approve or disapprove of the colorado supreme court ruling that donald trump can’t appear on the state’s 2024 republican presidential primary ballot because his actions leading up to the jan. 6, 2021 takeover of the capitol amount to an insurrection or rebellion against the united states?” the survey asked.

Now it’s going to be up to the United States Supreme Court to decide on this, and earlier Wednesday, President Joe Biden spoke out, noting there was no question that his predecessor led the insurrection. He declined to comment on the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision that bars Trump from the state’s ballot, saying this is really up to the judiciary.

“It’s self-evident. you saw it all. now whether the 14th amendment applies, i’ll let the court make that decision,” he said in wisconsin. “but he certainly supported an insurrection. no question about it. none. zero.”

Indeed. The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision demonstrates to Trump all over again that by encouraging the unrest he shot himself in the foot. It’s lovely to see him reaping the rewards of his own awful behavior.

There is a downside to this, however, since the SCOTUS contains such Trump-loving justices as Clarence Thomas, meaning the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision may be overturned. But if Trump has any brains (and that is questionable) it should show him how deeply unpopular he is.

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  1. Your “… That’s a whole new order of suckitude…” Love it. Pairs well with ‘Shitastrophy’ – by where Don Don is living the justified outcomes of his recent epic failures, that have stimulated his predictably messy logic, in conjunction with his usual fu*ked up, over the top, reptilian knee jerk responses. Go for it Don Don, embrace the “… suckitude …” it’ll take you places you’ve never Benn to before, and it’ll be character building.

    • *Benn? Huh? No. It’s been, not Benn. The spell/gramma thingy used here has an evil sense of humour; that one’s mother would gladly do horrid thing to, at times πŸ™‚ Like take it to behind a tree and give it a darn good flogging with a wet shoe lace, until it behaves itself πŸ™‚

    • “Don Don” is too close to “Jon Jon” which referred to JFK jr.
      Just call Trump DON THE CON…. which is my preferred reference for the Orange sack of shit now residing at MAGA-lago. It’s descriptive, definitive & it rhymes.

      (Moderaator’s note: I’m not an emojie person. I don’t think I’ve ever added one to anything I’ve written. However tons of people like them and I can understand frustration there’s no ready to use emojie function on our Little Engine That Could. We are after all a smaller site in the grand scheme of things. Yes, we are growing in viewership and on better footing than we were a year ago but we aren’t exactly rolling along in fat city either. If you really like using emojies and want to make the effort I have a suggestion. Add some favorite ones to your computer’s desktop. If you don’t like it cluttered you can create a folder for them. But download whatever emojies you like. Then use the Attachments function below the comment box like you would if you wanted to add a picture after the text of your comment. It might not come out quite the way you’d like, especially if you want to insert one into or or between sentences. But it’s something. Just a suggestion you can try out)

  2. P.S. I took one that photo,.i.gained it in clown white with a green LU it was the Joker. They can hire him for the next incarnation of Batman. Kelly Anne and Laura Ingraham can duke it out to become his his Harley Quinn. DeSantis can be the Penguin. Sean Hannity can be the Riddler.

  3. It’s good to see DON THE CON T. RUMP reaping his just rewards of his incessant perpetual CORRUPTION. Very well deserved… & prosecution & prison is next.

  4. I’m sure he will write it off as “fake news”. Remember, he invented that term after all.
    I’m slightly bothered by how many don’t support the decision.
    As for “Sideshow Don”, all I have to say is. “Die in prison, traitor!”


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