You know, way back when I was just a kid, about 164 years ago, and Saturday Night Live first hit the airwaves, they had a humorous slogan for the largely improv cast of comedians. They called them the Not ready for prime time players, which is why they aired late on a Saturday night. They could get away with it because the show was as funny as hell.

Well, we’re all about to be not very entertained by the GOP House’s version of the Not ready for prime time players. Only this one won’t even survive its inaugural season, for the simple reason that this sh*t just ain’t funny. But the problem with trying to con the public into a knockoff of a classic is that the audience already has the original to compare it to.

And I mean, it’s not like this is a legitimate probe or anything. The GOP protagonists of this high farce have already admitted that. House Squeaker Cave-In McCarthy, in announcing this kangaroo court himself stated that, The investigation will show whether or not we can find facts that show that President Biden committed high crimes or misdemeanors. No, no, no, you stupid sh*t! The whole purpose of an investigation or inquiry is to find out whether there is supporting evidence for facts you already have in evidence! What you’re talking about is like a cop saying, Let’s open a phone book, pick a name with a pin, and see if that person committed the bank robbery. 

And it’s not like they’re going out of their way to cover up, or make a secret of it or anything. GOP Freedom caucus Blondilocks and uber twit Machine Gun Marjie summed it up when she told a not-to-be-named news network that the whole purpose of the inquiry was to Make it as long and painful for President Biden as humanly possible. Notice how she referred to him as President Biden, showing that she doesn’t believe that stolen election bullsh*t either.

And even the alleged Chair of the Oversight Committee, James Comer admits that he’s full of sh*t, just not how you’d notice, unless you can tie your own shoes. He has publicly bragged that he received every document he had requested, and every witness that he had requested to come in and testify, And yet he can’t name or cite a single fact or evidence that even hints at any Biden wrongdoing.

There is no doubt that this whole retarded exercise is meant to energize and turn on two groups, their far right base, and Traitor Tot, who desperately wants to be able to campaign on impeachment being no big deal, since Biden got impeached too. But they’re running into an uphill battle, on two fronts.

First, this time around the American people already know what a professional impeachment inquiry looks like. In both Trump cases, the House Oversight committee held public hearings, in which they introduced serious witnesses like Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman, Maria Yovanovich, Gordon Sundland, and Fiona Hill. They provided rock solid, compelling testimony in depth as to Trump’s criminal activity.

What does the GOP have to counter that this time? Nothing but an apparently endless list of discredited, far right whistleblowers, who couldn’t even provide a single relevant piece of paper of any criminal or corrupt wrongdoing from Biden. They’re playing solely to the base.

Which leads to the second reason that the GOP is boned. Sideways. Public polling shows that the vast majority of the American public is sick to death of the usual political gamesmanship and bullsh*t. And yet the Freedom caucus dingbats are hell-bent-for-leather to shut down the federal government for a series of far right pap nobody supports, and when they come back, they’ll bore us silly with a series of telecast impeachment inquiry hearings that end up showing that Joe Biden has done nothing wrong!

Stupid, thy name is GOP. This is like letting a sophomore college theater class take over running Amtrak for six weeks. They’re going to piss off the entire senior citizen population, like Ursula and me with a government shutdown, threatening our benefits, and piss off the entire military by not paying them, and when they relent, they’re going to torture us with endless weeks of Hunter Biden’s laptop, and Burisma. What a bunch of f*cking idiots.

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  1. It is all they have got. They are a one-trick-circus that too many Americans have bought tickets to. They give the masses the Coliseum and the Democrats give them bread. The American masses love the circus. If they get bread they act like it is a rare thing because blacks get all the government goodies. They truly feel whites are superior and thus should have all the power. They don’t really care what ‘their’ whites do with that power because the social order is preserved.

  2. Well the reason the laptop is floating around and as has been pointed out. It’s all hard drives. Well the FBI tossed it out the window a long time ago. It’s like I said a long time ago that laptop/hard drive has had more hands on it than a hooker on pay day. And that was right after the clown at the repair shop gave it to whoever he gave it to. FBI said it’s useless as tits on a boar hog. They said some real idiots tried to put stuff on it and they went right over the top of others. They were thinking about arresting the people that did it for wasting their time with fake info. And Hunter has a list he’s working down of people he’s suing over them stealing his information. That would include his bank records that were on the hard drive. Air might be getting a little thin up there on capital hill. Beings as Comey and Jordan are so proud of themselves for getting Hunters stolen bank records. That might get a little sticky. One can only hope.

  3. “Let’s have a trial!”
    “On what charges?”
    “Dunno – but we’ll think of something after we start (or we’ll charge him with being the father of Hunter)”


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