Sidney Powell, Kenneth Chesebro and Jenna Ellis made a key decision a few weeks back and that was that it was easier to stay out of prison and go forward with their lives than to continue to cover for Donald Trump. Can’t say as how we blame them for coming to that conclusion. Today Sidney Powell was filmed during a proffer session from Fulton County, revealing previously unknown details about the aftermath of the 2020 election.

There are two clips here of Powell, interspersed with Ari Melber discussing fascism with a professor of that subject. Powell is particularly amusing when she describes Rudy Giuliani going off on her.

I can only imagine the look on Trump’s face when he realized that he had lost the election and lying about it and ultimately staying in power was not going to be that easy. And of course you can infer that Giuliani had told him something different, about what a breeze it would be, just leave it all to him. Probably even Trump has enough awareness to know that listening to Giuliani was a terrible idea.

Reporter Jonathan Karl has a book dropping at midnight. In it he elaborates on Trump’s fascist doctrine. This is what Trump 2.0 looks like folks, the Third Reich fast forwarded to the 21st Century. The GOP appears ready to self immolate for their hero. If that’s how they want to conduct themselves and their party, then if their losing streak continues, and bigly, they’ll have nobody to blame but themselves.

Hitler telegraphed his intentions with the book he wrote in prison, Mein Kampf. Trump is likewise telegraphing his intentions at each and every rally. And MAGA thinks it’s great, just great. It makes me wonder, do none of these people have parents, grandparents, or teachers, anybody from the WWII era, and did they ever listen to those folks?

Because I personally knew some impressive veterans from that era. I knew two men, both Republicans, one of whom worked on the Manhattan Project (he was Army) and another one who piloted a Douglas Diver in the Pacific Theater (he was Marines.) I can guarantee you that both of these men, if they were alive and listening to this idiocy, would not endorse it. They would be Never Trumpers.

The men and women that they fought alongside in WWII did not die so some spray painted, floofy haired trust fund baby could mimic and ape Adolph Hitler to the unwashed masses, some 80 years later.

Fascism did not come to America wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross. It came straight out of the TV tube, glitzed up by Madison Avenue and Hollywood, wearing a corset and diapers.


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  1. My five uncles, who served in WW2, would be putting this nazi in their gunsights. After all they were shipped all around the world to do just that…kill nazis and the japanese. How 76 million of our citizens ignore that fact, and the sacrifice of 400,000 BOYS, is beyond me. I consider them traitors and would strip them of citizenship and deport their sorry asses. Then the border wouldn’t be a problem since there are good people waiting to replace these nazis and THE RAPIST who leads them.

    • Education has failed us. We’re too far away from WWII in terms of veterans still being alive. So now their stories are being told by people who are now the older generation ourselves. But if the younger generation isn’t getting it from one of us, then they’re not getting it anywhere. That’s the sad truth.

  2. I intend to have a heart to heart with 2 friends that still vote Republican. Yesterday I watch a video of a reporter/ comedian interview some tRump supporters at a recent rally. They drank the koolaid; one said tRump never lies even tho she was told he had reported his NYC apartment at 30k feet when in fact it’s 11k. Still tRump doesn’t lie. There were more, even a few flat earthers, one of which said there was never a moon landing because we can’t leave the atmosphere. Ok, well my friends are not idiots and I’m holding on to hope they won’t vote for him. They live here mainly in the winte so I haven’t seen them yet. I don’t want go at them hot but need more questions & answers for them to get them to see the light by their own choice. Any suggestions?

    • I’ve known a few of the flat earthers. They also don’t believe that the cop killed George Floyd or that, as you say, we landed on the moon. One of these conspiracy theorists believes that world maps are faked. Why anybody would bother doing that, I don’t know, but I saw a video on that as well.

      I have zero suggestions for people like that. I just hope that they don’t exist in such numbers as to give this country fascist rule instead of democracy. That’s my most devout prayer.

  3. Maybe ask them to research the recipe for Jim Jone’s fast track grape juice to see Jesus and drink up. I don’t want any faux liberal horseshit about the cruelty of that suggestion. How wonderful for all of us who HAVEN’T been shot at, or seen our friend’s head blown off by a fascist child killing pig, to feel self righteous. There is NO hope for cult members. They just need to move on into eternity. Hey assholes…why wait for the rapture…you can leave TODAY! Bon Voyage!

    • It isn’t a cruel suggestion. The sooner we’re rid of these ‘pube f*ck-wads the better off the country and the world will be. They are mouth-breathers taking too much air and since they do not have a good use for that air, they needn’t be breathing it.


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