Another day, another conspiracy theory, right? Was America ever sane? I’m thinking that if somebody was born, say around 2009 and they were in grade school when the 2016 election happened and this level of sheer insanity that we call reality nowadays is all that they ever knew, are these young people ever going to know the difference?

Will they ever know that America used to be a pretty decent and calm place to live, for the most part. We weren’t divided into two warring tribes and our political figures, while diverse and certainly imperfect, flat out never lied to us on a daily basis like we have seen a certain spray-tanned creature and his coterie do. Now this lie really is out there.

That’s a screenshot right off of Truth Social. And so is this, which is right beneath it.

@EdonaJoly is the poster who posted the top clip. Now what I did was hit the link and it goes to a page which may or may not be Telegram. But when you click on Join The Channel, nothing happens. So I have no idea who is doing what with this.

I share this here because this is indicative of how crazy it is on Truth Social and Twitter/X is marginally saner, but not all that much since Elon let so many people go who kept the place running like a Swiss watch. In all fairness, there is some moderation/community notes, but not nearly enough to support a platform of that size.

I’m going to watch Truth Social and see if Devin Nunes manages to get this dealt with or taken down or if it just sits in Trump’s timeline polluting whatever small credibility might be there. [NOTE: I went back at 5:56 p.m. PT and it had been deleted. I posted this story at 5:04 p.m. PT, which means I must have seen it around 4:04 p.m. PT, because it probably took me an hour to write the post. Who knows how long before that that it was up?]

This is social media in 2024. This is Truth Social. And emphatically, this is Donald Trump. There’s an old expression, “A lie can travel halfway around the world before Truth has had a chance to get its boots on.” This is how crazy conspiracy theories start. This is how QAnon got started and look at what it became.

QAnon filled a void. It gave low information/no information people a place to get some information that was not only factual, but exciting and mysterious as well. It appealed to people who were isolated and pretty much out of touch with normal information outlets and what the yous and mes might call normal conversation.

QAnon appealed to the shut in, the misanthrope, the outcast — as does MAGA in general. QAnon is a poisonous doctrine, yet Donald Trump would not denounce it, because “they’ve said very nice things about me.” And that’s his yardstick. That is not a sufficient yardstick for a person who wants to lead a nation of 330 million people.

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      • This is how it rolls in Trump world. Speaking of Guiliani, I remember reading about him recently. Somebody (I believe it was an Arizona elections official) asked him if he had the “proof” of dead people voting. He asked Jenna for the proof. Jenna went through the charade of looking in her briefcase and she said, “We must have left it at the hotel.” And of course, there was no proof. But that’s not the point. The point is, what bullshit can you get people to BEE-LEAVE and then vote according to that belief?

        • Yes. I saw it on PBS last week in fact (might have been a re-run). It was on Frontline I believe. Very good and very informative/educational. Pity more magats do not watch PBS…for fear of learning something would be my guess.

          • That is pretty powerful. And I believe it’s true. I spoke with a woman whose conspiracy theorist husband told her that Dr. Fauci “made billions” off of Covid, when he wasn’t busy torturing dogs. I set her straight. But whether it stuck or not, who knows?

  1. Of course, it’s so easy to bribe a judge who’s not on the Supreme Court and whose financial records are so easy to check.
    It would be interesting to know why that link isn’t directly to Habba-Dabba’s ALLEGED Telegram channel rather than going through some third-party site based in Brazil (that’s what the “.br” refers to). Granted what we see in the link (as provided in the article) doesn’t give the full URL and screenshots don’t keep links live and the URL may direct an interested person to Habba-Dabba’s “Telegram channel” but, again, it just seems odd to me that Habba-Dabba wouldn’t be posting this “important” story on her own Truth Social post–surely, a “lifetime membership*” to the media site would’ve been part of Trump’s “generous” payment for Habba-Dabba’s services.
    The fact that it doesn’t seem that Trump himself (or a member of his team) didn’t repost this “breaking story” within an hour of its going “live” also strikes me as a little more than odd.

    *We all know that “lifetime membership” would likely expire after 5 years (assuming the site’s still around past the end of THIS year) with her being offered a “generous” discount for continued membership.

    • The post wasn’t up there for long and I didn’t expect it to be. I just got lucky on my timing. i go over there several times a day to see what’s what and when I saw that, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Devin Nunes is probably hoping that a lot of people didn’t see it.

  2. ‘Lifetime membership’ in Trumpese is ‘the lifetime of a fruit fly’

    btw – my account on the app formerly known as twitter’ was suspended and they won’t tell me why or even what I am supposed to have done and any ‘appeal’ falls on deaf ears (they simply won’t respond)

    • Daithi, same thing happened to me but right before Elon bought it. I was on Twitter for over 10 yrs & just accrued 10K followers. So disappointed, I didn’t even get a chance to say “good-bye”. It was bound to happen, since I was posting for the LW! But I & many “others” will/still persevere! Peace…

  3. I’m sure Judge Kaplan will take note. Be careful with Telegram. It has a read-only HTML interface that runs on browsers. Some posters make their stuff available through this interface, but the core service requires client software to be installed on your device and you need to give up your telephone number to register. The client software is open source, but the server side is proprietary. Transmissions are encrypted, but it would be surprising if the FSB didn’t have the keys.

  4. Will trump receive the justice he so richly deserves? No idea but one would hope he not only loses every penny of his wealth but also spends the rest of his miserable life behind bars. One thing that most desperately MUST happen is not leveled at him but rather his “attorney” habba: this silly, ignorant, twit absolutely must lose her law license in any and every state she holds one and must be forbidden from holding one ever again. She has proven beyond anything reasonable she knows nothing of the law and more importantly cares even less. She is trump’s perfect lawyer–she is almost, perhaps even IS, as stupid as he is.

    I am filled with disgust every day by what comes from trump. This habba fool fills me with even more because she is supposed to have a clue about what things like slander and libel are and why one doesn’t use them ESPECIALLY attorneys.

    • Well, Habba did say if she had to choose between pretty and smart she’d pick pretty because you can fake smart. Not so much in her case.

  5. I suspect Trump,’s competence to run a nation is about the same as his manly parts, and his I.Q. isn’t much.larger.

    Most men have their crises earlier in life and just buy the most expensive sports car they can afford, or get themselves a trophy wife. Trump almost succeeded in buying a country.

  6. It’s easy to see that that’s not Telegraph’s site just by the url. I hope you’ve run at least one virus protection program after clicking on that.


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