Wingnuttia wants war. The RWNJs, via Fox Nation Radio host Todd Starnes, are accusing the Democrats of attempting to “nullify” Trump’s election and provoke a civil war — so they’re building a rather colorful army to take to the streets. Starnes made his comments when on the radio with Franklin Graham, during Graham’s recent Day Of Prayer for Trump. Graham said, “We need more of God, Todd. Just look at the mess that this country is in right now.” He’s right about that, at least. Todd Starnes had a solution for Graham. This is how he described God’s legions and what they would do if those heathen Democrats impeached Donald Trump. Todd Starnes:

The facts are clear – President Trump was the victim of a political hit job. James Comey and Robert Mueller tried to take him out – but they failed. And now Congressional Democrats stand ready to finish what the Deep State started.

But they better put on their big boy pants because this president and his supporters are not going down without a fight.

Leaders of Rolling Thunder say they are ready to roar back into Washington to defend the president — if the Democrats move to impeach.

And if that happens – do not be surprised if the bikers are joined by hundreds of thousands of gun-toting, bible-clinging, smelly,Walmart patriots. The silent majority in this country is mad as hell – and we’re not going to take it any more.

Do you love this imagery? Redneck Trumpite bikers rolling into D.C., followed by legions of smelly “Walmart patriots” a gun in one hand, a Bible in the other? Then Starnes said something truly incredible. He accused Democrats of “weaponizing” the Constitution. Parse through that. Following the laws of the land is insurrection? Really?

We will not allow the Democrats or the Mainstream Media or the Deep State to weaponize the Constitution and overthrow a duly elected president.

They are dragging the nation dangerously close to what could be another civil war. That must not be allowed to happen.

Bear in mind the mindset of these people. They believe that they are living in the End Times and they’re quoting scripture about “God sending them [Democrats] strong delusion so that they may believe a lie.” [2 Thessaolonians 11] Rupert Murdoch must be God, by this description, because he’s the one broadcasting deception — and taking it to the bank. Murdoch may not be a student of the Bible, but he’s a disciple of P.T. Barnum.

We are at war with Wingnuttia. We have always been at war with Wingnuttia. This is not Orwellian dogma. Sadly, this is how it is.



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    • It would be interesting to organize this group of people, the “Walmart patriots.” They sold a lot of DVDs of “Duck Dynasty” at Walmart. Maybe that clown, Phil Robertson, could be their Robert E. Lee. HA! OMG, this might be a good parody! Let me ponder this for a while, I might be on to something.

      • I think the whole Dimwit Donny administration and it’s minions have proved themselves, quite comprehensively, beyond parody.

        • It is getting increasingly more difficult to parody them, that’s for sure. Parody depends upon deliberate exaggeration of some quality in order to be funny. How can you exaggerate Trump? Look at the White House presser today. He took out a piece of paper (I suspect a blank one) and claimed it was some secret negotiation with Mexico, then went on to sing the praises of Kim Jong Un. How do you get more ridiculous than that? I’m sure the SNL writers are trying to figure how to parody that, as we speak. Trump is doing self-parody at this point. I seriously question whether the 25th Amendment isn’t a better idea than impeachment.

  1. Pffft! That crowd has been blowing that same smoke my entire life. But when push comes to shove, they’re waiting on someone else to do the heavy lifting for them to finally enter Whitetopia. Talkers are rarely doers.

    • This is true enough. But all our lives we haven’t had Fox News getting these clowns riled up. What i fear, and I’ve said it many many times, is that there is that there are two narratives of reality going in this country. We never had that before. Richard Nixon might never have left office if he had Fox News on his side, and that terrifies me.

      • I confess to lacking your idealism, Ursula. So far as I’ve been able to determine, competing narratives on reality, especially narratives that paint a less honest but more flattering picture of the past (see Confederacy), have always been a big thing in this country. This is merely the latest squabble in a long line of such. And Fox News looks less and less likely to save Trump by the day.

        • There DOES, thank goodness, seem to be a little ding in the dubious rotund stature of hoof and mouth Barr … he has let loose a little on the binders of hidden files from the Mueller report … IMHO it is to save his ass from the laser beam of Adam Schiff and the other oversight committees, who also appear to be ready to file those nasty forms against those who are resisting the oversight functions, (as directed by obstruction megamind in the WH),.

          Trump’s old saws about fake news and Democrats out to get him, well, he is half right there … we obviously ARE out to get him out of office in self-defence against his horrible inaction on real issues and his baby-whines are just as annoying … WAA WAA WAA, I would not be surprised to hear he actually lays on the floor in a fetal position, kicking out at passing people and trying to pull things off the shelves, drop-kicking fragile things into the walls for maximum effect …

          If Barr does it right, we will get BOTH the evidence files and the in-house summary by Mueller’s crew …. Barr can go suck lemons and pout in the corner, but with the ginormous power Trump gave him to screw things up royal, declassifying and hiding things at will, we now have a much broader target … Barr-Trump-Pence-McConnell-Graham-coatless in the House … even our Grassley has passed the refrigerator throwout stages …

          I realize anything Barr does comes with a caveat of tit-for-tat and probably WILL get someone more freedom than they deserve …

          And now, how many days before Trump actually signs one of his mind-bending stupid EO’s to make Fox the official news source from the WH?

        • Everything is relative. Certainly, there have always been self-serving stories circulating and there always will be. That’s human nature. However, I confess, I’ve never seen anything like this before in American history and the closest parallel I’ve seen is Nazi Germany.

          • Got a better one for you: Spain under Francisco Franco, post-WWII, post-massacres. Also, there’s the current Chinese government in Beijing. Both of them have the surface level illusion of tranquility to mask inner turmoil and barely controlled chaos. Of course, both of them had competent people in charge too.

      • Wal-Mart Patriots??!!??!!……..aaahahaha!!!

        Makes me think of Thomas Paine’s pamphlet “American Crisis”…….

        ““These are the times that try men’s souls……The summer soldier and the Wal-Mart patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


        • I love Walmart Patriot. I see that you do, too. And maybe there could be an elite corps of CostCo Commandos, ya think? How about the Smart & Final Force to give them a hand?

      • Wal-Mart Patriots!!??!!??……aaahahaha!!!

        That reminds me of Thomas Paines’s pamphlet “American Crisis”……

        ““These are the times that try men’s souls……The summer soldier and the Wal-Mart Patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”


      • Ursula…..I have tried twice to respond to your comment here, each time, even though with no reason for it that I know of, comment awaiting moderation appears and then the comment disappears???

          • Maybe the computer went nuts. A comment awaiting moderation shouldn’t disappear. And don’t ask me why the algorithm decided your comment needed moderation. Believe me, I’m always getting comments kicked to me for approval with absolutely nothing wrong with them. I understand the computer picks up profanity, but it’s got other quirks that I totally don’t get.

  2. Well the snarling kid with the fake gun in the photo, is actually holding a cap pistol, or a non-noise making cast pot metal or metalized plastic toy replica, that would certainly get him killed by the police if he was threatening them with it at a distance … notice the half and half casting with no actual barrel protruding as a tube from the front end … he resembles as close as cadet bone spurs actually came to holding a real gun in backyard pretend war games at the sand box … his snarl is so close to trump’s he might be a distant relative …

    Which reminds me, if Trump gets near any 4th 0f July celebrations, they should have some special displays tied up for him to see along with millions of others, in brilliant fire red, as the fuses race across the display, the words jump out at you … “TRUMP IS STILL A TOTAL LOSER”, the words burn for a minute or two, plenty of time for Trump to struggle through their meaning … har har …

    • Dear man, holding your own cell phone or a hose nozzle will get you killed in California, let alone something that looks like this. Remember the young man in Sacramento who was killed in his grandparents’ back yard, and he was holding a cell phone? And there was a guy who was in his yard, I think in Los Angeles, with a hose nozzle and he got shot and killed. Both black men, needless to say.

  3. Given that they scream loudly and carry a tiny twig, it’s easy to miss the fact that what is being proposed here is Mafia-level extortion… “Nice little country you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it. The only honorable response is “Bring it on.” It’s just icing on the cake that they have so little to bring.

    • I have this fantasy of Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty” leading the troops, while Sean Hannity amps it up from Fox News. If something like this did occur, it would once again be evidence of that old adage, the truth is stranger than fiction.


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