You recall Mellisa Carone, the SNL cold open come to life? Every comedy writer’s dream? She’s the one who supposedly was a “contractor” for Dominion Voting Systems and in fact she was a temp hired to clean the glass on the fax machine? Well, Carone is bringing all of her special expertise to bear on a run for the state legislature in Michigan and it is as deranged as you would expect.

Now what Carone has discovered is that in the GOP political sphere of 2021, you too can qualify for a highly paid job in politics with great health insurance and all kinds of perks and the best part of all is that you don’t need to know anything. All you need to do is be able to spew insane talking points with a straight face. What the rest of us have discovered is that the movie Idiocracy was a training film for the 21st century Republican party.

Carone also was an exotic dancer for a time. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that modeling or exotic dancing should bar one from public office. Au contraire, many show business types have found their way to elective office and done quite well. In Carone’s case, we see zero evidence that she’s got two brain cells working or ever has, that’s my concern about a potential member of state politics in Michigan or God forbid, beyond.

Show biz is a very political sphere and politics has always had its show biz elements right out front. Nowadays the GOP has decided that the two are one and the same and it’s all about show. Form is the only things that counts, forget about substance.  What has happened to this country?


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  1. She doesn’t understand? What I don’t understand is how someone can be so fucking stupid!

    As for Idiocracy, I think you’re correct that between so many bible waving conservatives thinking The Flintstones was a documentary and Idiocracy being their dream society we have a real mess on our hands.

    Maybe we should call them the RepublicIdiocracy Party.

  2. ” man, as an individual, is an insoluble mystery. In the aggregate, he is a mathematical certainty.” Sherlock Holmes

  3. Well, I, for one, applaud her. She is, at least, going for a relatively local job that doesn’t really need all that much in the way of special qualifications rather than starting off making an announcement for some top-level job–like US Senator or Governor or President (especially given her recent high-profile media stature).

      • Not for LOCAL (as in “state”) level politics. I live in Alabama and I can’t tell you how many genuinely politically unqualified politicians can be found on Goat Hill (the nickname for the state capitol). There are folks in the State Legislature who shouldn’t be dog catchers or trash collectors. She would fit right in with some of the knuckle-dragging knuckleheads we’ve got here.

        As I noted, I’m just appreciative that she’s making her foray into such a lower level of the political field when you’ve got idiots who shouldn’t even be aspiring to mayor or state legislator deciding they need to get that first political experience as Governor or even President.



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