I love the smell of disclaimers in the morning, they smell like litigation. Rudy Giuliani does a show on WABC radio and they read out a disclaimer before the show yesterday, one that was virtually identical to the one that OAN attached to Mike Lindell’s documentary, aired earlier Friday. Apparently, various media outlets are willing to still carry dubious CT content as long as everybody knows that it doesn’t reflect the views of management. In all events, the disclaimer really miffed the former Mayor of New York. He complained that they should have told him about the disclaimer and it wasn’t “the right thing to do.” It was the perfect thing to do to shield against a potential defamation lawsuit, which Rudy would know if he could remember any law.

Good for Smartmatic and Dominion lowering the economic boom. That’s the only one that gets any attention. A sad statement, but a true one. Smartmatic sued Fox News, Giuliani and Sidney Powell for $2.7 Billion Thursday, alleging that “Without any true villain, defendants invented one…Smartmatic.” WABC doesn’t want to be joined as a party to the suit, and they can scarcely be blamed.


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  1. Money talks. Bullshit used to walk. Now it occupies 50 seats in the senate & 199 congress members vote to end democracy. Maybe it will walk again. As the #1 traitor/serial killer used to say…we’ll see.

  2. What I really like about Smartmatic and Dominion when it comes to litigation

    2.7 Billion dollars US
    Is not playing. Good lord there are good lawyers that cant wait to get in on this
    Payday. The epic thing if your Giuliani you cant back down you have to keep flailing.

  3. Whatever he is thinking.. “Not the right thing to do”. He is being typically ridiculous. No broadcaster has to agree with or support your views and they have every right to say so.

    shakes head

    • practically every show that airs outside content starts with this disclaimer, it is absolutely standard. Heck, you’ll find something similar on your paper’s LTE page, most likely.


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