Rudy Giuliani is most frequently depicted as a buffoon and mocked, and nobody loves to do that more than I do, because he sets himself up for it like nobody else in public life. Giuliani’s non stop compendium of bad manners and idiotic public displays, from butt dialing reporters, to appearing in public with his fly down, to farting on live television, to hair dye melting down his face, also on live television, it just never stops. And the entire world was howling at Giuliani, and at America, unfortunately, when the Four Seasons Landscaping debacle took place, wedged between a sex shop and a crematorium.

But this clip you’re about to see is something very different. Rudy isn’t being a buffoon here. He’s pathetic and he’s bitter. This is not going to age well. It’s almost painful to listen to. This is what a loser sounds like.

He has lost it. Biden has a lot bigger fish to fry than to spend time and resources going after a has been Mayor of New York. But it does make sense that he would make Biden his scapegoat, because that goes along with the paranoid, resentful politics of right-wingnuttia, where Giuliani has chosen to spend his twilight years. It’s always about enemies coming to getcha, never about your own stupid choices catching up with you.

Rudy has been in a downward spiral for some time now. It looks like the crash is coming soon. He did it to himself. He’s not going to get a lot of sympathy and he doesn’t deserve any.

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  1. Biden destroyed Giuliani, I suppose,in the same way that the Roadrunner destroys Wile E Coyote…Biden just off running for election while Giuliani’s stupid traps are sprung to his own detriment.

  2. I mean he’s been calling Biden a crook for years now, all based on nothing more than Russian and Ukrainian mobster disinfo that he wanted to be true. And meanwhile he was getting high on his own supply. Like the rest of these millions of diehard trumpsters, he has only himself to blame for losing his f-ing mind.

  3. This must be where DJT got the idea to call the Bidens a crime family. The irony is, of course that is his own family. Rudy is projecting like crazy, but doesn’t seem to realize it.

  4. I suppose if Joe wanted to “destroy” rudy, he has the tools to do so. Why would he waste is time on such a piece of bottom of the shoe dog poop?

  5. That damn banner on the left side of the screen makes reading almost impossible, and there is no “close” button.

  6. Usually you have to own something before you can lose it it. I am not sure Rudy or T.Chump ever had minds to lose. It’s very much like the RWNJ’s now occupying the Senate and the House. Oh, and let’s not forget Joe Manchin and Sinema. Crazies one and all and not only do we let them walk among us we give money so they can win elections. We are the dumbest people on the planet.


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