Must be a slow news day for the idiots a Fox News since they cannot report on the dotard’s calling for a bloodbath if he loses next fall’s election, or his scrambling to come up with half a billion in new funding to cover his bond in the New York fraud case, or his mafia style ‘busting out’ of the RNC to pay his legal bills, or any other of the innumerable news stories floating around that would make the saffron sh**-for-brains look bad.

So slow, in fact, that they have resorted to informing (if you can call it that) their viewers on President Biden’s “mysterious” new sneakers… which he has been wearing for weeks now…

Fox News on MSN

“President Biden’s newest shoes have opened up renewed debate about his health and physical condition, with some speculating they were designed to prevent the president from falling.

“Biden’s handlers are forcing him to wear a new pair of ‘lifestyle sneakers’ because he trips so much,” read a tweet from RNC Research Saturday, referring to Biden’s new shoes.

Seems that the President’s last physical showed that Biden suffers from ‘sensory peripheral neuropathy’ in his feet, a condition that causes occasional numbness in the tootsies, which could account for the two or three times that the President has stumbled in public.

The sneakers, made by the Hoka shoe company, are called Hoka Transports, retail for about $150 and are advertised as a commuter walking shoe that provides maximum stability and comfort.

Heaven forfend the President should wear a comfortable shoe!

Leave it to Fox News to try to spin a conspiracy theory about the President’s footwear.

If Hoka Transports truly provide maximum stability, Lara Trump’s RNC needs to buy a couple of pairs of them for the Orangeutan to wear on his head.

Ron Filipkowski and his crew had some fun with this on Twitter:


‘Fraid so.

Some writer will never get those 10 minutes back…



No mystery.







Man, those guys at Fox News are really on the ball.

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  1. Fox has lost its inner sole whilst managing to step on a barkers egg, as it attempts to bad mouth Biden’s sensibilities. Petulant idiots.

  2. “Mysterious” Faux Nooz says? Well, in case some intern tasked with monitoring liberal websites happens across our little site here’s something to pass along to your bosses. Not the “talent” who only talk on the air. Their PRODUCERS who do 95% of the actual journalism (or what passes for it at Fox) at your shop. There’s this place near the top of the homepage of whatever site comes up when you go on the internet. You type in something like “Biden’s shoes” and results come up with articles about what kinds of shoes he wears. For example I did that and by scrolling down find older stories about sneakers he’s been wearing for quite a while now. Men’s Journal had an article about his casual footwear last summer!

    More recently, at the end of this past Fed. one can find stories about him getting Hoka Transports (men’s sneakers) to wear. That’s well over two weeks ago so this “breaking” news is kind of old news but let’s move on.

    You can then type in Hoka Transports or Hoka Transport Shoes and get results for both their website which will tell you all you want to know about that model of shoe, and how to buy them. I live in Cary, right next to Raleigh, NC. My search result helpfully showed both a list and a map of nearby places I could go to RIGHT NOW to buy a pair. There’s a Dick’s Sporting Goods and an REI within a few miles of where I’m sitting. And Nordstrom’s sells them too but the closest one is out in Durham. That’s several major, national retail locations where one can right this minute walk into and buy a pair of these “mysterious” sneakers. And it’s not at all difficult to order them online either!

    So Mr/Ms intern perhaps you can print out some screen shots of those web pages and leave them on producer’s desks if you’re afraid they’ll fire you for making them look as STUPID and CLUELESS and INEPT as they so clearly are.

    As someone who suffers from SEVERE peripheral neuropathy and is at high (and constant) risk for falls I love the idea of comfortable sneakers/footwear but in my case it wouldn’t help much so I wouldn’t go shelling out a hundred and fifty bucks even if I could afford it. But if I wasn’t retired? Sure. If I had to do a lot of walking around (say campaigning for President or just getting regular exercise instead of riding around in a golf cart even driving it onto the fucking green to cut down the number of steps I have to take like a certain EX President who’s last name rhymes with FRUMP) it actually makes sense. Unless of course you’re a conservative desperate to do or say ANYTHING to distract from Trump’s clear cognitive decline into borderline dementia, how fucking much of a slob his fat ass is, his leg dragging and shuffling along (like I do I must note) and how generally he is unfit in any way to be even mayor of some little small town like I grew up in.

  3. I wear Hokas myself-damned comfortable athletic shoes. I have three different pairs I use for different activities and some Keens for work. Yeah, Hokas (and Keens for that matter) cost some bucks but REI always has some deals or even some in the REI outlet-I get mine for less than $125.00 most times. Even if I didn’t get in on the sales, still worth it.

    Stability is important for everyone who moves about using their feet. Those of us who do more than just move about on our feet need even more stability. Hoka is not the only shoe manufacturer who designs their shoes with stability in mind–just one of the more recent.

    I would have to guess nobody at fux gets off their ass and does more than shuffle to the toilet if this is their “knowledge” of athletic footwear. What a bunch of morons. ..and damned out of shape morons at that.

  4. I have very painful feet and shelled out $169 for a pair of Brooks Glycerin 20s. Most comfortable shoes ever, and the broad sole base decreases the likelihood of this 75+ year old falling and breaking a hip.

    I’m with Biden. You do what is needed for both comfort snd safety. Nothing mysterious about it! How ridiculous for Fox to even cover this!

  5. Sounds like a good advertisement for comfortable shoes for old farts who want to avoid a broken hip. I guess someone is trying to tell us Biden might be OLD.


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