After being missing in action for a couple of weeks, Ron DeSantis finally ventured out of his hidey hole and showed up in public. If we are to be judged by the company we keep, then his New Year’s Eve choice of venue says a lot and what it says is not good, It’s frightening in fact,

Does the name Sean Feucht mean anything to you? He’s a dominionist Christian. Their idea is to take over government. Theocrat is another word and Mike Pence is a theocrat. These people are scary as hell. Feucht put together a group of “volunteers” when the George Floyd demonstrations were going on and the hate watch groups’ dashboards all began lighting up.

Let me connect a few rudimentary dots for you. Mike Pence was bankrolled by Erik Prince. Erik Prince is a mercenary. Erik Prince is also a dominionist. You see where this is going?

Sean Feucht held a New Year’s Eve worship service in Miami. Lo and behold, who should show up? Ron DeSantis.

And you need to see this video as well. Feucht is also tight with Josh Hawley, another faux Xian religious fanatic.

Pat Robertson dreamt all this up back in the 80’s, how religious people were going to run for office and take over the government.

If you never read my piece, “Mike Pence Is A Theocrat. His Christian Supremacist Followers Seek to Take Over America,” I invite you to do so now, You will see how the basic game plan is structured and has been structured for 40 years.

It’s clear as glass, at least to me because I’ve been following this for quite a while, Erik Prince has cut Mike Pence loose because Pence is finished in politics and Pence’s successor is Ron DeSantis.

Do not underestimate these people. I’ve been told in the past that I need to chill, that I’m too worried about this. No. These people are real and they will install a dominionist government in this country if they can and right now Ron DeSantis is their boy.

And here’s something you need to look at, too. Legitimate religious people don’t like Feucht. They see him for who he is. Religion News:

Feucht returned to Portland Sunday [August 21] on the anniversary of his 2020 visit on his national “Let Us Worship” tour that protested COVID-19 restrictions. While some disagreements were deescalated during Sunday’s worship event, right-wing guards shot fireworks from their pickup trucks as night fell and black-clad anti-fascists threw metal spikes on the road as a countermeasure, according to Willamette Week.

Feucht, in an Instagram video Monday, said that he called churches to help with security after seeing the confrontations the day before. He denied being associated with the Proud Boys, saying he wasn’t familiar with the group.

Chris Overstreet — an outreach pastor of Bethel Church and the School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California — said he helped assemble a security team for Feucht, according to a Facebook video he shared Monday.

“Antifa is trying to put fear in the church across the North West. It’s time for the church to be able to say, ‘We are not backing down. We’re not hiding in fear … We’re not going to play it safe. We’re going to be bold with our faith,’” Overstreet said.

Overstreet, in the video, said he contacted security teams that he knew were involved in churches. Overstreet said their “Christian security” did not engage in vulgar or confrontational behavior, nor did they invite the Proud Boys.

Portland activist Jake Dockter said not inviting the Proud Boys is not enough. “They should say: Let’s make sure we’re going to do this right. Let’s make sure we’re telling those people, ‘No, thank you. We don’t want you to be involved,’” Dockter told Religion News Service.

Feucht, in his Instagram video, advised: “For any believers, Christians out there, progressives, whatever you want to call yourself, woke people, that are defending antifa right now, you need to stop, because these guys are blatantly demonic.”

Dockter, who describes himself as a spiritual person from a Christian background, said such statements undermine the advocacy and the protests involving leaders of all faiths in Portland.

“There’s all of these amazing things that are happening in the faith community, but Sean Feucht is using the language of Christianity to his benefit,” Dockter said.

He is using the language of Christianity to his own benefit and in doing so sullying Christianity. That’s obvious. And now Feucht is in bed with Ron DeSantis and Erik Prince is not far behind. I will be researching this further, but Prince and his sister Betsy DeVos are dominionists. They’re not far behind. It would be naive to think so.

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  1. Good old America. Formed by religious bigots, greedy bastards and greedy religious bigots that are bastards. Oh, as well as black slaves and poor people trying to avoid debtor’s prison or to escape the lethal poverty of Europe.

    Either those on the side of the Angels win in the next few years or the demons and their Republicans win.

    • This sub culture of religious fanatics has nothing to do with actual religious people. This is pure phony, fascist, manipulative crap. That said, it is dangerous. Religious zeal is always dangerous because people who operate out of it do so blindly, gaslighting themselves that they’re doing the will of God.

      • Ursula,
        Any more it is difficult to distinguish between the groups. x-tianity is easily manipulated into fascist evil and this has been the case since 3 to 5 centuries after the death of the human they decided to deify. Sitting on the outside looking in, I certainly cannot say which group is which so I do not differentiate between the groups-fundamentalist or otherwise. I just avoid them whenever possible. It’s safer that way.

        • I can’t agree more. The fundies are nuts. You may recall Mike Pence receiving a petition in 2017 to take the study of evolution out of schools? This is scary stuff, especially in the light of a failed educational system and all this home schooling madness.

  2. Respectfully, I would ask everyone to stop OVERESTIMATING these people as well. Thinking the likes of Mike Pence was ever viable in any sense is the height of political myopia. As I love to keep pointing out, he was well on his way to being a failed governor of Indiana before Trump scooped him up. And he proved too much a weakling to even be a good underling. That’s pretty much DeathSantis, only with a more lethal outbreak he’s failed to quell (or did anyone remember how Pence had an HIV outbreak in Indiana?). Systemic advantages will help them, sure, but they’re no guarantee.

    • You make a good point, Bareshark. But my point is that we, as Democrats, are more asleep than alert. The right-wing extremists are polluting the airwaves with disinformation and they’re doing openly subversive things on a daily basis. It behooves us to stay on top of everything and take it seriously. I would rather overestimate these buffoons than underestimate them and be sorry. That’s what I did in 2016. Trump could not win. I had that one figured out. And look at what happened

      • Yeah, no, Ursula, you’re confusing emotional exhaustion with that alleged sleepiness. And making 2016 or January 6th as proof of anything but 9/11 levels of trauma is as lazy as Weimar Republic comparisons I have had to suffer through for the last twenty years. To wit, the way you’re talking them up is making the same mistake FAR too many people made about Trump’s ability to do anything that lasted, his wall included. So treat them like people rather than supervillains.

        If anyone is THAT worried about all this, there’s no shortage of folks–DNC, Fair Fight, etc–who could use some volunteers to keep the worst from happening.

        • I understand what you’re saying and I don’t disagree. My point is that the most corrosive factor in our society right now is disinformation. That is leading to people acting out in crazy ways. It’s the right-wing media that is making Trump all powerful by ginning up lies. I know he’s a buffoon. But look at the damage he did, is still doing, and might do in 2024.

    • Well, just because I am a asshole I respond to your dumb rhetoric. Not withstanding the right wing rhetoric. We are not the ones advocating violence. It’s you on the right that broke into the capitol in a violent mob and killed people. We aren’t the ones playing soldier with all the weapons and explosives. That would be under the Republicans are the so called right wing. They just busted another clown that was going to kill Democratic leaders. So I would suggest what I said about another clown with this silly crap. Stick your Marxist comments up where the sun doesn’t shine. Of course you are probably to dumb to know what I mean. Sad really, the waste of time, space and personnel that we invested in trying to give you an education. Should have just handed you a shovel so you could have gotten your trade instructions in early. LOL!

  3. Yes, we are asleep. We are too kind, and gentle, and somehow we believe that people can change. Shadows, cover us and guess what, there are pockets of light, coming in and we are waking up, I, just want it to break up the shadows in a big way so we can move, this country in a positive direction

    • I honestly feel that there are two main elements that have to be changed in this culture, First, disinformation has to stop. That is the most important. Secondly, we have to educate people. People have to have critical thinking skills in a culture as complex as this one, or they are going to fall prey to idiocy on You Tube, Fox News, whatever.

  4. Okay, so you label yourselves Christians…then I guess that means you disagree with Christ’s
    Sermon on the Mount. Let Him know He’s mistaken.

    • I don’t think anybody here is disagreeing with the sermon on the mount. People here are disagreeing with fascism in the name of Christ. And He does not approve, I feel quite certain of that, from my own studies of the man’s teachings.

      • I don’t disagree with the Sermon on the Mount, I disagree with Christ’s advice to beat other human beings (Luke 12:47-48). What kind of “savior” gives that kind of instructions? Also, there’s the whole issue of slavery throughout the Bible. I respectfully disagree with Ursula that Christ “does not approve,” rather, I think modern-day fundamentalist Christians are trying to reestablish a Christian government in this country based on Jesus’ and Biblical doctrine. I say “reestablish” because a Bible-based government was already tried here in North American. It was called the Confederate States of America.

        • I’ll have to look up that passage. The violent nutty stuff in the Bible with which I am familiar is Old Testament. “Heaping coals on thine enemies head” and killing children. There’s all kinds of stuff there. But I’m unaware of Christ saying anything that weird.

  5. Known this since the 80s. I was a,Navy Wife for 15 years. One base CO was part of an attempt to take over the 7w Fleet. Clinton found out,,and sent them all to commands like supply depots which put an end to advancement. That DO banned R rated movies,and only allowed OF 13 after 10 pm. On Sundays we got Jesusfreak TV,aka “family programming”like 7th Heaven.

    The new Skipper who replaced him.after the dick was replaced halfway through his term promptly restored the movies on the base channel.and told parents if they objected, they should turn off the TV and do their job as parents. That was around 1998.

  6. Let us pray on the blood of our soldiers. Another corner heard from over the holiday. Some high ranking army officer was interviewed about his fear that someone would use army in 2024 to take control through an insurrection. He said there’s a guy of chance they could succeed or at least make one hell of a mess.


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