If you’re a boomer, Jack and Bobby Kennedy were the heroes of your youth. If you’re not a boomer, you certainly observed their impact on culture and how they were part of a remarkable time in America’s history, from reading about them or from seeing news clips of the events of the 60’s. Both men are rolling in their graves right now looking at what Bobby Jr. has become and what he is trying to do to the country that they both loved.

Very simply, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is running a spoiler campaign to peel votes away from Joe Biden and to create a situation where no candidate gets to 270 electoral votes. Then the GOP-led House (and there’s an oxymoron if ever there was one) will select the president. And that would be Trump. Here, hear it from the horse’s mouth.

This was also the goal of No Labels. No Labels scared the living hell out of me when it was up and running. I cannot tell you the relief I felt when they finally folded their tents and went away. I saw their evil and their dark intent from way off. As Rick Wilson said, “They were a gigantic waste of $70M worth of Republican donor money.” And it looks like that much or more will be spent in getting the RFK Jr. spoiler campaign going. Listen to the saga of No Labels.

As you heard, the next spoiler campaign is RFK, Jr. The man is batshit crazy and he has no morals. That much he has made abundantly clear so far. Here’s what Rick Wilson said about No Labels on his SubStack and most if not all of it can be applied to the RFK, Jr. spoiler campaign.

Some quick analysis:

  1. This is a big win for Joe Biden.

    How big? Really big. This pulls a piece of the electoral calculus from being a difficult n-body problem to more normal politics with a 3rd party run by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as the big complexifier.

  2. How do you know it would help Trump?

    Every threat on Trump’s radar screen gets attacked from top to bottom. Either from the Umber Mound himself or by his gigantic MAGA media machine. Odd how silent they were on No Labels, don’t you think?

    Trump’s feral cunning was in effect here, and he understood No Labels posting a candidate would have redounded to his political benefit. His silence spoke volumes.

  3. They wrecked their brand.

    We’ve been hearing from staff and delegates that No Labels grassroots supporters and their more traditional do-gooder donors are disheartened at the level of mendacity and weirdness this campaign produced. I feel awful for the people they took on this weird, lousy ride.

    They were once beloved by their Problem Solver types in Congress, and that’s a mess, as well. Their reputation with the news media is shattered.

  4. It was never about winning.

    Let’s call this thing what it was: a dark money organization designed to help Trump and get back at the Clintons. You can look into the Penn-Clinton psychodrama if you must, but I’ve written about it, talked about it on podcasts, and now, we’re watching the aftermath.

    Months and months of internal chaos, false hope, and pointless candidate searches have doomed this pointless endeavor while disheartening a lot of NL volunteers and activists who thought this was something it wasn’t. Their move from “we can win 270” to “we can blackmail the parties with our electoral college votes in a contingent election” was quite a step.

Here’s another video on this topic because, again, these roads all lead to the same destination: a Trump victory, the death of democracy, the reign of autocracy.

RFK, Jr. says a lot of stupid things. That is to our distinct advantage. He may trip himself up.

The only solution to all these spoiler campaigns is Democrats getting out the vote and in massive enough numbers to where Biden has a clear shot at far beyond 270. Trump needs to be resoundingly defeated. Then it would be nice to see him go to prison.



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  1. In a sane era, this would be all over MSM and DOOM Junior in a single news cycle. And with a sane electorate, Biden would be OWNING Trumkp. Hopefully this “reveal” convinces RFK isn’t fit for the big chair. I think any votes he takes from Trump will be paltry. Trump’s base is too loyal.

  2. If the evil POS fascist child killer steals the presidency and implements nazi rule in America, I hope you Kennedy voters wear buttons so I’ll know who deserves to be held accountable.

  3. Not sure if it is an artifact, but in the photo at the head of this article it appears that Trump and Kennedy have the same unnatural skin tone. Turds of a feather, I guess.
    I was 5 when the Kennedys were assassinated, but later, I found out what a sleaze-ball Jack Kennedy was, possibly responsible for the murder of Maralyn Monroe.


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