Just a few days ago I found myself stupified by Trump’s latest idiocy, thinking that the term “western liberalism,” of which Vladimir Putin had spoken, referred to the group of people known as liberals in California. I thought that that would go to the number one spot in the Sayings Of Moron Trump, a small booklet that I have in mind to publish. But, no, Trump outdid himself once again on Thursday, with his riff on the Continental Army “manning the air” and “taking over the airports” in 1775. Seriously, he said this, during his speech at the Lincoln Memorial. Twitter wasted no time in creating a hashtag #RevolutonaryWarAirportStories. Here we go again, another skirmish in the Culture War, and here are some missives from the front.

Each generation has it’s own struggles, redeeming airline points. flying standby, only one drink per hour. Those who don’t learn from their past, are doomed to repeat it.

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    • You do make a good point. One of my friends emailed me the other day and suggested that some reporter should put together an index of every stupid comment Trump has ever made (we were discussing the “western liberalism” gaffe.) I’m wondering now if that index wouldn’t contain about 90% of his speech.

      My small booklet would have to be simply the 500 most incredibly stupid comments. One booklet couldn’t hold them all.

      • I don’t envy anyone the task of getting a list of his most stupid comments down to only 500.
        Maybe if sorted on a monthly basis?
        Of course, It’s somewhat of a sisyphean task while he’s still alive.

        • i applaud your correct usage of the word ”Sisyphean” but point out that as it comes from the proper name Sisyphus, it is always capitalized.

          • You are, of course, entirely correct. I hang my head in shame, but proffer, in mitigation, the defense of presbyopia and its interaction with tiny virtual screen keys, and the lack of an ‘edit’ function on this site. 🙂

      • Ursula, why bother in such an endeavor? By the time your booklet actually got published and in stores (or even just via digital print), it would already be out of date. Trump would’ve said something that caused your #1 to drop down–probably to #14 or so.
        Your best bet to do something like this is to just wait out Trump’s (attempted) imperial presidency.
        Or, alternatively (if you feel this is a necessary thing now), do like the big music superstars did in the past: Release the project as a retrospective, covering specific periods of time–like “Sayings of Moron Trump: The Campaign Trail” then “Sayings of Moron Trump: Election Day to Inauguration Day” and so on. Then, compile a final complete “all-time” 500 after the Dunce has been sent packing to whatever property he still “owns” (after Melania divorces his fat ass and gets a friendly judge–or, at least, a really pissed-off-at-Donald-Trump judge–to break whatever prenup she was forced to sign).

        • That’s exactly right. The hits are going to keep coming from the White House until Trump is gone. About that there can be no question. But, at the very end, I want to hold a competition and we’ll vote on Trump’s Stupidest Utterance. I think this airplane crack will be one of the finalists.

  1. “We defeated the British when the U.S. Army killed power to the escalators and announced a last minute gate change at the end of a different terminal.”

    Sounds like they were taking American Airlines through DFW. The gate numbers run sequentially across terminal buildings, as my parents found out the hard way.

    • Twitter gets maligned a lot, but there are a lot of witty commentaries that show up there and this is another example. Twitter is like everything else, it’s got it’s creme de la creme and it’s crap.


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