Ahhhh. If only we knew every treacherous, treasonous thing that Donald Trump has admitted to Sean Hannity or his ilk, we would know a great deal. And none of it would surprise us, unfortunately. Kudos to Justin Baragona at the Daily Beast for his attentiveness and keen ear. A lesser reporter might have let this slip under the radar.

Later that evening, Hannity played excerpts of his “exclusive” interview with Trump on his primetime Fox News program, along with highlights of Trump’s bombastic speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Though Hannity aired the segment featuring the ex-president boasting that he could have stopped the war, he curiously omitted the portion where Trump revealed his plan.

Instead, shortly after Trump says, “I could have negotiated,” the audio quickly skips about 30 seconds of speaking time before picking back up where the former president pivots to his complaint that “China no longer respects the United States.”

Besides asserting that he would have stopped Russia from invading Ukraine by making a deal to let them “take over something,” Trump also said in the portion not aired by Fox that “so many more people are dying than is being reported” while reiterating this “would have never happened” under his watch.

In recent weeks, Trump has repeatedly bragged that it would be “easy” to end the crisis, claiming that it would only take him a single day to reach a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. “We could end the Ukraine conflict in 24 hours with the right leadership,” he’s declared.

Trump’s probably right about the settlement in 24 hours. Surrender is known to bring about swift settlements, absolutely. I wouldn’t call that a “peace deal” though.

Fox News may be pro Ron DeSantis, or Ron DeFuture, as another Murdoch publication called him, but they are still protecting Donald Trump. Hedging their bets, maybe? Trump is still leading DeSantis in polls and would get the GOP nomination if it were held today.

Additionally, Trump has softened towards Fox in recent days, praising Tucker Carlson’s cherry picked propaganda piece to the skies, as he demands the release of those incarcerated as a result of their actions on J6.

Fox may come back into the fold. And the GOP mega donors who have said they won’t support Trump may very well change their minds a year from now as well. That’s not just my opinion, Rick Wilson has said as much.

We’re in for a long haul. If you think Long Haul COVID is debilitating, and right you are, get ready for Long Haul Trump.

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  1. We shouldn’t be surprised by the comment about him giving up Ukraine. Remember when it started, and he was praising Putin’s attack?

  2. Well of course Fox is hedging its bets, just like a bookie. However much the executives at Fox (and even some of the “talent”) wants to move on from Trump he’s still lurking out there. One never knows. I think Trump is privately furious with Fox and everyone there. He knows damn well what they were saying behind his back and boy is he itching to settle some scores. However, as long as Fox wants to keep making the kind of money they’ve been making off Trump (and its been a LOT) their unholy symbiotic relationship continues. Trump surely hates himself for needing Fox, as much as they hate themselves for needing to kiss his ass. (Well, more like tongue bathe his butt cheeks after he takes a dump!)

    I hope one day the whole thing will be that few seconds of the end song of my Saturday morning cartoons as in George of the Jungle with the two locomotives crashing into each other.

    • It’s laughable (or cryable?) that Fox wants to distance themselves from orange butt stain when they are at least 80% responsible for his being a barnacle on their asses. Fox, Murdoch, McConnell, and McCarthy gave him such wide berth and now they (maybe McCarthy doesn’t cuz he’s got the gavel!) regret it? Guess they never heard “you reap what you sew”.

  3. Of course he’s putin’s bitch. Remember Helsinki? He stood in front of the world and shit all over our country and all the intelligence agencies by siding with a murderous dictator. He also held secret conversations with putin against time honored security protocols. God knows what he promised him. He should be in prison, not getting any support for the highest office in the land, an office he used to try and violently overthrow the very government he was at the top of. Goddamnit merrick! Are you ever going to do your goddamn job? He who hesitates is lost. You’ve been at this over two fucking years! How many thousands of top secret documents could I steal and be walking around trying to continue my coup? I’d have the FBI taking me into custody the minute they found out, much less after I lied, denied, and continued to hide them for almost two years. God this country can get on a person’s nerves. No wonder Trump believes his own invincibility. The LAW has yet to prove him wrong. Cue up the rationalizations!

    • I would give anything to know what Putin and Trump discussed privately. The translators on that occasion were forbidden from taking notes. I would bet it was all deal making time, Trump Tower Moscow, that kind of thing.


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