Have I been comparing the Trump administration to a circus? Forgive me, zoo is a more apt comparison to make. Former Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller has published a book and in one of its excerpts he reveals that Melania Trump just decided to stroll into the Situation Room unannounced when the assassination of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was being finalized.

I have no trouble believing it. Frankly, I would have no trouble believing Miller if he said she walked into the room, revealed herself to be a space alien and declared that she was taking over the White House.

Melania doesn’t know enough about protocol to wear hose when presenting to the Queen at the Court of St. James. So it makes perfect sense that she thought she could stroll right on in to a top military session in the Situation Room. After all, when you’re rich you can do anything right? Money’s the only thing that matters.

And so, after his stirring proclamation about Al-Baghdadi, who “died like a dog,” Trump praised Conan, the dog that ran into the building, leading troops to Al-Baghdadi. In fact, he had Conan over to the White House and gave him a medal.

Now we find out that this was all due to the genius of Melania. And why not, say I? After all, she’s the one with the Einstein Visa, right? Right.

The photo above is Mike Pence interacting with the dog because Melania and Trump didn’t want to. And that makes sense. Dogs know. They are nature’s lie detectors.

When Mike Pence is looking like the normal one, you know you are in some pretty original company indeed.


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  1. This literally unbelievable. Except we are talking Trump and his WH so maybe “Melanie” could actually order the guards outside to allow her into the Situation Room. It’s stunning if true, and appalling in ways words can’t express.

  2. WTF? Seriously how does “Melanie” even find the sit room? The thing is I don’t have any trouble believing this happened because these people (TFG and his sycophants) had no idea what the hell they were doing or how anyone should behave.

  3. Did she get “moose and squirrel”? And where was Boris? Throwing the white house chyner against yon wall? Out cheating at golf? Where exactly? Was it really him in the room or John Kennedy Jr. after radical surgery to resemble the bronze dolt? Inquiring minds want to know!


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