The reason for the conversion of Lindsey Graham from an affable, “self-effacing guy who was good company,” according to Hillary Clinton and dear friends with both Joe Biden and John McCain, into the Trump lap dog that he is today, has been the source of endless speculation. A tape from 2017 has been unearthed and it will intrigue you. Graham is very concerned about surveillance laws and whether the Russian ambassador’s conversations were being tapped.

You’ll see that below. But first take a look at what Graham is saying today, even as Joe Biden says, Who in the Lord’s name does Putin think gives him the right to declare new so-called countries in territories that belong to his neighbors?”

So what does that translate as? The United States and the rest of the world is just supposed to go run and hide because Putin is a lunatic? And do nothing?

Now he does a flip flop from what he said yesterday. Here is that, if you missed it.

He’s not at his most cogent, let’s just say that. He’s talking to fill air but not saying much and he certainly is not consistent.

Now listen to this tape, about seven minutes long, from 2017. I can’t embed it, but just click the C-Span link.

This explanation makes as much sense as anything I’ve heard. Occam’s Razor has long decreed that the Russians have dirt on Graham and Trump knows about it.

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  1. I find it difficult to believe someone with Graham’s experience would have said anything in a conversation with a foreigner that would compromise him. However, in that clip there was a very brief (only couple of seconds) moment where he (I think) let slip the real issue. Part of one of Graham’s questions was to ask if, to inflict political damage someone from his own side or the other side might be able to leak conversations with foreigners. It was that quick part about his own side and the fact he spoke that first before referring to folks from the other side of the aisle that I find telling.

    Any Congress Critter or official might and probably does break out in night sweats over the possibility of a corrupt individual with access to that kind of material SELECTIVELY leaking parts of an interaction. Especially if the leaked stuff lacks the proper context. There’s not a one of them that couldn’t be destroyed by some foul, corrupt, unethical (pick your adjective) individual bent on ambition or revenge. It takes no stretch of the imagination to believe that with a pal like Flynn Trump quickly learned how to play such a game, or if not actually learned how it all can be weaponized was given some means to do exactly what you say happened – bring Graham to heel. Whether someone like Flynn offered it up without asking, or Trump went on a rant screaming “somebody get me something on Graham! NOW!) and so someone did (breaking not just rules but laws in the process) it seems likely. I honestly don’t think it would hurt Graham politically in SC if he were gay and came out as such. Ok, maybe a little but not enough to threaten his re-election. However, we have to keep in mind that back when Graham’s conversion from McCain hanger-on to Trump accolyte/ball washer (not golf balls btw) the bulk of the GOP was still solidly anti-Putin and considered Russia an enemy. Remember how furious Trump was over that Congressional action against Putin that summer? The votes in both chambers was so overwhelming his veto would have been overridden with enough room to spare to drive a truck through.

    It makes sense that Trump would have sat Graham down for a little “presentation” of out-context stuff that if revealed even privately within the GOP (and it wouldn’t have stayed secret for long anyway) would have forced him to resign.

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Putin himself was the source of this, as McCain wasn’t a mere thorn in his side but a freaking spear. Helping a piece of shit like Flynn craft a narrative using 702 gathered intel would be his style and benefit both himself and Trump. Remember also that McCain was sick. Whatever it might have been it must have been awfully damned good and well done because Graham still fears it. It makes you wonder how many others in the GOP had something prepared on them in case they too needed to be brought to heel. Campaign donations routed through the NRA seem obvious but I suspect it goes deeper than that.

  2. He wouldn’t drop the subject. What was he trying to get to? They told him they were doing what he asked. They wanted to narrow the request but his staff said no. He wanted to know every fucking phone call he had with a “Russian.” Why Russian specifically? Because he fucking knew he was in deep shit.

  3. Of course it wouldn’t have happened if he were in office. He would have handed Putin Ukraine on a gold plated platter (to match his toilet) and gotten a few more billion to launder for himself. There has never been a bigger traitor in our history. All those repukelicans who are putin puppets think they’re going to cash in too.



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