I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately on mainstream media, especially news show. There is, 16 months before the general election, some unwarranted panic from the professional hand wringers and breast thumpers to worry about a repeat of the debacle of 2020 if Traitor Tot loses again in 2024.

People, take a chill pill. The fainting couch is over along that wall. Please, take it from an Irish street rat steeped in the bare knuckles politics of Chicago. F*ckin’ Fuggedaboudit!

The tragic aftermath of Trump’s 2020 loss was a once in a lifetime event. To pull it off, it required almost perfect synchronicity between multiple moving parts, under near perfect conditions. And for better or worse, almost none of those pieces will be in place for Trump in November of 2024. To wit;

  • In the aftermath of 2020, Trump sent hordes of lawyers into both state as well as federal courts, challenging the election results. He went 0-64. Those cases are already settled, he can’t bring them back up again in 2024
  • Trump had an almost Nixonian cadre of true believers, or at least true toadies who were willing to take the mantle of pushing others into taking obviously criminal steps to try to overturn the election
  • Trump’s message is old and stale. In 2020, Stop The Steal! was the rallying cry for massive fundraising, large scale protests, and the threatening and intimidation of innocent people. If Trump wasn’t such a political imbecile, he would have put that in his back pocket after the results were certified. Instead he kept flogging the same dead horse, and in 2022 voters from all parties showed that they were sick of that sh*t
  • In 2020 Trump still had a compliant Department of Justice, which he used to search high and low for voter fraud. And even a subservient toad like Tubby the Ewok had to admit that there had been no widespread voter fraud.
  • Last month the United States Supreme Court widely trashed the North Carolina case in which the NC legislature proposed that it had legislative fiat over all things pertaining to state elections. This was a death knell for Trump, since the absolute legislative authority argument of North Carolina was the constitutional justification for John Eastman and Peter Navarro’s Green Bay Sweep plot for the US congress to send the vote to the US House, which would reelect Trump
  • Trump should have treated his flunkies better. Trump used far right white supremacist groups like the Loud Toys and the Oath Kreepers as disposable assets. They followed his lead, expecting protection. And now Elmer Stuart Rhoades and Enrique Tario are about to embark on new careers making license plates. Trump no longer has the support of the organized far right groups
  • Since 2020, states that flipped blue, like Michigan and Arizona across the top have taken steps to correct weaknesses that let Trump pull that petty fake elector bullsh*t in the first place. And when you see your fellow legislators being indicted on state and federal charges, it tends to sober you up

But here’s the most important thing to remember. In the most critical days following the calling of the 2020 election for Biden, Trump was still the President. Which means that he still held the bully pulpit. And just as importantly, up until January 7th, Trump was still active on Twitter. Trump was able to use his megaphone to appear behind a pulpit and spread his delusional bullsh*t nationwide. And it was Twitter that FrankenTrump used to summon the faithful to DC on January 6th.

If Trump loses in November of 2024, that’s exactly what he is, a loser. He’s not President anymore, and so commands no national media presence. The mainstream media is already so done with Trump, and the American voters have already shown over three straight elections that they are more than done with Trump.

Mega moron Elon Musk has restored Trump’s Twitter account, but Trump deigns not to use it. Nobody but bedsheet bandits and bucket heads uses Bullsh*t Central, and even FUX News is weaning off of His Lowness since he cost them $787 million. This time around, once the votes are counted, and the results announced, Trump becomes nothing more than a whiny, petulant child. One nobody could give a sh*t less about.

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  1. “and even FUX News is weaning off of His Lowness since he cost them $787 million.”

    Actually, Trump did nothing of the sort. The lying liars are Fox “News” WILLINGLY went along with Trump–from the moment he announced his run for the White House in 2016 right up till the network was caught trying to play both sides on the Insurrection (some hosts were downplaying its seriousness and others were fully supportive but a few were actually trying to warn of the impending disaster). Fox “News” knew full well Trump had lost the election but THEY chose to indulge Trump’s lunacy and the internal emails and texts showed how the whole network–management and “talent” alike–engaged in promoting the lie even though they knew it was bogus.
    NO ONE told anyone at Fox “News” they had to back Trump’s lie; they deliberately chose to do so. It wasn’t Trump that cost Fox that money; it was Fox that cost Fox all that money.

  2. Trump is that narcissistic (and imbecilic) that he will probably try to repeat his previous actions being convinced, in what passes for his mind, that his followers are legion and will do everything (and anything) for him.

  3. OTOH, perhaps we’re looking at this like the generals fighting the last war.

    Shouldn’t we be asking ourselves the question: How will the bastards try to steal the next election?

    I know they’re trying.

  4. By the time we get to the general election ,it’s highly likely that FrankenTrump will be weaving his way through the Georgia and federal criminal justice systems as well. The numbers are simple. Trump’s slobbering base is about 33% of registered GOP voters. Which means that they’re about 18% of the eligible voting population of the United States. If an indicted or convicted Trump is on the ballot in 2024, the blue tsunami may literally put the GOP into the political wilderness for a decade. Because there isn’t enough industrial strength Clorox to get the Trump stink off of the party before then.

    • Many are familiar with the saying no one ever went broke underestimating the stupidity of the American people, or some variation. The versions people are familiar with are a punched up version of something originally penned by H.L. Mencken in a Sept. 19, 1926 column in the Baltimore Sun addressing the success of tabloid newspapers. (Needless to say Mencken wasn’t a fan. His head would have exploded over how much worse they got). It was here he made his original statement from which the quote I started with was derived:

      “No one in this world, so far as I know—and I have searched the records for years, and employed agents to help me—has ever lost money by underestimating the intelligence of the great masses of the plain people. Nor has anyone ever lost public office thereby. The mistake that is made always runs the other way. Because the plain people are able to speak and understand, and even, in many cases, to read and write, it is assumed that they have ideas in their heads, and an appetite for more. This assumption is a folly.”

      That’s a lot to think about isn’t it? Look, there were some foul aspects to Mencken to be sure, but an awful lot of the time he was spot-on.

      • Small spelling nit to pick – the quote Denis cited was from H. L. Mencken (phooey, I either don’t know how to or can’t underline text on an Android tablet)

  5. Former guy is no longer president now and yet the press sure does cover every turd spewed from his mouth as if it’s a gold nugget. I’m not so sure he won’t still have a bully pulpit when, not if, he loses. AND he’s likely to cause trouble after he loses. Will it be like J6? Hard to say. Looking at how the courts are basically saying s.m. can be as harmful as humanly possible, we’re likely in for a fuck-ton of trouble. It’d be better if he didn’t win the nomination but even so I suspect he could raise his base’s ire enough for their happy horse-shit such as their J6 nonsense.

  6. The Federalists and others behind the scenes have been working on this forever. Trump was the test. They are throwing everything they have left at us, so we have to win this or lose it all.


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