I guess the equivalent of anti-woke is stone cold out of it, or at least that’s the only thing you can conclude when you see this beyond parody post of Sarah Huckabee Sanders. On the drawing board it was intended to be a transgender woman put down and what actually came off the assembly line was a double entendre about “real women” who don’t have to fake orgasms.

Sanders is hardly the poster child for either sexual prowess or sexual equality, of any kind, so this faux pas blew totally sky high.

The thing that’s comical is that an orgasm was probably the last thing Sanders was thinking about. Such things probably don’t exist in her world and believe me, I don’t want to sit here and speculate about her sex life. Let’s move on. First, look at this piece that will strike you as complete parody and realize, no, this is real.

Twitter was merciless.

Did you notice that Marge and Bobo were not on the list? What does that mean? They’re fakers, along with the trannies? This was not a thought-through message, let’s just say that much. So what’s the intended message here? Real women don’t have to fake orgasms, because faking orgasms is from a bygone era where building a man’s ego was important and that’s not the case now? Whatever Sanders was trying to say, it got lost in translation.

The fish was a very bizarre touch. That’s what got people to thinking this was SNL or the Daily Show — except it wasn’t.

Debate ensued on Twitter where it was opined that the fish footage was in fact from Shutterstock, and meant to convey the image of a female entrepreneur. No expense was spared in this production, no siree. This harkens back to the days of Edward D. Wood, where he would drop stock footage of all kinds of unrelated things into his movies. Methinks that Sanders might want to stay out of political advertising. She doesn’t have much of a gift for it.

What’s comical about this is that Hucky Boo Boo sought to take a shot at a vulnerable, marginalized minority and it blew up spectacularly in her face. She now looks like the idiot she is, she with her basement full of Kay Ivey koozies.

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  1. Arkansans are dumb as —-. I spent a good part of my life in Memphis (another hot bed of idiots) and I can tell you they are stupid. No suprise they elected Boo Boo, as they try to put in office someone dumber than they.

  2. To paraphrase George Carlin’s line (about anti-abortion women) at the start of one of his stand-up specials: “Has anyone noticed these “real women” who hate transgenders are women you wouldn’t f**k anyway?” Seriously, I’ve said lots of times that Sanders has an ugliness that radiates from within. I’ve always had a “thing” for women with black hair and fair skin but when confronted with Sanders I literally am turned off so much the thought of sex is like sitting down to a plate full of feces.

    • Her inside is reflected in her sour, prissy, judgmental expression. She always looks like she just changed Fat Boy’s Depends.

      • From the time I entered adulthood and the full-time workforce I avoided romantic stuff with co-workers. Just a really bad idea as far as I was concerned despite seeing a handful both work out and not disrupt things over the years. Not that at times I wasn’t tempted, starting with an early job back in Carbondale at New Horizon back in 1979-80. I began to start thinking of every female co-worker like a sister and it almost always worked. Once I’d developed that mindset no thoughts of fun & games outside the office crept into my mind. I did have trouble once when I worked for a conservation non-profit as the lady in the office next to my own was special. We “clicked” both in personality and interests/life outlook. And yes, she was strikingly lovely and almost as tall as me. (I’m 6’4″) I got the sense she was having feelings of her own but like me thought inter-office romance was a really bad idea. What happened and why it didn’t take off after I was gone from IWLA is a long story. My point is that a couple of times I had trouble keeping my mind where it should be.

        Having said all that I got forced into early retirement on disability after transferring to NC in 2014. Short-term to long-term ending in SSDI and though I tried hard to find another job the combination of age and I’m sure my cane (out of over fifteen hundred applications in a couple of years only four places granted an interview) it was clear I was stuck in early retirement by the time I was sixty. However…

        If I WERE to find myself back in a job and had feelings for a co-worker I know, I KNOW how to kill any thoughts. Just think of Sarah Sanders. I wouldn’t think about romance and of course sex for at least a week if not longer. Although I’ve always had a particular attraction to women with black hair and fair skin the very thought of even being in Sander’s presense makes my skin crawl! That’s how much ugliness radiates from her.

    • Yep. The term for the foam thingies for cans/bottles has been in use well over fifty years. I learned it growing up. I wouldn’t learn about the other, more (ahem) “suggestive” use of the word until later on. However, those foam things were nice because they helped keep the contents of a can/bottle of beer or soft drink cold. I don’t actually know, but I suspect the other use of the term is quite a bit older than the foam insulators. And marketing them under that word was probably a mistake for that very reason. Think about it – asking, even say at a party calling out for a “cooz?” The snickers and jokes (which is how I eventually learned cooz had another meaning!) were inevitable. Not to mention smart-a$$ bartenders.

      But “dual use” words where one of them is suggestive can be funny as hell. This makes me think of an episode of That 70s Show where Red buys a muffler shop that had been closed down, and just before telling everyone his son vandalizes it with spray paint. Of course, the biggie move was turning the world “Muffler” into “Muff.” When Red takes everyone to the shop to show them his purchase (and plan to make some money in his retirement) his wife (Eric’s mom) Kitty doesn’t get it. Her character was quite delightful, smart and hard-working but with just a bit if ditziness. Red is outraged and vowing to do horrible things to the vandal(s), Eric wants to disappear into a hole in the ground and the rest of the gang who knows he’s the culprit is holding their sides trying not to bust up laughing – as Kitty keeps carrying on about a muff she treasures made of real fur (mink I think), making comments about how beautiful it was, how soft it was to the touch, how warm it was and even when he was a tiny baby carrying Eric around in it! And Red of course keeps trying to silence her (finally with a “For God’s sake Kitty shut up!”) because he of course knows the OTHER use of the word. She is of course embarrassed and also angry when she finally gets told about the other use of the word.

      Double entendres can be wickedly funny, at least if one’s sense of humor runs that way.

      This thing with Sanders? Funny as hell to see her self-own that spectacularly but also kind of nauseating. Like dive into a pool of brain bleach and drown nauseating.

    • Are you certain? Because the first time I heard the phrase it was from a woman whose sister was, to quote her, “a tranny” and she was in support of her sister.

  3. Yeah, I was reading about Sara hukapig. On your part Ursula I can see journalistic integrity in the moment until you woke up. You seen earlier article. Back to Sara. First I’m thinking who would want to give her an orgasm. Have you seen her lately. Looks like she’s been hitting a few buffets and skipping the salad bar. Then I’m thinking why would someone want to give her one. And of course we can’t have wandering hands. Isn’t daddy a preacher besides being the world’s worst governor. I don’t want to say Arkansas had bad numbers under his tutelage. All everybody had to do is turn the charts 180 and he was number one in the country if I remember right.


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