I’ll get to the “money quote” but first, five pm eastern time came and went and while I’ve kept checking both online and TV news not a peep from a certain judge.  Guess he’s not terribly worried about one Jeffrey Clark being mad at him!  If you haven’t been following this it’s an interesting bit of news regarding a sadly “colorful” character from Trump World.

Where to start?  Let’s try here: Trump co-conspirator and co-defendant Jeff Clark decided to file a motion with the judge in Fulton County.  Normally not a big deal, except Clark demanded and answer, a ruling from the judge by 5pm today.  I don’t know about you, but as soon as I read about this I thought it wouldn’t end well for Clark.  The headline of this article in Alternet sums up the mocking Clark is getting as it begins with ‘Your entitlement is showing.”  The article sums up things well:

“Citing a compressed timeline due to the Friday surrender laid out by District Attorney Fani Willis,” Clark’s attorney, Harry MacDougald, “requests the court either grant a stay, or a temporary restraining order, against the county or an administrative stay by 5 p.m. Tuesday.”

Politico’s Kyle Cheney adds “In his motion for an emergency stay of the Fulton County prosecution, Jeff Clark says he wants to avoid ‘the choice of making rushed travel arrangements to fly into Atlanta or instead risking being labeled a fugitive.’ He wants a decision by 5pm.”

Wow.  It’s kind of fun imagining Clark working himself up into such a lather as to go making demands of a judge like that.  Let’s face it.  Back when he was flying high (or thought he was) in the closing months of Trump’s Presidency we saw him more than once at the podium.  If Sean Spicer had to hastily borrow in ill-fitting suit and wound up looking rumpled when he rushed out to angrily claim Trump’s inauguration was better attended, and viewed by more people than Obama’s or anyone else’s in history he was James Bond on the prowl in a tux compared to Clark.  Clark looked, and sound like… Well, a Doofus.  I say that as someone who once could and did project what’s called command presence but now being old and fat would seem just plain silly trying to do so.

Well, in any case it seems Clark thought back to when he was “this close” to becoming Attorney General  and maybe delusions of grandeur took over.  He got caught up in “Trump actually IS still President (or is gonna be again) and he himself IS (or will be) Attorney General and therefore he gets to go telling every other jurist and court what’s what.

Let’s put all this in some context.  Clark is one of 19 Indicted by the state of Georgia for their (failed) efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.  Like any criminal defendant legally he enjoys the presumption of innocence until convicted in court.  Still, once indicted their are rules criminal defendants have to follow.  How strict those rules are vary by jurisdiction but one thing is true across all of them.  Once indicted the JUDGE is the one who decides things.  As I noted at the beginning, a criminal defendant doesn’t tend to do so well when they start issuing orders to the judge instead of obeying the court’s orders!

According to the linked article Clark’s “emergency request” claims he’s “immune” from state charges and claims violations of federal laws and constitutional rights.  So, his motion says that “immunity” therefore ‘entirely bars the prosecution brought against him’ by the district attorney and bars ‘even Mr. Clark’s arrest for the charges against him in the indictment,’”  To which legal pundits across a range of outlets and after regaining composure after bouts of uncontrollable laughing have said “Bullsh*t.”

Oh, it gets better.  Remember this indictments were filed on Monday evening.  Not yesterday but the Monday the week BEFORE yesterday.  Fulton County DA and the court ordered defendants to report for processing, you know being formally arrested and booked not later than noon this coming Friday.  Almost two whole business weeks.  Now, for most of us, unless we were a) aware this indictment was coming, and b) rich and/or connected enough to have a lawyer already on the case and talking to prosecutors would have LE show up and haul our butts to jail.  But some folks do in fact get cut some slack and are allowed to arrange for their surrender.  Clark gets that kind of “rich guy” treatment most of us would not.

Still, this is according to him and his lawyer an unbelievable burden to have only the better part of TWO FREAKING WEEKS to go on down to Georgia and get booked into the criminal justice system.   Oh, and the article notes Politico’s Kyle Cheney writing that Clark wants to avoid ‘the choice of making rushed travel arrangements to fly into Atlanta or instead risking being labeled a fugitive.’  What’s next?  Clark saying that if it’s soooooo important that he get to Atlanta maybe he can find a spot in his calendar in say 2026?

Maybe the judge hasn’t responded because he’s still racked by spasms of laughter.

Well, as I said it’s crickets from the judge but hours before the JUDGE decided he’d rule on the motion in due time and NOT when Clark demanded he do so plenty of folks, including legal pundits have weighed in.  Mockingly.  But as promised I think Peter Strzok hit the bull’s eye when he wrote:

“That we might all one day enjoy the entitlement of a mediocre middle aged white man,” wrote former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, Pete Strzok, slamming Clark. “I’m looking forward to the Adventures of Smokey and the Underwear Bandit beginning Friday afternoon.”

Smokey and the underwear bandit!”

Perfect.  And OUCH!

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  1. Baaaawaaaah!!!! Sorry you lost your pacifier! Have you looked at the nazi compound in old people land? He might have stolen it like he did: millions of dollars, national security secrets, the 2016 presidency, and our national peace of mind. Otherwise, grow the phuck up and welcome to the real world a$$hole!
    “And you wanted to be my latex salesman.” Jerry Seinfeld


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