(Yes, this is snark and will be mean spirited. Even for many in poor taste so if that’s not your cup of tea you can stop reading now and move to something else that doesn’t offend)

By now you’ve heard the news that Trump’s older sister Maryanne passed away (In her sleep? No stairs? Or falling out of bed into a fire pit?) at age 86. Once upon a time she and little bro were on okay terms. Hell, the guy who almost always does nothing for anybody prevailed upon his pal Roy Cohn to get her a seat as a federal judge. Then again, this IS Trump we’re talking about so maybe in his transactional mind he assumed that once on the bench should any legal troubles come up in federal court she could “make a few calls” to fellow judges to do him a solid and keep investigators/prosecutors at bay. Alas, things would sour between the two of them long before she retired to short-circuit an investigation that would ensnare HER.

Maybe things started going bad back in the 1990s when Trump took over control of the family business and got other families to cede all decisions to him. After which he turned around and screwed them all. Of course, Maryanne wasn’t exactly in the poorhouse but she’s always been smarter than baby bro (not that that’s saying much) and her husband was himself successful. He passed away some years ago. Put a pin in that because I’ll get to it soon. What really tore things between Trump and his sister were recordings of her saying shall we say unkind things about him after she got forced into retirement. She had after all had a nice career largely untarnished by her infamous brother’s reputation. It’s not like she wasn’t at an age where, having already stopped hearing cases (once Donald got into the WH) she was ready to retire to “Emeritus” status. With some dignity.

The scandal and her forced retirement to head it off seems to have rankled. Add that to her baby bro’s general boorish behavior his entire life AND the financial shenanigans in the 1990s that did a number on her and other relatives and I figure that was the last straw. She didn’t just start sayin what she REALLY thought about her brother, she let herself be recorded by Trump’s niece Mary as she was doing a retrospective on the family. Uh Oh. If you haven’t done so check out Ursula’s earlier article on PZ noting her passing.  Well, Trump’s big sister has shuffled off this mortal coil. That brings us to the question (I said I’d get to this) is what happens now?

As I write this Trump hasn’t said jack. But I can guess what he’s thinking. If he can somehow manage it he’ll want to to plant his sister in the same UN-maintained spot at his Bedminster club where trophy wife #1 now resides. Perhaps with some other valuables of Trumps he wants hidden away. Now Maryanne was widowed and I’d imagine she planned to be buried next to her husband. If so I hope she made damned sure there was an ironclad contract with the funeral home that would take charge of her remains from the coroner. And the cemetery where her husband is buried, and that it was all paid for upfront in an ironclad trust Trump was unable to penetrate. (His lawyers are after all mostly occupied with either saving his company/remaining assets or keeping him out of jail)

Still, I’ll bet his FIRST thought, the very first thing that popped into the mass of diseased, toxic mutated to god-knows-what worms in his cranial cavity was “How to I get control of her body? So I can plant it amongst the weeds where Ivanka is?” How much does anyone want to bet he set one of his lawyers checking into the possibility?  I hope his sister, having seen what happened with Ivana did what I said I hoped she’d done – go about making SURE Donald couldn’t get control of her funeral and burial.

Take a good look at that area near the first tee at Bedminster. I doubt it gets much attention from the grounds staff. Perhaps some kind soul hires a temp. now and then (out of his own pocket so it can’t be traced by Trump) to swing by in a maint. cart with a weed whacker in the back and spend a minute or so clearing away the worst of the growth. Then skedaddles off before anyone spots him/her. Plausible deniability when Trump glances over from the first tee and sees that ANY maintenance at all has been done.

Yes, I know this has been snarky and tasteless and perhaps Maryanne Trump is deserving of better from the like of someone like me. But this is Trump and Trump World we are looking at and IT is ugly, tacky and classless.

One final question. Will Trump even bother to show up for the funeral? Especially if he can’t enjoy the pleasure of seeing the sister who so bluntly told the truth on him planted in as ugly a final resting place as he could get away with planting her in? Hmmm. I’ll bet Vegas has laid odds on THAT one!

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  1. He’d more likely bury her at another one of his golf courses so that he can claim another tax reduction as it will be classed as a ‘cemetery’

    That is, presuming, that he actually has any golf courses left after his assorted court cases

  2. Nothing is too grossly tasteless to.contemplate about Trump.But she has one child,,and I suspect that child will make the decisions, not Fat Donnie. He will only show up if he is persuaded by daughter Ivanka (his first wife’s name was,actor Ivana) that it will look bad if he doesn’t.


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