As Paris and New York light up their most iconic structures in blue and yellow tonight to honor the anniversary Ukraine’s valiant display of courage and sacrifice against the Russian war of aggression, Fox News and all who support it slanders Ukraine’s President… labeling him a pimp.

And they do so by running a chyron beneath the ugly faces of Vladimir Putin’s two most useful idiots, Tucker Carlson and Marjorie Greene who are poisoning Fox viewers’ minds against the heroic people of Ukraine and the vast majority of the free world who support them.

There oughta be a law…





If the suit fits…



💯 💯 💯



This irresponsible display of pro-autocracy, anti-democratic filth leaves me almost speechless… I can hardly even muster a hearty Poshol na khuy (Пошёл на хуй) to all involved.

You can look it up.

But you can probably as easy guess.

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  1. Maybe they should review Godfather 2, where Fredo ignores his brother’s warning to not ever go against the family…ever,(in this case humanity). Sooner or later it seems their nazi loving ways will end badly.

    • Scott, as long as the aging decrepit scumball Rupert (The Fascist of Oz) Murdoch can make filthy money from shit like this, it will continue. The brain-dead who watch FUX News know nothing and care less.


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