I wonder if the other GOP one time ambassador, Ric Grenell, can save the day from this. What you are about to watch is beyond gay bashing, it’s basic hate. It’s Xenophobia 101.

Still, it is instructional. I remember speaking to one homophobe back in the day, who informed me that “gay is bad for society.” I said, “How? What difference does it make how other people live their private lives? As long as the gay folks obey laws and pay taxes like the rest of us, who’s to know?”

His response to me was that, “they want everybody to be gay.” Very common thought, that, that gays want to transform society into a kind of gay Disneyland, as opposed to merely being accepted. Listen to the GOP’s latest spokesperson basically repeat this same, ancient folly.

Ignorance Is Strength. Rings a bell, doesn’t it?

Not to detract from this bizarro world performance, but please indulge me for a moment. Is she seriously wearing soda pop can tabs as drop earrings? Or, am I hallucinating this entire episode?

This is how all the dots connect. You have a token gay or two, like Ric Grenell, but the majority of the party feels the same way that this banshee does, and they use the cover of faux Christianity to justify their actions.

Then you have Donald Trump taking to Truth Social and claiming that the lefties invented transgender people, that they never existed in history before a few years ago. That folly of his has been resoundingly debunked. Transgender people, like gay people, have been part of society since recorded history. The only issue is the degree to which they are accepted, which has been minimal up until the last 50 years or so.

Then the next stop in dot connection is to fascism. Demonizing a group of people, any group, and making them The Other and blaming all of a society’s ills on them, is textbook fascism.

It’s sad that this is being openly proclaimed in the 21st century, but maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. If we don’t confront the hypocrisy head on, how can we ever hope to defeat it?

Once again, Abe Lincoln groans and spins in his grave. I’m so sorry, President Lincoln, that on top of all the misery that attended your life and your presidency, that your legacy includes people like this who besmirch your name.


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  1. Wait a minute… I thought Log Cabin Republicans was the semi-official organization for LGBTQ activists in the GOP. And THIS the latest word from their official SPOKESPERSON? Obviously somebody in HR slipped up…

    • I was going to say the same thing! I knew several gay Log Cabin Republicans and they were Rs mostly because they were filthy rich. I asked one if “gay republican was an oxymoron”. He just stared at me.

  2. A cult member spews lies and hate. The sun comes up,(actually we spin around to see it). Gravity continues. Death awaits us all. Some things you can count on.


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