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Paulson Roundup

“PHOENIX — Calling her bid to overturn the election “frivolous” and lacking “legal and factual merit,” attorneys who successfully defended against her claims want Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson to order Kari Lake and her attorneys to pay nearly $700,000 in legal fees and costs they incurred…

… “Plaintiff and her attorneys knew — or at least they should have known — that they had no witness testimony or evidence that would allow them to meet the court’s required showing, yet they refused to voluntarily dismiss this action,” he said. And attorneys for both Katie Hobbs as the governor elect and, separately, in her role as secretary of state joined in the county’s motion.

But Liddy told Thompson that this is even more than Lake and her legal team filing a lawsuit in hope that things would go their way.

He said what Lake had was a lot of legal theories — and no evidence. Instead, he said, the lawsuit was filed for an improper reason.

“Indeed, the entire purpose of this litigation was to plant baseless seeds of doubt in the electorate’s mind about the integrity and security of the 2022 general election in Maricopa County,” he said. “And while it is one thing to do so on TV or social media sites, it is another thing entirely to attempt to use the imprimatur of the courts to try to achieve that goal.”

That’s gotta hurt.

@MediasTouch has posted a nice video take on today’s development, but, as you know by now, I’m more interested in the Schadenfreude.




Working on it, no doubt.



Here’s hoping the judge awards the County every bit of the 700,000 grand and then some.

Hopefully her shills will grow tired of the grift and stop sending her $$$.

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  1. Unless I’m mistaken the judge can also sanction the lawyers directly. I’m pretty sure that’s been starting to happen with some of these bullshit lawsuits. It needs to begin happening every time some asshat lawyer files one of these bogus suits because it’s a big public issue that damages our democracy. Make the motherfuckers pay, and enough to make it hurt!

    • You’re suggesting the members of the legal clique swat down their own? That’s a rarity in the legal or medical profession.

      • They are as reluctant to do it as doctors are to discipline their own, if not more so. Yet it seems to be happening some as of late. Maybe lawyers are getting tired of being so hated. Maybe they realize that for all it’s flaws we need a functioning government and legal system and if the asshats fighting to turn this country into a dictatorship have their way most lawyers will be out of a job. At this point I really don’t care. What matters is that some of these insurrectionist lawyers are starting to lose their licenses, and being sanctioned by courts for frivolous firings. Not enough of them but if you think about it more has happened in the past year (still not much) than I can recall happening during my adult life and I’m in my sixties.

  2. Yeah, go after the $$$’s-that is all Lake will understand. Go after the licenses of the attorneys who filed the frivolous action (s)-that is something they will surely understand.

  3. I am sick and tired of seeing her face. However, because I live in Arizona, I seem to see it a lot. I am glad that the courts are going to make her and her attorneys pay these court costs. I hope that this will make her shut up. However, she probably go to go to her death complaining that she was cheated and should not have to pay anything. Good luck, you stupid bitch.


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