I don’t know why the clip you’re about to see isn’t all over the mainstream media. I’m pretty sure it would be under a banner headline on Fox News or Newsmax if the medical subject in question was Joe Biden. Of that I have no doubt. Yes, Joe forgets a name or a date and the doctor that you’re about to hear says, “That’s within normal limits.” But what Trump displays is “a neurological smoking gun.” Trump’s thought processes themselves, “tangential thinking” which is going from “one irrelevant association to another” and then trying to tie it together is also explained. Without further ado, here is a cognitive expert discoursing on the best “mind” in GOP politics today. Or, at least, the “mind” of their standard bearer. And for that they are to blame.

Dementia. The doctor came right out and said it. So what we have in the year 2024, is one of the two major political parties deciding that they want a dementia patient on the top of their ticket. Because right now it looks like that is where Trump is headed. Super Tuesday is just a few days from now and it will be dispositive.

We literally have a lunatic raving about an invasion at the border, which is not happening and threatening mass deportations of people — when he is dictator, which he assures us is only going to take place for one day.

Trump is casting undocumented immigrants as criminals. On some level he knows that that is nuts, but on another level, he believes that it will sell and that’s why he’s doing it. The link between immigration and crime is simply not what Trump says it is. There is no “invasion” of criminal “fighting-age men” pouring over the southern border. (NBC News noted that “there is no evidence of a migrant-driven crime wave in the United States” and that, in fact, their review of crime data ”shows overall crime levels dropping in those cities that have received the most migrants.”) And the Republican party knows this, but they would rather back a lunatic telling lies than to get somebody on the ballot that at least is sticking to known and provable facts.

It always boils down to GOP complicity. We would not be living in the Era of Trump but for GOP complicity. The GOP is in a state of self immolation and has been for decades. But 2024 will most probably be the final conflagration.

And then there’s the fact that Fiscal year 2024 began on October 1, 2023, and Congress agreed to a topline budget, quoting from Heather Cox Richardson, “but it has been unable to fund the necessary appropriations because MAGA Republicans have insisted on having their extreme demands met in those measures. In this struggle, former president Trump has urged his loyalists not to give way, telling them in September 2023: “UNLESS YOU GET EVERYTHING, SHUT IT DOWN!’”

This is nuts. The GOP is taking its marching orders from a man with dementia.

But a poll from last September showed that 75% of Americans oppose using brinksmanship over a government shutdown to bargain for partisan gain.

After kicking the can down the road by passing three previous continuing resolutions, House Republicans a week ago expected a shutdown. But today they backed off. The House passed a short-term continuing resolution that pushes back the dates on which the two continuing resolutions expire, from March 1 and March 8 to March 8 and March 22. The vote was 320 to 99 in the House, with 113 Republicans joining 207 Democrats to pass the measure. Ninety-seven Republicans opposed the bill, as did two Democrats who were protesting the lack of aid to Ukraine.

Tonight, the Senate approved the continuing resolution by a vote of 77 to 13. President Joe Biden is expected to sign it tomorrow. “What we have done today has overcome the opposition of the MAGA hard right and gives us a formula for completing the appropriations process in a way that does not shut the government down and capitulate to extremists,” Senate majority leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) said.

Trump opposes helping Ukraine in its fight to resist Russia’s invasion, and under his orders, MAGA Republicans have also stalled the national security supplemental bill, which contains Ukrainian aid, as well as aid to Israel, the Indo-Pacific, and humanitarian aid to Gaza. The measure passed the Senate on February 13 by a strong bipartisan vote of 70 to 29, and is expected to pass the House if Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) takes it up, but so far, he has refused.

Today, Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) told reporters that “several” House Republicans are willing to sign a discharge petition to force Speaker Johnson to bring a national security supplemental measure to the floor for a vote. A simple majority can force a vote on a bill through a discharge petition, but such a measure is rare because it undermines the House speaker. With Johnson refusing to take up the Senate measure, Fitzpatrick and his colleague Representative Jared Golden (D-ME) have prepared their own pared-down aid measure. Fitzpatrick told CNN’s Jake Tapper Tuesday that “[w]e are trying to add an additional pressure point on something that has to happen.”

This action is made necessary by the fact that speakers from the parliaments of 23 nations — 23 nations of the world! — wrote to Johnson yesterday and urged him to take up the Senate measure, explaining to him the obvious, that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has “challenged the entire democratic world, jeopardizing the security in the whole European and Euro-Atlantic area,” and that “the world is rapidly moving towards the destruction of the sustainable world order.” Johnson is one of Trump’s lapdogs and he has no business being the Speaker of the House. And I predict he won’t be that for long.

But of course he waffled out of this in his phony faux-Christian way, which is his hallmark, telling Sean Hannity that he’s “standing with the American people.” No, he’s not. He’s following Trump’s orders and Trump is barking mad. Trump has dementia and Johnson is a fool. He’s not the Speaker of the House, as that term has applied to every other Speaker, he plays one on TV.

We are at a tragic crossroads in this country. I hope that we can save ourselves. Trump is mentally ill and he needs to be out of politics. Only en masse voting in November can guarantee that. We have to save America.

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  1. Unfortunately, dementia isn’t a barrier to the US presidency – just remember Ronald Reagan when the Executive branch was being run by Nancy’s astrologer.

    I can recall sitting gob-smacked at the opening oif the Los Angeles Olympoics when Raygun thanked ET for being there (and he didn’t appear to be joking)

    Just on a side note – back then the original BBC ‘Spitting Image’ had a weekly segment called ‘The President’s Brain is Missing’ which was being well supplied with material from Washington

    • I don’t remember that one. Can you elaborate? Also, what was Ronnie’s issue with ET? Remember when he spoke about that at the United Nations?

      • The Spitting Image? – it was a very long time ago (back when Maggie ‘the milk snatcher’ was BFF with Reagan).

        The ‘astrologer’ remark. It was sort of common knowledge (overt on this side of the pond) that Nancy was into astrology in a big way and took advice from her astrologer. Now as Ronnie was on the borders of cloud cuckoo land, it was sort of obvious that Nancy was the one making the decisions.

        ET? That was during Raygun’s opening speech in LA (after part of the razzamatatazz leading up to it had included ET waving at the crowd). There was a LOT of head scratching when Ronnie quite seriously ‘thanked’ him for being there.

        One off the cuff comment from back then was “What does the US have in common with a hamburger?” (the answer was ‘a clown called Ronald’)

        Oh – an explanation for the ‘milk snatcher’ – back when she was Minister for Education, all kids had been getting two small bottles of milk per day at school. One of the first things she did was to abolish that

      • Well that’s where the story goes. Ronnie didn’t really start with the dementia till after he left office. Not to say he wasn’t in decline in office. But it was handled. All the ghouls want to jump on the issue and do their version of Henny Penny. Just wish they would get the facts straight first.

  2. I work with older folks, some on locked memory care units who talk and act like trump, except they fine people, not murderous sociopaths. Better wake up America and vote to save the country from him and ALL the Republicans. VOTE!!!! Otherwise IT WILL BE OUR END!!!!

  3. Ursula if the evil Regean hadn’t gone south mentally he may have ended up in prison. Did you see his address where he admitted he may have approved north’s actions but with a phucking smile said he didn’t remember it? He sold out the hostages in Iran and gave our enemies military equipment while running a coke transaction to pay for an illegal military campaign in Central America to overthrow democracy. Peasants were killed, raped and disappeared. Tens of thousands of Americans thrown in jail for smoking weed. He should have been shot for treason instead of getting all the benefits of a president. The truth matters even if evil appears to go unpunished in this life. Having had a near death experience, and a brush with supernatural entities I can’t explain or forget 50 years later…I’m amazed how people forget death awaits us all…the one fact we can’t lie our way out of. We should remember what really matters when we live and when it comes calling. That is the truth.

  4. trump believes casting immigrants as criminals sells because magats buy what he’s selling. They have to blame someone else for their shitty lives rather than point that finger at themselves. It isn’t they’ve made a mess of their lives it’s the immigrants, p.o.c., LGBQT+ folks, etc.

    They are failures because they did not put in the very minimal amount of effort to succeed and not end up as trailer trash. Even the ones who managed not to end up in a trailer are unhappy but rather than blame life choices for their unhappiness, they blame everyone but themselves. In this they are brothers and sisters to trump and never admit to their fuck-ups. Thing is, without admitting you’ve screwed the pooch, you don’t fix what’s wrong, what’s making you unhappy, you don’t get out of the hole you’ve dug for yourself. trump will always be a failure, he knows he is and it gnaws at him constantly. Even his win in 2016 wasn’t because he received the most votes-it was because of our fucked-up electoral college crap. He knows he didn’t win in 2020 period-and it’s killing him (just not fast enough unfortunately).


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