Now this is something I never thought I would see. Earlier Today, House Minority Leader Kreepy Kevin McCarthy, Traitor Tots personal proctoscope, stepped behind a podium in the Capitol, and called out a Trumbie acolyte.

For once, sniveling guttersnipe McCarthy minced no words. He stood tall and directly called out North Carolina Putin toady and all around dipshit Madison Cawthorne, and he was blunt. Madison Cawthorne was wrong. Putin is the aggressor here. First Putin bombed a purely civilian children’s hospital and maternity ward, causing multiple casualties. And then he sent his bombers after a historic theater, with the word children painted on top in two locations, indicating that innocent civilian children were inside, and the Russians bombed it anyway. Russia is the agressort, and they are committing war crimes.

What the fuck?! Remember, this is the craven toady who called Trump out for the Capitol Riot, and then two days later made the pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago to go to confession. McCarthy is one of the most craven and cowardly politicians I have ever seen, but he’s also savvy. Remember my previous definition of a politician? A politician licks his finger, sticks it up into the wind to see which way it’s blowing, and then runs out front to show that he’s leading the way. That description fits Kevin McCarthy to a T.

Which kind of tends to tell me something. After all, McCarthy is the spineless creep that refused to act against Laborious MTG, forcing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to sanction her and strip her of her committee assignments. And then again, months later, McCarthy failed to sanction neo Nazi Paul Gosar, once again requiring Pelosi and the Democrats to strip him of his committee assignments. But now all of a sudden, McCarthy is giving Cawthorne a ration of shit over his statements regarding Ukraine and Zelensky? What gives?

My personal opinion? As House Minority Leader McCarthy has access to all of the RNC’s internal polling. I wrote that two prominent GOP strategists were predicting an electoral massacre for Trump blessed incumbents and challengers in the primaries and general election. McCarthy has been slavish to the Trombie wing in order to keep them friendly for a potential Speaker’s vote next January.

But what if McCarthy has seen internal RNC polling that shows that indicates that Trump acolytes may be headed for the spring lambs treatment that Shah and Singleton are already predicting? McCarthy is a purely political creature, and if he can’t be Speaker in January, he separately wants to remain House Minority Leader at least.

If McCarthy has seen internal RNC polling that shows the Trump base star on the wane, now it makes perfect sense for McCarthy to take a serious swipe at Cawthorne. If McCarthy can’t become House Speaker, and if the Trombies are going to get routed, then McCarthy needs to make an early show for the sane GOP incumbents that he is worthy of their loyalty and stewardship. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. 


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  1. Like Putin, McCarthy is too little, too late on his course correct. Unlike Putin, he’ll likely be living with that mistake for some time to come.

  2. Basically, his actions change with the direction of the wind on any given day. This doesn’t make him any more likeable than before.

  3. If McCarthy wants to still have power in the house next term, he’s going to have to put effort into getting re-elected in a district which is now less favorable.

  4. Simply saying “Cawthorne was wrong” isn’t exactly an earth-shattering reprimand. McCarthy also said he would vote to have Cawthorne back in the House, which means he knows the Democrats COULD keep the House – & very possibly the Senate. The words “McCarthy” & “leader” are antithetical. They just don’t fit. He wants the power of the House leader so he can but only so he can

    McCarthy only said Cawthorne was “wrong” – that’s all – which isn’t exactly a resounding reprimand of Cawthorne’s traitorous behavior. McCarthy is a weakling & wants to be House Speaker so he can support the other traitors in the House in getting their agenda passed & put an end to the Jan 6 investigation. Kevin & many of his partners in crime in the House are complicit in the planning & execution of the riots & they want the cover-up to be complete & irrevocable, which only the Republicans can/will do.
    It’ll be interesting to see if the North Carolina voters are really redneck & hillbilly enough to reelect this mess – & the same for the voters in Georgia (Marge Greene) & in Colorado (Lauren Boebert) the one with the criminal record. All 3 are a disgrace to our country – but they’re not the only Repblicans who are.

    • Agreed that “wrong” isn’t exactly a resounding reprimand, and nor will it linger in the minds of anyone who hears it. Cawthorne himself will surely just shrug and carry on being an asshole. Is Cawthorne on any committees? If not, what could Kowardly Kevin do to punish him for any further disrepute he might bring upon himself and the so-called GOP?


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