Well that may be the way elections work in Russia, Ed Henry, but throwing folks out of windows is still murder in the USA.

OAN reporter spoke to Trump Cultists at his West Palm Beach, Florida Tuesday and one red hat lamented the Orangeutan was not being “tough enough” on President Biden.

Ed Henry prompted him, saying – “You want him to take Biden and throw him off a balcony.”


QAnon, probably.



Unfortunately MAGA doesn’t read.



Yup, that would be the one.



Someone should take Henry aside and tell him suggestib violence be visited on a President is highly illegal.

He should watch what he says, on camera particularly, “One America Network” may not give a rat’s a## what happens to their reporters, perhaps Henry should…

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  1. Jeez. This guy (Ed Henry) just keeps oozing through cracks to reach lower depths. In case people have forgotten he was once a respected journalist. He hosted Inside Politics on CNN and served at their Chief WH Correspondent. It was at the time a bit startling when he moved to Fox (as their Chief WH Correspondent) because CNN didn’t renew his contract. Given what we’ve learned in recent years about goings on at Fox it makes more sense he’d be more welcome there. After all, he had to leave Fox due to (as with others there) due to sexual misconduct on the job. Makes me think there might have been signs, if not incidents back at CNN that got swept under the rug. Now? He’s in true outlier “news” land and trying to gin up attention with this kind of horseshit. What sucks is he’ll probably get a raise.

  2. Note to Joe Biden. I wouldn’t worry too much about doughboy throwing you anywhere. It takes him two hands to lift a glass of water. You weigh more than that…right? Problem solved!

  3. What is it with these RWNJs and violence?
    I remember one (sadly a family member) who thought the wacko who wanted to knee-cap Nancy Pelosi had the right idea. I may not like sharing the planet’s oxygen with the Mango Moron, but never wanted to see him harmed. On the contrary, I wish him a long life complete with federally-supplied lodging and wardrobe (in a color matching his fake spray-tan).

  4. Yeah I keep wondering when the faux religious values that tell us to play nice with child killers will drop and we see WHY we lost 400,000 boys fighting and killing these evil bastards 1941- 1945.


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