This is one of the most amazing disinformation clips you will ever see in your life. If you’re lucky. And luck has not been breaking our way when it comes to fake news and propaganda, let’s face it. Lauren Boebert went on OAN today. Here, she whitewashes the facts of what happened in Denver a week ago today, and says she took a picture. That was her only faux pas, taking a picture. Then Dan Ball spoon feeds her case to her and she grins with relief. The dummy actually thinks she’s off the hook here. We’ll see come November 5, 2024. This is un-bee-leavable.

“They” recognized her and “they” decided to attack her, as part of the Deep State plot. Righto. The part I loved, though, was when she took a page from Don Junior’s book and said she’s “known to have a very animated personality.” Darn, the Democrats are such downers, such buzz kills, if they’d just let people be animated and all. Sheesh. Well, Bobo, the good news is that the voters of CO-03 can decide if they think “animated” describes your behavior next year. Let’s see what their take on it is.

I think it’s amusing that she decided to leave out: 1) the vaping; 2) the groping; 3) flipping off the usher; 4) insulting the pregnant woman; 5) the entitlement “Do you know who I am?”

Plus, what I really love is that she starts out criticizing the media for talking about it, when so much more important things are going on in the world. Umm….Bobo? ‘Scuse me, but you went on OAN to talk about it. OAN invited you because they want to talk about it. If it is such a nothing burger, you should have told nice Dan Ball’s booker that he should do a piece on Biden’s impeachment instead. But yes, we agree, it’s the media’s fault.

Now we get to the good stuff. Dan Ball winks at the audience. He thinks she’s full of shit, too.

What the hell was that indeed? One thing I can tell you, if Adam Frisch can’t find an ad company to cut together this footage and make a terrific attack ad, I’ll write the script myself and send it to him.

The real Bobo below, and the hypocritical one, dressed like the church lady, blaming everybody for her problems but herself, above. And she thinks she’s fooling people. But, I don’t blame her. She did manage to scam her way into Congress and then she managed to squeak to a second term. Miracles have happened in her life, so she believes she can keep depending upon them. We’ll see.

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  1. Being “eccentric?” Is that what it’s called now? I realize that in this day and age high schoolers outright f**k when out “Parking” as it was called back when I was in high school. But they were working up to what way back then would have been handjob and fingerbang stage had the usher not interrupted them and kicked them out. Her date was literally fondling one of her boobs INSIDE her dress! Look, I’ve got no problem with what consenting adults do when in private. Sex and even just playing around is one of life’s wickedly pleasurable treats so I say have at it. But not in large, packed theater of people trying to enjoy a hit musical that they paid a lot of money to see. If the two of them wanted to do that they should have gone to a movie theater that shows pornos. Put on their private show there. Hell, they could have “gone all the way” if they wanted to and not only would no one have objected they’d have probably gotten applause!

    She should have stuck with her attempted apology for “moral failings” and STFU for a while. Sadly, McCarthy needs her vote in the House so she won’t be expelled. But I’ll bet MTG is itching to do so regardless of making the GOP margin that much more precarious.

  2. chill bro, they were just joining the seat-high club. you know, vape a little cartridge, bunt the balls down to 1st, grab the direct path to 2nd. if the dam fans hadn’t stopped the ‘train’ we’d be watching the wet slide into home . the dugout roared with approval stopping their drag queen chats to witness the insurrection at its peak.

  3. That mention of the Church Lady (not the one I was thinking of, obviously but still . . . .) made me wish that Dana Carvey would bring her out of “retirement.” Just to hear her deride Boebert’s behavior with “Well, isn’t that special?” And then lambaste Boebert’s “apologies” as “How con-VEEN-ient!” And then end it by suggesting that Boebert needs to realize that she’s acting like, “Now who could it be? Could it be . . . SATAN?!?”

  4. Bobo, did they put your hand on your date’s crotch? Did they put your date’s hands on your boobies? Seems to me like you are sadly confused about blame here but then you ‘pubes always are.


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