As Urs reported earlier today, Donald Trump went into an insane rage upon hearing that his attorney, Evan Corcoran was subpoenaed by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. The baby behaved like a baby with a Hall of Fame verbal panic attack:

Radical Left (Trump hating!) Special “Prosecutor” Jack Smith is leaking to the Fake News Media like a sieve. He is going absolutely crazy trying to nab the political candidate who is way ahead of his “boss” in the polls, and won the 2020 Presidential Election, except for the fact that it was RIGGED. He’s got a job to do, and is working hard to scare & intimidate witnesses, even lawyers who have never seen such antics before. He should be looking at Election Fraud, & who SPIED ON MY CAMPAIGN!!!

Our once great Country has never seen Political Weaponization like they are seeing today. This is the Gestapo and KGB all wrapped up into one. We’ve got to take our Country back and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

At the time, Trump was reacting to the news that Special Prosecutor Jack Smith was doing his job and subpoenaing the real witnesses, the ones with so much to lose, they could put Trump in prison. Little did Trump know, he had it good this morning.

Just an hour ago, he – and Trump – learned that Smith subpoenaed Mark Meadows “sometime in January.”

From CNN:

Special counsel Jack Smith’s office is seeking documents and testimony related to January 6, and Meadows received the subpoena sometime in January, the source said. An attorney for Meadows declined to comment…

… The move to subpoena one of Trump’s most senior aides – in addition to the recent subpoena of former Vice President Mike Pence, as CNN reported last week – marks the latest significant step in the special counsel’s investigation into Trump’s role in seeking to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election.

So, in the last two days, Jack Smith has subpoenaed Mike Pence, Evan Corcoran (Trump’s attorney during the documents dispute), and we hear that he subpoenaed Mark Meadows in January.

I am stunned.

I am not stunned that Smith issued the subpoenas. Well, sort of. I am not stunned by the witnesses. I am stunned and furious, absolutely FURIOUS, that these people had not been subpoenaed until NOW??

The second Congressional primetime hearing on January 6th, the one that occurred last summer, made it all too clear that Mark Meadows was the spoke in the wheel of all things illegal in the Trump administration. Pence was the man who was pressured directly by Trump, and Evan Corcoran was Trump’s attorney while they were signing off on the fact that all files had been returned.


Wow, it is almost like Garland didn’t want to prosecute Trump. I didn’t think I could possibly think less of A.G. Garland and then I hear that SMITH, not the DOJ, subpoenaed Meadows in January.

As I often say, I am not 1% of the attorney that Jack Smith is, or Merrick Garland. But I can recognize a man who wanted to go a full term without having to deal with Donald Trump when I see him. Garland didn’t even seem to get a real investigation going until Congress started to embarrass DOJ for prosecuting “window breakers” but not the man who organized the war.

I will get pushback in the comments about Garland and building a case and I welcome them. Garland has been a massive failure, a major disappointment. His dilatory tactics and fearfulness of prosecuting true evil, real criminality, the type that threatens democracy, has now set us SO FAR BACK that we’re just now subpoenaing the people who knew what was going on? Now as GOP candidates announce for the NEXT election?

One needs the most solid case in existence to go after a former president. But you build that solid case the moment you know of a crime. That is as of March 2021 (When Garland was sworn in) with respect to January 6th, and that was August of 2022, a case that should have been wrapped up well before November.

But notice that Garland delayed into November… knowing Trump would announce, giving Garland the chance to put it in someone else’s lap… We were told “It won’t delay the investigation.” Ironically, it turned out to be true. The investigation wasn’t even half done and now here we are, going into 2023-24. Fcking amazing.

This is almost as embarrassing as it is dangerous.


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  1. Equal Justice Under Law. The hypocrisy never ends. Over 700 days since Jan 6th. I’ve made the same point forever and caught a fair share of…er…rationalizations(shit). Maybe if I hadn’t seen the inside of several jails as a political prisoner, I could excuse the hypocrisy from the comfortable white middle class that has nothing to fear as long as they keep following the rules and keep quiet. A lot of nice comfortable Germans kept quiet until it was too late to speak out without being shot. That is where totalitarian power always goes. Ask the folks in Russia getting long prison sentences for calling putin’s aggression a war. I’ve always joked, that the easiest & quickest way to get into trouble in America is to tell the fucking truth, especially to hypocrites in power. Wait. That’s the second quickest. The quickest is being a black person on the street. The problem with the Law, like the medical establishment, is it is a club of the well off that got there by not taking risks or speaking out, especially if a member of your group fucks up. Garland is a follower, used to sitting on his ass on the bench. A true politician. What we need is a warrior because we are in a fight for our literal lives. Ask the people in Ohio where they are dealing with an accident that’s going to kill people with poisons in the water, soil, and air. Trump deregulated the railroads and the republican governor hasn’t asked for federal help. I wonder how many poor people can’t leave and are using the water for baby formula? Small sample but we are in a fight for our lives and our freedoms. It no time for timidity. Jack seems like the real deal but Garland the politician makes the call, & I expect him to wait until he says it’s too close to an election. All that bluster about no one above the law has been horseshit for the entire length of our history. Nixon walked.Reagan walked. Both Bushes walked. Trump has walked all his fucking life. You have expressed the outrage that is simmering in this country. One day it may explode but it won’t be the same crowd as jan6th. Maybe Jack shoves enough shit into Garlands face and he will get so much heat, he’ll have to take action. Maybe. I wouldn’t bet on it. A shallow, stupid, faux religious, consumer culture, full of propaganda is ripe for a fascist takeover. More than ripe. Equal justice my ass.

    • There is no equal justice under the law in this country and there never has been. Justice in the U.S. has been weighted in favor of white males and has been since the creation of our nation.

  2. Appointing Merrick Garland to run the DOJ was a huge mistake. He does not have the spine for it. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. The day Garland was appointed, there were already mountains of evidence of numerous crimes committed by Trump. At this point, Garland’s absolute refusal to indict is beginning to feel like an obstruction of justice. If the head of the DOJ is still unwilling to bring charges, he is either unfit for office or a co-conspirator.

    • Blame the geriatric clown who put him there.
      It was a consolation prize for getting snubbed for SCOTUS.
      Both Garland and his worthless boss were put in their jobs to protect the status quo.
      He’s doing exactly what he was hired to do. Don’t ever think otherwise.

      • Actually his “worthless” boss has,accomplished quite a bit: infrastructure, the CHIPS act, creating a distribution method for vaccines, shot down three unidentified objects (There were three incursions under Donnie Donuts).

  3. Garland is useless. Probably why nobody rushed to his defense when in response to Barry nominating him to fill a SCOTUS seat, the senate mutant ninja turtle responded by giving him an atomic wedgie.

  4. “I am stunned and furious, absolutely FURIOUS, that these people had not been subpoenaed until NOW??”
    Well don’t be. The DOJ had to work its way up the food chain so they’d all the evidence they need by the time they get to the top. These guys ARE the top, except for Trump. And you know what that means, right?

  5. I have said this before and I will say it again. Bill Barr and Merrick Garland are the worst AGs appointed, for completely different reasons, in my lifetime….and I am 71 yrs old.


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