Is The Onion still in business, anybody know? We know that Irony committed hari kari a while back, she put her head in the oven. Then Farce sat in a bathtub full of gasoline and lit a candle, while Satire jumped off one of the Alps. There’s just no room for them in this post-parody world.

Here is the latest from Candace Dead Bird Brain Owens.

Now in all truth, it’s not that odd that she would ask. You may recall how in the early days of the pandemic Stephen Miller tried to do an end run around DOD secretary Mark Esper and send 250,000 troops to the U.S. Mexican border? That’s almost 25% of the military, total.

And as odd as that was, it really wasn’t if you consider the fact that Trump wanted to launch military attacks on drug cartels inside of Mexico. It was pointed out to him that this would be tantamount to an attack on not only our neighbor but our largest trading partner. So bizarre military interventions of one sort or another are nothing new to the Trump regime. They’re a matter of course.

There’s your answer. The kangaroos will have Owens’ invasionary forces routed in half a day. And the emus are pretty nasty, too, I am given to understand. And don’t forget about the koalas. They only look cute. Go near their eucalyptus tree, baby, and you’re history.

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  1. I hadn’t noticed that Australia was a “tyrannical police state”. I do know that they’ve done real lockdowns to control spread of the virus, which the US hasn’t actually tried.

  2. Well, one of our news channels took the micky out of her, so we got a good laugh. I ran into 3 of those ‘tyrants’ intimidating a poor helpless worker at Baker’s Delight! They just couldn’t make up their minds, as to what particular type of bread roll they wanted for lunch!
    Owens is a mindless twat.

  3. Since they are one of the most isolated continents, surrounded by water, why not train a dolphin spy force to patrol & report back. We can always nuke them if they try to leave. It was a prison colony anyway. Save the money & send it to our savior, whom God has Huuuuuge plans for. He’ll know what to do.

  4. Amazing you state this is not a satirical SNL skit when Candace stated clearly in the same breath – “I say that in jest”. Could you be any more fake, phony and false in your reporting?


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