Man, the news from the January 6 Committee Hearings is grim, and I have already created one post about what happened there yesterday, and I am sure that me and my compatriots here will create more.

It is beyond my comprehension that supporters of the former guy can for two years fill up the phones of elected officials with death treats, befoul the Facebook pages of election workers with the same, in the same world where my bank me calls me in about .0005 seconds if they see a hinky transaction on my credit card.

It’s depressing beyond mere words this morning, so, instead of railing on about the inability of law enforcement to penetrate the apparently impenetrable labyrinth of phone records and Facebook identities, which I am convinced they could do in a heartbeat if even a nickel of Chase Bank’s assets were threatened, and bring these miscreants to justice, I will instead, with the help of resolve the not-mystery of who is heisting Jen Psaki’s Twitter handle to post hilarity in her name.

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki made a series of tweets about President Joe Biden’s fall from a bicycle by making fun of former President Donald Trump, including saying “the last guy needed kneepads for visiting the Kremlin.”

Er, great work Snopes but this is an easily solved conundrum, as the tweet in question is clearly labeled as parody…

A lot of folks, left and right, did not read the fine print and were fooled into being convinced of it’s veracity by Jen’s image and blue check mark which were photo shopped into the post.

Now that all that boring fact stuff is out of the way, let us just enjoy, this otherwise depressing morning, some more of Faith Back Rub’s work, which has lifted me out of the foul swamp of current events.

The former Press Secretary is not the only public figure that has received the attention of Mr. Back Rub’s prostrating pen:


These couldn’t be more spot on if they issued from the account of @Jesus H. Christ himself:

This is topical.

As is:

Somewhere in Germany Martin Niemöller is breakdancing in his crypt:


I will end this here, because you have probably reached the checkout register by now.

But I have followed Mr. Rub because we all, to borrow from Ronald, deserve a yuck today.

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