Boy, are the Rooskies getting ahead of themselves. They’re already fantasizing a situation where Donald Trump is back in the White House and yes, he would turn into Biff Tannen even more than he already has. By the way, the Back To The Future character was in fact based on Trump. Even as Joe Biden fundraises tonight, Trump is offering the presidency for sale to the highest investor on Truth Social.

Evidently, U.S. foreign policy is now the subject of cartoonish speculation and here’s what Alaska and California are facing. Alaska did in fact belong to Russia at one point but California? Do the Russians have any clue what they’re getting into? And that would make Nevada a border state to a hostile foreign power. Wow. I need to become Queen really fast (Murfster’s just down the road a bit and he can be my Prime Minister) and I intend to have the bomb. There must be one kicking around in an old silo in the desert, here, after all those tests in the fifties, doncha think?

State TV propagandists routinely float the idea of either striking or seizing the territory of NATO members. Newsweek has contacted the Russian Foreign Ministry for comment by email.

“By the way, I agree with those who say that Russia occupies [territories] unfairly,” said Vladimir Kornilov, columnist/pundit for RIA Novosti began. “Yes we need to return much more historical lands, restore historical fairness. Definitely. As for fairness…”

Solovyov interjected, saying: “California…Finland, the Baltic states—it’s all ours, of course.” […]

Alaska once belonged to Russia. In 1867, it was sold to the U.S. after then-U.S. President Andrew Johnson signed the Alaska Treaty. It gained the status of a state on January 3, 1959.

California was never part of Russia, though in the early 19th century, Russia established the outpost of Fort Ross in what is now Sonoma County, California, with Russian colonists living there between 1812 and 1841. […]

In January, Russian pundits questioned whether Russia could claim territory in California following reports that Putin gave Russia grounds to reclaim Alaska via a presidential decree.

The Kremlin signed a decree regarding historic Russian real estate holdings abroad, directing and funding the presidential administration and the foreign ministry in “searching for real estate in the Russian Federation, the former Russian Empire, the former USSR,” then referring to the “proper registration of rights…and legal protection of this property,” Newsweek previously reported.

The U.S. State Department quickly dismissed the speculation.

“I speak for all of us in the U.S. government to say that certainly, he is not getting it back,” State Department principal deputy spokesperson Vedant Patel said on January 22.

Just another sign that the entire world watches what the American electorate does on November 5. We live in historic times. It’s been plain for some time that America has not been so divided since the Civil War, but now we look to be replicating the kind of nationalist and anti-nationalist sentiment that preceded America’s entry into WWII.

Those were some intense times. Warner Bros. studios was in the process of legal action being taken against it by the government for war baiting and war mongering, because some of its movies featured Nazi Germany. Those suits were all dismissed after the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Once again, we’re at the forefront of world changing events and who is the most unlikely catalyst for that, but the faux billionaire reality TV buffoon? Incredible but true. He’s turned politics into his own version of the Home Shopping Network and he gets the MAGA cult to buy everything. Politics is Trump’s best source of income right now.

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  1. Russia won’t have to “seize” Alaska & California if Trump gets back in office. He’ll sell them both to Russia for his personal gain or maybe trade them with Russia for property to build a Trump Tower, Trump Golf Course & a bronze statue of himself, in Moscow.

  2. I’m beginning to know what radicalization means…the same feeling the GIs had with a gun in hand when they landed on Normandy. I’m sure the Ukrainians know. There is no reasoning with these nazis. Come on and try to take one of our states.
    ‘I didn’t come down from the Smokey mountains, cross thousands of miles of ocean, jump out of a goddamn plane and fight my way across Sicily to teach the nazis humanity. nazis ain’t got no humanity. they are the foot soliders of a jew hating mass murdering maniac.’ Aldo the Apache,(Brad Pitt), in Inglorious Basterds

  3. putie cannot even subdue a country the size of Ukraine: how in the f*ck do they think he’ll take an actual country that has an actual trained army/navy/air force? Ukraine had very little with regard to their military and they have thus far held off Russian. Does putie enjoy embarrassing himself? What fools.

    • Don the Con will probably hand Alaska over to clear what he owes the Ivans (which is probably more than the US paid for Alaska in the first place)

  4. First things first – I’m putting in my request to be SecDef. I can even highly recommend a cousin who retired from the State Dept. for SecState. Prior to working for state he did a stint in the Peace Corps in Nepal (where he met his wife), then with NGO’s in Africa. At state he served in Pacific Rim postings.

    As for Alaska, I’ve been there and can say among some they really don’t want to be part of the U.S. However, much as they don’t like what they call “outside” or people from “outside” if Russia wanted to take over the place they’d be begging for us to stop it! I wonder if that dickhead on TV realizes Sarah Palin and the rest of her trailer trash family are Alaskans? You’d think that alone would make him/them think ‘Naw. With people like that it’s clear the U.S. has fucked the place up so badly it’s not worth it anymore.” Back when what we know as Alaska was purchased from Russia the price seemed astronomical. There’s a reason the transaction was called “Seward’s Folly” but the deal was made and eventually a treaty was ratified. We acquired it fair and square. I’d also say if Russia wanted to try and get it back it would mean Canada would be next. Something folks here in the U.S. should think about!

    Now, California is different. If it were a country it would have the seventh largest economy in the world the last time I checked.

    No matter. It would be something of a hassle to ramp up and military kick Russia out of Alaska but Pootie knows that. He’s always known it which is why he’s never tried. And California? It’s a fucking joke to think Russia would be so stupid as to try because we’d hand them their asses.

    At least we know that crazy ass tee vee folks spouting nonsense that makes normal people but especially our leaders cringe exist in Russia too.

  5. I wonder why no comment from the Trump camp?

    Maybe if Mexico pressed a claim to Texas and the rest of the southwest, Trump’s fat little finger-things would be engaged in a day-long social media post-fest the minute the story broke.


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