Simon & Schuster announced that the publication of Mary Trump’s Book, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man” has been moved up to July 14, due to “high demand and extraordinary interest.” The publishers released the back cover today and it is a gem. Bear in mind, Mary Trump is a psychologist. She’s not just shooting from the hip with her analysis, she’s got a Ph.D. in psychology.

I, for one, cannot wait for this to be released. Along with John Bolton’s book, we are getting invaluable insight from people who were actually there. Frankly, I believe Mary Trump’s book will blow Uncle Donald out of the water. Robert Trump, brother to Donald, attempted twice to enjoin publication and both efforts failed. The second effort was done mere days after Robert Trump was released from the hospital. It’s not clear why he was hospitalized, but it’s a reasonable inference that this level of stress isn’t doing the man any good. Robert Trump and other Trump siblings Elizabeth and Maryanne have been largely in the shadows for this entire debacle of the Trump presidency, but it looks like the veils are about to drop and we’re going to see the entire cast of characters in this ensemble for who and what they are. Politico:

Mary Trump’s account appears to be unsparing, according to a release from the publisher. She alleges that her uncle Donald values human beings “only…in monetary terms” and subscribes to “cheating as a way of life.” […]

A spokesman for Mary Trump, Chris Bastardi, said in a statement Monday: “The act by a sitting president to muzzle a private citizen is just the latest in a series of disturbing behaviors which have already destabilized a fractured nation in the face of a global pandemic. If Mary cannot comment, one can only help but wonder: what is Donald Trump so afraid of?”

In theory, Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster could both be on the hook for damages if the lawsuit continues.

However, Mary Trump’s affidavit filed last week seems to threaten trouble for her uncle if the court case continues. She argues that she was tricked into signing the 2001 estate settlement because of an alleged pattern by Donald Trump of altering asset valuations to reduce his tax bills.

“I relied on the false valuations provided to me by my uncles and aunt, and would never have entered into the Agreement had I known the true value of the assets involved,” she wrote.

Maybe this will act as a cautionary tale about people who live in glass houses not lobbing howitzer shells by going into public service and upending American institutions. I also expect it to provide valuable insight into how a very young Donald, threatened and alone, became warped into the mean, nasty customer that we deal with today, bereft of empathy and self-centered to the core. Mary Trump may be the ultimate whistle blower and her timing is impeccable.


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  1. Today ruling in SC and now the truth is hitting the airwaves is Bound to be having an early effect on the trumps dynasty. One only wonders what shoe will drop next.

    • Agreed Nan. It seems this is the way of things, you know? Once the really bad stuff can’t be contained it is like an exploding volcano.

  2. If it weren’t him, the human wrecking ball of all things American, I’d actually feel very sorry for him. He appears in many of his behaviors to suffer from abandonment issues–he pushes people away before they leave him; he cannot sustain relationships; he exhibits in his impulsiveness a great deal of anxiety. In other words, this guy is a mess and unfortunately for all of us, he is acting out on the world stage all of his abandonment-fueled behaviors. He name calls, he hurts people before, in his mind, they can hurt him, he is a bully and a control freak. Crikey, he’s a walking disaster.
    I can’t wait to read this book………with a big glass of wine by my side. 🙂

    • As a survivor and (I hope) transcender of abuse myself, let me state that evil is always a choice, never a destiny. Yes, things can push you in one direction or another and too few people acknowledge that the roots of crime come from a failure to protect the young and vulnerable. But to lay what Trump became solely at the feet of his abuse is a slap in the face to all those who suffered what he did or worse and chose something better. Everyone is ultimately responsible for their behavior. Whatever that behavior is, it’s ultimately the truth about that person.

      I mourn for Donald Trump the boy. I absolutely despise the man that boy became.

      • I agree. That childhood description could have been about my husband, and he is a very nice man, who has spent the last 40 plus years working on becoming a nicer man.

        • LIE…the people who push that “inborn” tripe, P J, have an agenda to push and far from a good one. There is no genetic component to crime, cruelty or callousness, no matter what eugenic nonsense you’ve been told. To say otherwise is to excuse horrors beyond imagining and the ones who perpetuate such.

      • Bare-dude, you and I have never met, and yet we have argued with each other enough for me to get a sense that you don’t have to worry that much. Whatever challenges you faced as a child, I sense you have very much overcome them. I would not enjoy arguing with someone who was really and clearly broken. You are not. You are strong and very together, at least as far as everything I can tell. Keep on arguing, brother. 🙂

      • Exactly! Though it does bring up the question of whether psychopaths are made or born or some combination. Certainly not all abuse victims become abusers (though most abusers are abuse victims).

  3. This morning I read an article about moving publication up to next week. Part of me wonders if Donald, who’d lose a game of checkers to a grade school kid has just gotten an ass whupping at chess. Why do I say that? I found it odd that publication was set for the end of July when the book began being promoted. However, it was entirely predictable that Trump would go to court (and make no mistake – it was Donnie poopy-pants who had his niece & the publisher taken to court) and given the weight of legal precedent that he’d lose. In the meantime, the book has gotten priceless publicity. I can’t help but wonder if Simon & Schuster convinced Mary Trump to play it this way, by which I mean announcing a publishing date but prepping for a significant earlier release all along.

    Think about it. Since the book comes out next week that means it’s already being shipped to stores and distributors around the country. Also, the excerpt from the back cover won’t be the only teaser. By the weekend we’ll be getting more juicy tidbits and by then with copies of the book sitting in boxes waiting to go on the shelves, or be sent by companies like Amazon the cat is out of the bag. Even if Trump could get an emergency appeal all the way up to SCOTUS for an injunction every word of what Mary Trump committed to print will be available to the public even if it’s in bootleg form by people who’ve pilfered copies of it and put it online.

    Mary herself might be enjoined from discussing the book but even that will be a weak case for Trump to try to make and the part of your article that really jumped out was something I’d seen before but not really taken to heart until now. She, via her lawyers has now contended in court that the estate settlement she signed contained fraudulent information regarding Fred Trump’s assets. We already know there was a decades long pattern of none other than Donald Trump himself cooking the books (or more accurately paying Alan Weiselberg to do oversee) and he’s got some serious cases in the works trying to keep his taxes hidden. If he really wants to pursue this, and since Mary Trump has some of that information challenging her in court might cause a fair amount of it to become public record right away since her defense against the NDA is fraud, which voids any contract including an NDA! With years of at least Trump Org. taxes suddenly in the public domain before discovery in a lawsuit (which is his only option now – to sue his niece for breaking the NDA) AND in the middle of an election where Trump is already mired in a huge pit of shit the consistency of tar forcing a court battle would do him a lot more harm than good. Better still, with a fair amount of information already out it would cut a huge chunk out of the argument Trump’s lawyers are making to keep his taxes hidden.

    The timing couldn’t be worse for him.

    I have no sympathy for any of the people who decided to work for him at the WH. Like the rest of us they knew who and what he was when they signed on but they wanted that fat paycheck and a chance to parlay it into consulting gigs or gigs as commentators on Fox. They will have to deal with epic tantrums and verbal abuse, and even Trump throwing papers and stuff at them. Fuck em. My only hope is that a handful of them will make recordings on their cell phones and put out a lame book with a title along the lines of “Working for Trump at the WH was the biggest mistake of my life.” I doubt any of them would get much of a payday, but it will be illuminating as hell.

  4. I can’t wait to read this book. As for John “Got Milk?” Bolton, I will await your review. If he told me that the sky was blue, I would have to confirm it myself.

  5. In a way, I rather pity him. He must have had a horrendous childhood that would have warped the best of children. Being as how he was far from the best, I would think that he was even more warped than anyone else.

  6. This is how trump became the worst evil president we have ever had he listens to no one-with the worst health problem he wants to take insurance away from us-he sucks up to dictators Putin. for one who has a very strong resentment to the USA and any unabsolute society and the monster in North Korea he tries his personal diplomacy that has gotten nowhere.Thank you for the opportunity to express my subjective views because we are all entitled to or independent ideas.

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