You probably read yesterday how Lauren Boebert’s oldest son, Tyler, got arrested again on February 27, on felony charges related to car break-ins and stolen credit cards, including robbing a woman with a brain tumor who said, “I have $75 to my name.” That same day Bobo inconveniently tweeted about “the Biden crime family,” and so news of her son’s arrest doubly blew up in her face. Both of Tyler’s parents were asked by a Colorado publication, Westword, for their two cents. Their versions of what had happened to Tyler varied slightly but the essence is the same: Tyler is a victim. They’re all victims. Why not? Their role model and standard bearer is a victim.

His mother, who has consistently preached about the importance of Christian family values, offered a statement about her oldest son’s arrest:

“I love my son Tyler, who has been through some very difficult, public challenges for a young man and the subject of attention that he didn’t ask for. It breaks my heart to see my child struggling and in this situation, especially when he has been provided multiple opportunities to get his life on track. I will never give up on him and I will continue to be there for him. As an adult and father, Tyler will take responsibility for his actions and should be held accountable for poor decisions just like any other citizen.”

Tyler’s father, Jayson Boebert, who is divorced from Lauren, gave Westword this statement:

“Being a father in today’s challenging world can be a heavy task. With the constant bombardment of information and influences from all angles, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about the best way to guide your children. The challenges we have experienced, especially in the last few years, with schools being shut down, social shut downs, and the depression that was set in from a mismanaged COVID SHUT DOWN. Despite our best efforts, we will fall short sometimes. As a parent balancing work, family, and personal life while striving to be a good role model for your kids can be incredibly demanding. Moreover, the spotlight of today’s media can magnify and distort even the smallest aspects of your life. It’s disheartening to see your actions or words misrepresented and sensationalized, painting a false picture for the public. These distortions do not only create tension within your family, but also affect your reputation and relationships outside of the home. As a father navigating this complex landscape, it is crucial to stay true to your values, communicate openly with your loved ones, and remember that perfection is unattainable. Striving for honest and genuine connections with your children and keeping them on the right path, despite the challenges and external pressures, is what truly matters in the end.”

I find it comical that “mismanaged Covid shutdown” is in screaming caps when that is the fault of nobody other than the man who was president in the Spring of 2020, one Donald J. Trump and that’s the man they all worship. Many is the pilgrimage Bobo has made to Mar-a-Lago, with and without family members in tow.

Here’s where Papa Boebert is totally full of it: Covid was a cultural phenomenon. We all had our lives affected by it to one extent or another and it didn’t cause a massive wave of criminal behavior. As to Bobo’s comment on “public attention,” they are the architects of that adversity. Tyler keeps getting arrested and Mom keeps the spotlight on herself by doing everything from missing key votes in Congress to groping guys in theaters. If the “public’s attention” is on the Boeberts who put it there?

Read a bit more about young Mr. Boebert.

The crime ring is reportedly made up of two female minors and one male minor, along with Tyler. Police have accused them of stealing people’s wallets and credit cards and attempting to run up tabs with them. One denied purchase for $717 was made on, which is an online style and accessory marketplace for independent brands and sellers. Another, for $175, was made at the Kum & Go. […]

Investigators say Tyler and his pals were caught on surveillance cameras using credit cards that they swiped from their victims’ parked cars at multiple locations on February 19 and February 20, according to their arrest affidavit, which was released by the Garfield County Clerk of Court. Among other places, the cards were used at the Kum & Go in the 100 block of East 26th Street in Rifle and a Love’s Travel Stop in Parachute, where Tyler and his cohorts were caught on video.

During police interviews, one of the suspects was identified by another minor as a female whom Tyler “supposedly made a sex tape with,” according to the affidavit, with the tape sent around to people they knew.

This guy is 18 years old and running a crime ring, when normal people that age are 1. finishing high school, 2. In college, or 3. working? Evidently so. Now here’s my theory on all this. People learn from their parents. We all model parental behavior, whether it’s playing dress up and wearing adult clothes or learning from our parents the skills that they know, how to tend the garden, cook, change the oil on the car, drive a nail into a board, whatever. We learn some actual skills from our parents and other things, such as attitudes and beliefs, we pick up by osmosis.

Tyler Boebert has clearly picked up from his infamous mother that you can be successful by being a counter culture figure and the more outrageous you are, the better you’re liked. And so that’s exactly the theory he’s trying out. He probably knows the difference between right and wrong but figures why bother? if he can get his kicks, and money and whatever else he needs, with robberies, sex tapes, larcenies, any number of things that in the aggregate amount to being a sociopath, why not? The Daily Mail reports, “The teen waved to the camera as the court [where he appeared with respect to charges] discussed increased media attention in the case, and at one point pointed at a screen, apparently admiring his own image.”

That is what he’s learned from his mother. Life is all performance theater. Maybe Tyler figures he’ll run for Congress, too, in a few years. He’s also learned from his father that men can be drunken and aggressive towards their children and that’s normal as well. And Tyler probably knows how Dad got arrested for exposing himself to two underage girls in a boling alley. That’s a family legend that made headlines when Mom went to Congress.

If you go back and read what Papa Boebert said, he’s overwhelmed and he’s blaming his inadequacies as a parent on a global pandemic and social forces, not on any personal failing he might have. There’s nothing in there about how he might have screwed up or how he might walk a different way in the future. And the congresswoman (but not for much longer, we hope and pray) doesn’t take responsibility either. She’s apparently of the school of thought that if you provide custodial care for your kids that they’ll figure out the rest on their own.

And Tyler has — only what he’s figured out does not reflect well on them. He’s figured out how to be a sociopath, a scam artist and a criminal. And these are the lessons he learned at his parents’ knees. Plus, he’s been down to Mar-a-Lago to meet the sociopath in chief.

Tyler turns 19 on the 21st of March. If he’s got a regular job or is enrolled in school, I can’t find it. Plus, I would think that if that was the case that his mother would be crowing about how much he loves college or how pleased his boss is with him, anything to detract from the fact that he’s a young, unemployed punk with a child out of wedlock who’s the head of a crime ring. That’s his career. Crime.

The Boeberts created this. I have seen many a dysfunctional family and I grew up in one myself. Some kids survive dysfunctionalism, most don’t. Tyler is becoming more dysfunctional still. He sees his mother playact being a lawmaker for the Newsmax cameras and he probably knows the truth, that this is all a scam, all an act. So on a certain level, why should be respect the laws of a society that is stupid enough to elect someone like his mother to be a lawmaker? Or stupid enough to elect Donald Trump? It is a complete joke. Probably Tyler is in a better position to realize what a joke it is, than any of us. He’s seen his mother flip off theater ushers, as have we all, and who knows what he’s heard her say or seen her do at home?

Welcome to MAGA: the Next Generation. And the generation after that will be fighting each other with sticks and stones after they’ve blown it all up.

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  1. Preaching on Christian values yet tries to jerk off her boyfriend and him, copping breast feels in a theater, really show those values. Her kid knows exactly who she is and what she stands for. Liar. Cheat. Scum – she did NOT raise him with basic morals and values. Hope someone gets ahold of him before it gets worse!

  2. Manufacturing, possession and distribution of child pornography is a federal crime. The penalty for each is up to 20 years in prison, a $100,000 fine or both.

    Identity/credit card theft and burglary are peanuts compared to the porn charges.

  3. Sen. John Fetterman issued a statement yesterday saying we should leave Bobo’s family alone since it is clearly a family in crisis. I love Fetterman and I understand he is speaking as a man who was bullied for medical issues and his family bullied just for existing. But, no, this is different and is the equivalent of telling the bullies to get out of town by sundown! Bye, Felicias!! 👋


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