Some people do not know when to quit and this is true of Kevin McCarthy. He simply keeps going in the wrong direction, over and over and over again, a kind of frenzied Energizer Bunny, who thinks that if he just bashes himself against the same wall over and over that the wall will turn into a beautiful brocaded curtain, which will then open before him. A heavenly choir will sing and butterflies will flit through shafts of celestial light. And the crazy ideas in his head will become fact.

No, Kev. All that’s going to happen is some of the plaster will drop off the wall you’re banging your head against and you still will be in the same room, going nowhere. McCarthy has an interview dropping this Sunday. Here’s a brief clip from it. He’s putting his wish list out into the universe. Yes, of course, Trump will waltz straight back into the White House and the utterly dysfunctional mess in the House of Representatives will somehow result in a yuge victory next year, and the Senate will flip back as well. Why is that, because George Santos is now running for Senator? Along with Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker making another stab at it?

The man wants to be in a Trump cabinet, along with the likes of Jared Kushner, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon, hell even Mike Lindell will probably get a spot in this cabinet. He might even be White House Chief of Staff, or one of the deputy chiefs. Talk about a cast of characters rarely seen outside the rings of Hell in Dante’s Inferno, Trump’s second cabinet would be it.

But McCarthy wants nothing more than to get on board and ride that train. The man has lost it, bigly. What McCarthy is saying, unambiguously, is that: 1. He doesn’t care that Trump’s a conman and an adjudicated rapist; 2. He only cares if Trump wins, no matter whether he’s charged with 91 felonies and might even be convicted of some between now and November. 3. He believes that a second Trump term is right for America.

Believe me, I never was under any illusions about McCarthy and his lack of political acumen but I have to say, even I am amazed that he’s this far gone. I honestly would have thought that McCarthy would be one of the people trying to rebuild a new GOP from the ashes of the old. But no. He wants to burn down the country in service of the most dysfunctional iteration of the GOP that has existed, ever, since the mid-1800’s.

He’s not only just fine with burning the country down, he’s eager to help Trump do it.

Keep an eye on McCarthy going forward. I figured he would get some kind of a political consulting gig because he is good at fundraising. That was the direction I expected him to go. But this is a strange turn and one headed totally backwards.

I guess some people are indeed unteachable. McCarthy has apparently learned nothing from his time in the barrel — which started by bending the knee to Trump. But somehow the rest of us get that and he doesn’t.


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  1. Thank you church lady…may I please have another?(for you youngsters…a Dana Carvey skit involving an abusive nun and a paddle on SNL a long time ago).

    • The Church Lady was NOT a nun. Carvey was making fun of the conservative Christian televangelists.

      As for the “paddle,” that (IIRC) was only an occasional part of the routine. The Church Lady’s more well-known for her catchphrases of “How con-VEEN-ient!” and “Well, isn’t THAT special?” and, the all-time favorite of “Could it be . . . SATAN?”

      Oh, and her dance. Her “Superior Dance”–which involved quite a bit of pelvic thrusting.

  2. You know, we all worry about another 4 years of trump in the oval but with a cabinet containing some real f*ck-wits like Jar-jar, bannon, lindell, miller, etc. I’m not sure there is a whole lot to worry about. The folks lining up for cabinet positions in another trump admin. look a lot like the f-listers representing him in his trials.


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