Every video that I put up here is one that I believe people should see, but this one is much different. This is something that you have to see to believe. Whatever you have read about Marjorie Taylor Greene and however insane she sounds in print, you won’t believe what you will hear on this tape. Greene sounds exactly like bullies I knew in middle school. She is about 12 or 13-years-old emotionally on this tape. Her slurs, her taunts, her irrational aggression are all earmarks of a screwed up adolescent, lashing out at the world. That this is the behavior of a 46-year-old woman, a congresswoman no less, is frightening.

If this is what’s in Congress — and it is, Matt Gaetz with his gasmask and invading Adam Schiff’s conference room with a pizza, is the other glaring example — then America has taken a major wrong turn.

This is a new low, even for Marjorie Taylor Greene. I wonder if this video will reach any of her constituents? Because I would have a hard time believing that any normal minded adult would think that this is professional behavior in the work place, much less in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In my life, I have known people in many different industries, as have we all, and I cannot think of one restaurant, one office, one shoe store, one anything where this would be tolerated.

This is what Trump hath wrought. He was so without scruple and totally unfiltered, that he instituted these impromptu skits and now his MAGA disciples imitate him.

I hope Speaker Pelosi launches a formal investigation, as has been discussed, and I also hope that a vote to expel is considered. This woman does not belong in Congress. She doesn’t belong anywhere near Washington. Here’s a little extra added bonus.

Greene is a thug. She harasses a member of Congress like this, and she does it in the company of an insurrectionist. This cannot be allowed to become normalized. Sanity has to prevail. We have lived to see the day where it is necessary for the Speaker of the House to act like a middle school principal and teach an unruly new kid in school that you have to show respect and have the ability to work with others.

I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t seen it. Not that I didn’t think Greene was this crazy, but that she’s this much of an adolescent brat in a middle aged woman’s body is appalling. She brags about having three kids. Dear God, what are they like, with this for a role model?

This is a watershed moment. This isn’t about partisanship or politics. This is flat out school yard bully ugly. Back in 2016, the presidential election was frightening, needless to say, but at that time I said, “I have to believe in the fundamental decency of the American people. Trump will lose.” That night I stopped being Pollyanna and began to take a look at who and what was really around me. This moment feels just like that one. I am now beginning to wonder, “Does this woman actually represent her constituents? Is this acceptable behavior now? In Congress or anywhere?” I’m afraid of the answer.


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  1. One of her staff members harassed Swalwell about him wearing a mask. Like YESTERDAY. (The mask mandate in the House hasn’t been lifted. Swalwell is in the right.)

  2. When I look at these people who grew up with trust funds, like TC, Matt, this bimbo, seems people are like food when it spoils. Time to throw out these rotten humanlike cyborgs. Being born into privilege doesn’t seem to create character. As Harvey Keitel said in Pulp Fiction, “just because u are a character, doesn’t mean you have character”.

  3. Why were these people allowed to do this? Where were Capitol Police or other security people? We absolutely have to stop allowing bad behavior like this to continue. One of those guys said something about it being creepy, talking through the door. What was creepy was cretins like them being allowed to harass a member of Congress. I only hope neither AOC nor her staff were there. Greene needs her wings clipped. She’s way too full of herself. Some consequences for her behavior are in order, are past due.

  4. This underscores the vagueness of the Constitution and our government in general. There are so many assumptions on decorum and norms, that none of the framers thought
    “What if a rogue movement controlled all 3 divisions of our Government?”
    Its been made obvious,
    Anything they want.

  5. Greene calling AOC “crazy eyes” made me consider how photogenic AOC actually is. News sites on the right and left love to post the off photos where the person has their eyes half closed or are about to yawn. You could snap a rather zany looking shot of Hillary Clinton any time she was about to laugh. But AOC…she kinda looks calm and composed no matter the shot.

  6. This BS is beyond comprehension, I cannot remember such trash talk from any adult in all my years … if you talk about kids in elementary school, they usually are not yet ready for the super name-calling verbal attacks …
    In Junior high, the big step occurs in the treehouses and forts built in backyards the summer before school starts … aggressive behavior I witnessed WAS manifested like this, the boys were showing their grit, the girls were building their small, tight knit better than other’s system that found themselves better at cheerleading or just about anything … a special club for members only …

    The language skills reflected their older brothers and sisters, but the nastiest were enabled by no-account beer drinking sports-crazy parents … pushing their kids to be winners and tough, the language was never calm and considerate …

    I’m reminded of a certain Congress person from Michigan that wears a blue shirt with a dirty gold color tie, I never saw him wear a jacket or suit … aggressive, loud, just plain rude at all times, shows limited ability to be sociable or calmly communicate … HE is an example of the mentality of this vermin in the hallway, saying and doing the stupid kind of stuff I fear has enveloped the whole of the Republican Congress …


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