I am getting so tired of this sh*t. Last night I wrote about MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid embarrassing herself in a frenzied rant about Merrick Garland and the Supreme Court. And for the last couple of days, multiple MSNBC and CNN on air personalities arev playing right into the far rights hands, and giving them free gravitas by making their case for them.

Donald Trump at the moment has 91 outstanding criminal counts him in four different criminal indictments, two federal, and two state. But while all men may be created equal, all criminal cases are not. And in a society that claims to be classless, in their zealotry to chase ratings, the lamestream media is doing FUX News’s work for them.

Here’s how it breaks down. Right now there are two federal cases, one in DC and one in Florida, dealing with trying to stop a free and legal election, and stealing classified documents. Ohhh! Like all Eliot Ness and sh*t! Then there’s the Fulton County DA offices criminal election interference RICO vase involving Traitor Tot and a cast of thousands. Sexier than sh*t since DA Fani Willis has audio of Traitor Tot demanding that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to Find him the lousry 17,680 votes. And then there’s the Manhattan DA’s Office porn star payoff case.

No! No! NO! You stupid sh*ts! Do you have any idea what you’re doing? The Manhattan dA’s pffice slammed Trump with 29 criminal indictments. The Fulton County DA’s office gets the glamour shot from the media for prosecuting an election interference case. But Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is stuck with prosecuting a lousy porn star payoff case. Which is total bullsh*t.

As Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg keeps screaming from the top of the Empire State Building every goddamned chance he gets, this isn’t a porn star payoff case! It’s actually an election interference case. Just like the one that Fani Willis is prosecuting in Georgia.

Stormy Daniels is the cause, not the effect! After Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood video was released, porn star Stormy Daniels went to the National Enquirer of her affair with Trump while Melania was at home with their newborn son. AMI CEO David Pecker contacted Trump fixer Michael Cohen to alert him to the threat. And that’s when Trump f*cked up.

Remember this. There is nothing illegal about paying an individual to keep their mouth shut. You give them money, they sign a non disclosure agreement, and you’re done. But Trump couldn’t leave it at that because he was bleeding votes. The Access Hollywood video had killed him. And Pecker already the story. So Trump had Cohen work a deal with Pecker to pull a catch-and-kill on the story. Buy it and bury it. Trump did the same thing with former Playmate and aerobics instructor Karen McDougal.

Which is election interference conspiracy. Trump had the right to buy off Daniels and McDougal to shut them up. What he didn’t have the right to do was to keep an independent entity like the National Enquirer from publishing stories already in their possession. That is a conspiracy to defraud the American people of critical information on a candidate before going to the polls.

But why listen to a schmuck like me? Because it isn’t just me saying it, and it isn’t just Alvin Bragg saying it, it’s the United States Department of Justice saying that. When the DOJ took Michael Cohen to task, some of the charges that Cohen pleaded guilty to was election interference by the coercion of a witness. Get it? Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in federal court to exactly what Trump is on trial for in Manhattan.

This is critical simply because Alvin Bragg’s case, by a unique combination of judicial stupidity, and prosecutorial stupidity in Fulton County the Manhattan DA’s office case is going to be the first, and quite possibly the only criminal Trump trial to take place before the election. And it has to have gravitas and chops!

Because 37% of moderate Trump supporters have polled as saying that they would not vote for Trump if he were convicted of criminal charges before election day. But the important thing to consider is what those peoples idea of criminal convictions are.

And those criminal convictions sure as sh*t aren’t paying off a porn star. That’s the equivalent of saying Trump is going on trial for having too many unpaid parking tickets. And every time they pull this lame paying off a porn star sh*t, all they’re doing is trivializing the severity of the charges.

Because Alvin Bragg will have his day, probably in the first or second week of April. And you can bet your ass that the media will be covering every word of the trial. But in order for that testimony to make sense, and be absorbed, the media needs to set the predicate in advance by talking about what the actual issues are in the trial, and what Trump is actually accused of. And we can’t do that if the f*cking MSM is mesmerized by big tits!

For God’s sake, we got coldcocked by Trump in 2016. And then we saved democracy by beating him back in 2020. But we’re just about sh*t outta runway here, and we can’t afford to keep minimalizing  any of Trump’s criminal conduct if we want to beat him once and for all. And if we’re going to do that, then the MSM has to stop being mesmerized by the celebrity of Stormy Daniels, and start covering the actual charges and evidence. It isn’t that hard.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. I agree Murf. Cover the case correctly, as it is the only one likely to take place before November. I watch msnbc, but Rachel Maddow and Lawrence McDonnell are more precise about what’s going on. Joy, I believe, is too close to the racial overtones of Fani’s baseless case, yet, the truth is, she and Wade should have known what they were dealing with, and postponed any appearance of shady dealings until Trump was done. When you go after the man who would be king, who you already know has an army of orcs, you must be cautious and they weren’t. I also get agitated every phucking time they call him ‘president’ or allow a guest do it. He’s not the phucking president. Hopefully once the eye from mordor turns to NY, he’ll get the criminal exposure he deserves. The MSM helped elect him before, but these ratings whores seemed prepared to lie down with dogs once again. When will we ever learn?

  2. Amen Murf. Bragg has been trying to get media outlets to frame thing corrects but sex sells so they want the ratings money by hawking it a salcious T & A case. I’m just as furious about the FL case and calling it a “classified documents” case. It’s a NATIONAL SECURITY Case and the literal financial costs and even the human costs in lives that have and will be lost can’t be calculated. But the corporate media bosses don’t want another four years of Biden. No, they want the goddamned tax cuts and erasure of what little regulation is left so just a few of them have monopolies and control the narrative.

    • The corporate media bosses are thinking with their scrotes, same as Pantalone in commedia dell’arte. They think a new administration will enrich them, but they’re not listening to what Dollar Store Pol Pot says. If he gets in again he’ll shut them down. Maybe prison. I think Russia only has one TV station.

  3. “What he didn’t have the right to do was to keep an independent entity like the National Enquirer from publishing stories already in their possession. That is a conspiracy to defraud the American people of critical information on a candidate before going to the polls.”

    Murf: Can I get some clarification on this? As far as I can tell, Trump didn’t coerce his friend at the Enquirer to kill the story; he simply asked the editor for a favor. How is killing the story a First Amendment case, when the editor of a privately owned media outlet certainly has the right NOT to run a story? Inquiring minds want to know!

      • Thanks for the link, Karen — it was very helpful! But, as you say, all the counts involve falsifying business records. This is definitely NOT how this post by the Murfster explains the case. He argues that the case is really all about the deal Trump made with the editor of the Enquirer to bury the story about Stormy Daniels: check the quotation from the post in my comment above. This is beginning to look like one of the Murfster’s very infrequent goofs. What do you think?

  4. It’s pretty simple – if we lose this one, we’re done. Because as someone a whole lot smarter than me has said about 1000 times, “If we lose this one, all those Federal cases will just go away”.

  5. We need to be informed. Who is paying for the Melania Maniac?
    Expose and we will be educated.
    Teflon Don’s armor is showing alot of chinks.
    Then we can ramp up our protests.
    Come January 2025 it might be too late.
    It is now or never…..expose!

  6. We are in our current situation because Saint Ronnie did away with both the fairness doctrine and controls on media ownership restrictions. As a result, many who call themselves journalists these days are still at the mercy of huge right-owned media conglomerates, that have no compunction to distort and/or dilute the message to appear fair and fool an already gullible public. Until some kind of sane restraints are re-imposed, getting at anything that passes remotely as journalistic accuracy will remain an uphill battle all the way.


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