This Morning the President Proved Himself Unhinged in Twitrade: News Not Made


Just remember, this is not news, okay? This is how we expect our Mondays to begin, because Monday follows Sunday, and big important news shows take place on Sunday. Thus, it would be unusual for the current President of the United States to not go poo-flinging monkey insane.

This is not news.

President Trump kicked off his Monday morning with a multi-tweet tirade against the Justice Department and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation in particular.

The tweets referenced two former FBI officials by name, suggesting that their recent departures may be “part of the Probers getting caught.” The tweets also reference dispatches from a federal court hearing on Friday in which the judge showed skepticism toward Mueller’s prosecution of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort

This is normal, for the United States:

Remember, it is totally normal for the president to call out specific former FBI agents investigating tasked with investigating him. It’s also totally normal for the president to threaten government employees who are “still there” investigating him. Our country would love to get back to business, unfortunately, we must first find out if we’re led by an American loyalist, or someone else.

This isn’t news:

The House “investigation” was led by a congressman who was hired by our transition team, and had to recuse himself for getting caught red-handed cheating on your behalf, but yeah, let’s let that same House “fix” be the last word. By the way, “obstruction” or “O” – can be done fully and completely – as a felony – by “fighting back.” One doesn’t obstruct when one lays over and plays dead, jackass, sir.

Did the president just imply that it was very unfair that his unrevealed “conflicts of interests” were revealed? Is he now threatening witnesses?

Maybe it wouldn’t have required so much time had you not fired the man who led the investigation last June, causing the entire matter to start over from the beginning. Is that what you always intended? To buy time to attempt to find ways around this shit?

Ironic, that on Melania Trump is on television right now, speaking out against Cyber-bullying, when perhaps her husband started the day with a primer on how to twit-stalk people who are just doing their jobs, make threats, and generally go insane.

Anyway, none of the above was news, because Trump, that’s why. Any other nation would be ripping apart at the seams right now if its leader awoke and tore into his own citizens like that. Actually, this nation is ripping apart at the seams, but that’s not news, either.

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  1. Why does this man so desperately needs to be admired? Is he mentally unstable or what? Their is something that he has done that will make him either the devil or a saint, I vote for the “devil “ !! He has shown me he is nothing but a evil person that believes he is God, it is far more believable he is the devil incarnate!! Out to destroy the country and give it to the deplorables that are his so called base, needs to be stopped real soon!!!


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