I wonder what Sigmund Freud would make of Matt Rosendale’s bizarre admission to the House of Representatives this afternoon. The Montana Republican is very worried about the drag shows on a nearby airbase and he’s especially terrified that “somebody who doesn’t know if they’re a man or a woman” might have their finger on the button.

Which one are you, Matt, or don’t you know? Is that what this is about?

So you’d rather have a person like that with his or her hand on your missile instead, is that your real beef? All those shiny metal phallic symbols getting attention but none for you? Right?

Drag was good enough for the fellas in uniform back in WWII.

I hate to be a killjoy, but what about Bob Hope entertaining the troops in drag? He was greatly beloved. Now he’d be reviled, correct?

I’m not even going to suggest that maybe the congressman should address homelessness, poverty, jobs, wages, climate change. That’s an exercise in futility. As long as the GOP has grievance and theatrics, they’re fine. That’s what they want. They gave up any pretense of policy or governance long ago.


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  1. What a silly man! MTG has already noted old stuff like ICBMs are obsolete and that the REAL threat is Jewish Space Lasers! Not to worry. She’ll set him straight. Seriously though, you make a good point about shows for troops and drag going back a long, long ways. No one thought anything of it. It was funny and fun. I never got the chance to perform in South Pacific but my h.s. did a production the year after I graduated. I’ve seen other productions too and of course the movie. For those who don’t know it’s set during WWII. It had many memorable songs (sometimes I post “You’ve Got To Be Taught” but since the subject is drag and shows to troops this immediately jumped to mind take a couple of minutes, and let yourself enjoy “Honey Bun”. (You’re welcome):


  2. These, no-brains, are scraping through the baked-on matter on the cast iron skillets that were thrown out when stainless steel was invented years ago … They have absolutely no plan, just sh*t for brains comments that are at once stupid and terrifying at the same time … The whole lot of them in the House and Senate should be scooped out and replaced with people that know stuff, beyond the Trump level of infantilism …

    I’m with Rick Alexander on his comment above, about releasing secret info to the public and our enemies, make our enemies work for that info, over a great, long time, don’t blab it out of your stupid mouth … he must be one of the Montana, SPECIAL citizens, where they open-carry their pistols, keeps loaded hunting long gun racked in his 3/4 ton pickup … Just in case …

  3. We know that all the Rs got is performance “art.”

    Isn’t there a writers strike?

    Even if there wasn’t, their material sucks. And has since they started with it.

  4. This is the “talent” MT sends to D.C. Earth-the hill-billies of the galaxy. The U.S.-more hill-billies than anywhere else on the planet and MT has the lion’s share of these fools. Even tho’ Maryland Matt is not a native, he sure as shit fit right in. Trust me on this one, having lived here for over three decades, Montanans are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. If you’ve seen what passes for education (all levels BTW) in this state, it makes sense.

  5. ….and to think, these exact same cretins who are so appalled by drag shows today roared with laughter at Uncle Milty in drag in the 50s on TV.

    • And Flip Wilson as Geraldine Jones in the 1960s and 1970s.

      And, let’s not forget that Tom Hanks’ first major success was dressing as a woman on “Bosom Buddies” in 1980 (this show first aired just a couple of months after his first screen credit, a bit part in the slasher film “He Knows You’re Alone”–his character was supposed to be killed but it’s been said that the filmmakers liked him so much they decided against killing the character) and Billy Crystal’s first regular role was as a gay character on the series “Soap” and his very first on-screen appearance has him wearing one of his screen-mother’s dresses (I can’t remember the exact quote but when she walks in and sees him in the outfit, she basically says she’s not sure whether she’s more upset that he’s wearing a dress or that he looks better in it than she does).

  6. I recall a sitcom (I’m not sure which one) where the casting had one of the leads cast as a gay lawyer.

    Anyway, so goes the story: he phoned his mom and told her he had got the part of a gay lawyer and she gasped, horrified “Not a LAWYER!!!!”


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