Ohhh, Mikey. Did you get out of bed on the wrong side again? Is that why you snapped at this reporter like a rabid shithouse rat? Maybe if you got a decent pillow…oh, never mind. Colorado Newsline is a digital news service and their motto is one I like. “Start with the truth.” They incurred the wrath of Mike Lindell yesterday when they fact checked a story about two prominent Colorado activists who are no longer with Lindell’s “election integrity” group. Colorado Newsline:

Holly Kasun and Ashe Epp, Colorado residents and co-founders of Colorado-based election activist group U.S. Election Integrity Plan, were two of the original staff members of Cause of America when the organization’s creation was announced in November. […]

Kasun said she has no hard feelings about the personnel moves, which she said were decided by Lindell.

“I would say overall, it’s a really good thing,” Kasun said. “There’s just going to be kind of a new direction or refresh on the mission. The mission hasn’t changed.”

Okay. So Lindell is laying off people. What’s that about?

Lindell told a Newsline reporter Monday, “I’m expanding Cause of America,” adding that he’s “taking it in-house” and “moving it to Frank Speech.” […]

Asked about the nature of the departure of Kasun and Epp, Lindell became combative.

“I didn’t know that’s all been decided. Are you trying to read my mind?” he said. “I don’t know what you heard. And you know what, I’m not letting you write your hit piece before we make our big announcement of our expansion tonight.”

When asked about a call to announce the expansion, Lindell implied it was closed to the public.

“It’s at 7 o’clock but you’re not invited. You’ll have to wait till after the call and hear it second hand,” he said.

He warned the reporter against publishing this story.

“You have no facts right now. And if you write it, I will be calling out your name nationally, every minute of every day of my show,” he said. “And you will be known as the worst journalist this country has ever seen. Do I make myself clear?”

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Take it from me, Sir or Madam, in my firsthand capacity as a “horrible reporter” whom Mike Lindell called out on his show, nobody’s watching Frankspeech, but then you knew that.

Asked to comment on the nature of Cause of America’s nonprofit incorporation, Lindell said, “I believe it’s a (c)(4), a 501(c)(4), and nobody has donated anything to it. We’re not taking donations and we’re not taking that. I pay it all out of my pocket. Mike Lindell, 100 percent.”

When asked where the nonprofit is incorporated, Lindell said, “None of your damn business, goodbye.”

Mikey didn’t like that question at all. Wanna know why? Because “Entities with 501(c)(4) status are often involved in political causes and are sometimes referred to [as] ‘dark money’ organizations, since they are not required to disclose donor information.” That’s why,

Lindell eliminated two paid positions, which is something people do when they’re broke. But Mike can’t be broke, right? Last we knew, he planned to make bank in the coffee business with Jenna Ellis helping him. Yes, she’s gone from smelling Rudy Giuliani’s farts and getting COVID from him to to shilling coffee for Mike Lindell. Is that a lateral move or a promotion in MAGA world, Giuliani to Lindell? Anybody? I have no idea. I can’t say “demotion” because if you’re with Giuliani you’re already under the barrel with nowhere to go except straight to Hell.

In the words of one pundit, “[Jenna] has hitched her dinghy to the sinking My Pillow poohbah’s bullshit barge.” And to extend the metaphor, the bullshit barge continues in the wake of the Trumptanic, as it deliberately aims for the icebergs.

Don’t forget now, Thursday is July 21 and Lindell has promised he’s loading up a plane with lawyers and cyber experts and they’re headed to Arizona to do something momentous. Then there’s August in Springfield, MO, again, something momentous. Reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey., when the ghost of Dave Bowman said, “Something’s going to happen. Something wonderful.” Maybe Lindell’s next enemies won’t be voting machines, but monoliths.

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  1. Phew! I was worried a fatal pillow fight was on the horizon. I would call him a bullshit artist but I see no art in his shit. Just bull.

    • He almost got physical with one reporter in Georgia. At least that’s what the video looked like. Lindell is not wired too tight.

    • If you’re right, he’s stupider than I think. Why schedule a news story on the day when you know a giant news story is breaking? You’re asking to be ignored.

      • I agree with you. He’s not going to steal J6’s thunder, unless he’s got a blockbuster news piece and I doubt that. When Marilyn Monroe announced her divorce from Arthur Miller, she did it on JFK’s inauguration day, so that it wasn’t the biggest story that day.

        • Not mentioned is his new movie coming out… “Selection Code”. He initially said it would be released July 16 and 17, is now sometime in August. I sense main purpose is to get money after “2000 Mules” pulled it in. I wonder how much Lara Logan is charging him to produce it.

          Mike gets played by a lot of people.. like Dennis L. Montgomery selling him the “pocket captures” for the Cyber Symposium. That whole thing fell apart, after which Mike said ~”We never did have any p-caps.. this whole thing was a sting operation to find out who funded the stolen election”. Nothing ever came out of it, except a video by this guy “Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium Was A Sting Op! ART OF THE DEAL!! 💥🇺🇸😉 8/16/21”

        • Poor Marilyn. Sure she was a knockout for lots of reasons, but she was one hell of an actress who never got credit for that in this culture, driven by shallow goals of big tits, big dicks, big boats, houses, cars & especially bank accounts. Lets not forget shade of skin. The scene in The Misfits, where she comes undone at the wranglers,(Clarke gable was the lead), catching horses for the glue factory is heartwrentching. She was also great at comedy. Another casualty of this cabal of infantile men operating with their Komodo Dragon brains who have been running the show from the jump. Oh, I lusted after her. Many times. May yet. But it’s different. I loved her. To these heartless bastards, ‘love’ is just a word they’ve heard. That, more than anything, is at the root of why we are where we are. Poor Marilyn. She was too goddamn beautiful on the inside to survive in this slaughterhouse.

    • Speaking from first hand experience, after Lindell attacked me, it made me points. I had people texting me from Canada and writing me from New York congratulating me on being mentioned on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. I’m pretty sure Zach Petrizzo got his job at Daily Beast after Lindell attacking him when he worked for Salon. So keep it up, Mike. We’re taking it to the bank.

  2. Wow.. the person who got laid off tells the reporter it was amicable (whether or not is beside the point.. she’s out of a “job” and knows it), then Lindell says he’s “expanding” the operation. This goes along with Rudy’s hand gestures of high in the air for ‘going low’ and vice versa. It’s truly an alternate universe.
    It seems Lindell is imploding under the stress of not being able to fall for his own BS. Can’t happen soon enough.
    This is classic:
    “[Jenna] has hitched her dinghy to the sinking My Pillow poohbah’s bullshit barge.” And to extend the metaphor, the bullshit barge continues in the wake of the Trumptanic, as it deliberately aims for the icebergs.


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