The lawyers at Dominion Voting Systems said that “the Big Lie sells pillows.” That’s part of the reason that Mike Lindell is championing a legal impossibility like the “reinstatement” of a defeated president, a mechanism which doesn’t exist in our constitution, but it’s more than that. It’s the limelight, to be certain. But beyond even that, he’s the MAGA cult’s Brainwasher in Chief.

What makes Lindell fascinating to watch, is that every week he paints himself further and further into an impossible corner and you have to wonder, when is he going to give up the ghost of the 2020 election? Or, is this going to be the way he lives his life, until 2022, 2024, maybe 2034, 2044? Is this it? In which case, at some point people will either stop listening to him altogether or the man will be taken in for observation,

Now you notice he doesn’t state the three ways. This is very QAnon-esque, just allude to something mysterious and tell people, “Shhh. Wait. More will be revealed. Trust the plan.”

Overthrowing the government is basically it. If Trump’s supporters want to go back to Washington and march and see if they can take over the Capitol again, that would be one way. The only other possibility is that QAnon and Lin Wood are right, and the military is in control and they will restore Trump to power at a given moment.

The only way Trump, or anybody, could get in the White House and take over at this point is by illegal means, overthrowing the government. That’s it. The cult is being ginned up for violence, just as it was before January 6. So far, the way the cases of the January 6 insurrectionists have been disposed of has not led to deterrence of future violence — at least it’s not obvious. Every single day, Lindell and the others come out and beat the tom tom drums, we wuz robbed, we want back what’s ours. Sheer fantasy. Fantasy based upon lunacy.

The Revenge Rally Roadshow will take place all summer. Lindell’s cyber symposium is on for the end of this month. Watch that deadline vanish like all the others. But Trump MAGA merchandise is selling and so are MyPillows, so all is well in the USA, right?

And don’t forget, we’ve got the CEO of Overstock, Patrick Byrne, talking the same trash. Housewares manufacturers declaring that they know more about elections, government and the constitution than professionals and scholars in those areas. Dear Gawd.


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  1. Not only is there no mechanism for reinstatement under the U.S. Constitution. Even if there were, Trump has zero claim to it.

  2. Lindell’s failure to define those “three ways” isn’t all that surprising. After all, Rudy and the others kept telling us they had all that “evidence” that they’d show in court (but they’d provide it only *after* they got in front of a judge) so Lindell’s just playing a new riff of the “Reinstatement Blues.”


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