Attorney General Merrick Garland endured a lot of nonsense as he defended his Justice Department against Republican inquisitors in Congress yesterday, refuting charges that his agency unfairly targeted the felons who attacked the U.S Capitol and the Felon-In-Chief who incited them to do so, whilst ignoring or slow walking the prosecution of the alleged tax offenses of Hunter Biden.

Congress critters Jacketless Jim Jordan, who Chaired the shi*show, and Texas Republican knucklehead Chip Roy led the poo-slingers in the at times heated proceedings, but, for my money, the blue ribbon for most insane productions of an overactive imagination being leveled as accusations, hands down goes to Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz of Indiana’s Fifth District (Indianapolis’ northern exurbs) who accused Garland’s FBI of conducting themselves like the KGB, of foot dragging in the investigations of Biden and Hillary Clinton?, of the persecution of innocent Jan. 6th rioters with baby strollers and the unspecified ”concerns” about it all of “Obama officials” – the latter in open defiance of the space time continuum and all common sense.

It was quite the performance by the Ukrainian born Spartz, who speaks English much better than I’ll ever speak Russian or Ukrainian, and who is mostly steadfast on defending Ukraine, so credit where it is due…

But this rant! Hoo boy…

”REP. VICTORIA SPARTZ: Attorney General, you had a very moving statement about your grandparents coming here from Belarus to live in the country without fear of persecution. I grew up in very similar country, Ukraine now. And when I came here as a young person, I believed in the value as an American not to be afraid of my government.

But I wanted to tell you and I want to share with you and get your thoughts on that. Are you aware that a lot of Americans are now afraid of being prosecuted by your department? Are you aware about that? Are you aware of that? I’m just saying are you aware or not?

MERRICK GARLAND: I think that constant attacks on the department and saying that —

VICTORIA SPARTZ: No, it’s not attacks. Well, let me — let me give you an example.

MERRICK GARLAND: I don’t know —

VICTORIA SPARTZ: Let me talk about January 6th people.


VICTORIA SPARTZ: Yeah, there are — some people came on January 6th. There probably was some people that came on January 6th here, you know, that had bad intent. But a lot of good Americans from my district came here because they are sick and tired of this government not serving them. They came with strollers and the kids.

And there was chaotic situation because the proper security wasn’t provided. That’s a question that was answered, really why, why we debated for 45 minutes on the floor and didn’t stop the debate after the people broke in into the Capitol. But these people came. They were throwing the smoke bombs into the crowd with strollers with kids.

People were showed up — you know, FBI agent to people’s houses. You had in my district, in my town, FBI phone numbers all over the district, please call, call them. People are truly afraid. I just want to make sure, if you’re not aware that you are — and this is a big problem when people are afraid of their own government.

And I’ll share some other things. We’re talking about justice system. I don’t question — you’re probably not a bad person. I don’t know you. But what I’ll tell you, you are in charge of the department. And people right now feel — you know, I look at Durham report. And I called on the FISA violations of various of millions of Americans, right?

It’s like KGB. But when I read Durham reports, we have this — you have a nice, you know, playbook. First, let’s have a special counsel and then you don’t have to answer any questions here. Then let’s extend slow walk investigation on Hillary Clinton, on Hunter. Everything is slow walk. We were very quick on Donald Trump, but you were very slow walk.

Then by the time, you know, that investigation ended, statute of limitation expired, and all of your agents need to be tested for amnesia. No one recalls anything, OK? You probably should have as part of your hiring policy. So, no one’s held accountable, which was egregious, what happened, you know, in that report.

When I read about them, I can’t believe it happened in the United States of America. This is my frustration. I’ll be honest with you. Then it’s very interesting, you know, regardless what it is, even people in Obama administration raised concerns. You know, how can president sons be serving on, you know, corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs?

Do you understand that it actually can undermine the war in Ukraine and effort and policy? I think these concerns were raised. Obama administration didn’t do anything about it. These people are dying right now, and Americans don’t trust this president. So, you — I want to ask you one thing. You know, as you — you know, I don’t need answer because I know you’re not going to, but I think you’re probably good American and you care.

And a lot of these people are so afraid they cover up this stuff I think in your department, because they’re embarrassed that — what we became as a country, to say that — what our Department of Justice became. That allows Russians to do propaganda and Chinese. It allows them to destabilize our country.

That is danger to our republic. It is significant danger. And I have just one more question from you. You know, I mean, I agree on corporate crimes and FISA stuff even with Democrats that we need to do a better job. One more question for you. Do you believe that — you know, you talk about right to vote.

But do you believe that only US citizens should be voting in this election and doing anything to make sure that only eligible people vote in elections?


VICTORIA SPARTZ: OK, I would like to see that, what you do. Thank you. Yield back.“

Like I said, hoo-boy.

Some other thoughts.



She’s begging to be Tina Fey-ed.

Honestly I don’t know where the GOP gets these fruits and nuts; Spartz is otherwise an educated woman with a degree and a CPA who believes the Capitol was overrun and sacked by peaceful “tourists” pushing baby strollers and who is so unaware of her various mental maladies that she articulates such garbage on national television during her questioning the United States Attorney General.

Can representative democracy long withstand against such idiocy?

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  1. Baby strollers? Really? Well… now that I think about it there WAS sh*t thrown and smeared on the walls and let’s face it – babies fill their diapers with copious amounts of poop. The insurrections might have worried they’d wouldn’t be able to sh*t on cue so having babies in strollers was their way of being sure they’d be able to vandalize our Capitol with feces.

    • I’ve seen a lot video footage, pics, etc. of the ‘pube con hootenanny but I don’t recall seeing any strollers. Did I miss something?

  2. The look of incredulity. Like most people in the room, he’s thinking what on Earth is this woman talking about? There is no dealing with these folks. They’re angry, irrational, delusional and willfully ignorant of the facts, and they have absolutely no business in Congress or any public office.

  3. WTF? Voters put this nut in power??? I guess Ukraine is guilty…of sending their traitors and insane citizens to us. Garland looked like he was viewing a Jackson Pollack painting and trying to figure out the title of the painting. Where can I get a 200k a year job being clinically insane?

  4. “Moved very fast on Trump?”
    Ooooookaaaay. By fast, does she mean Garland waiting three years to appoint a Special Counsel, causing us to now be in a race against the clock before the 2024 primaries?

  5. Who is this woman. And the people she’s talking about should be worried. They are part of the problem. That’s the whole problem here. The other side has no idea what they want. They just know they don’t want what they got. What they don’t realize is that they have to give up Trump. That’s the whole picture here. Trump has to go. I think Trump realizes it will be a small miracle that he even makes it to election and not prison.


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