Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who was traded with Britney Griner last year, has sent a telegram to Donald Trump informing him his life is “in peril” and offering him asylum in Russia, where he can “lead the fight for the American people.” That sounds like a plan, actually. Agence France-Presse via Raw Story:

“I believe your life is in peril,” Bout wrote in a telegram sent to Trump and shown to the press in Moscow.

“The Biden administration will not stop just by dragging you through the court/prison industrial complex,” he said, referring to Trump’s successor Joe Biden.

“They would sooner end your life than let you stand in their way.”

Bout told Trump, whom he has long admired, that he would find a “safe haven and from here you can lead the fight for the American people.”

Bout was serving a 25-year sentence in a US prison when he was swapped for Griner. He has since joined a Russian nationalist party.

Accused of arming rebels in some of the world’s bloodiest conflicts, Bout was arrested in Thailand in a US sting operation in 2008, extradited to the United States and sentenced in 2012.

Back to the USSR. This is how people over there think, but it’s not how we do things. At least not yet. With the fascist bent that the GOP is demonstrating, I wonder if assassinating political rivals will become a thing of the future.

Once again, the right-wing is polluting the political narrative with talk of death. This is seriously not healthy.

Still and all, I think the idea of Trump immediately departing for Russia is swell. I’ll help him pack.

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  1. TFG is an old man, stuck in his ways. While campaigning in 2016, he flew home almost every night so he could sleep in his own bed. He has a routine – hit the omelet bar, play golf, putter around his office, play DJ at dinner, rinse, repeat. He is not likely to move to Russia or Saudi Arabia. He barely speaks English, no way he’s learning a new language now.

    • Besides, too many patriotic amerikkkans wouldn’t appreciate dfg leading them from russia. Too many grew up with russia being the enemy. Even if the gqp worships putin, i don’t think dfg’s sheeple would like the thought of russia being involved overtly in a political campaign. Just my opinion. I know those people don’t think right so who knows with the maga crowd?

  2. He’s not going to get a dacha near Vlad’s. Besides which, he won’t be able to get Big Macs, KFC, and Diet Pepsi in Russia.

  3. He’s probably afraid he’ll ‘fall out of a window’ (or down stairs – like what happened to Ivana?) for not being sufficiently grovelly for Vlad.

    • I absolutely agree with you on that – he knows what they are capable of, and he knows even tho he was in putin’s pocket he cannot trust putin !


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